Cheerleader bulks up and becomes a powerhouse!!! You may remember Maya the 18 yr old cheerleader from GG411C when she wrestled Bosco. She since has bulked up in order to be able to wrestle against larger males. She has put on considerable mass especially on her thighs and seeing how effective she is against Angelo is proof that added weight does help. Maya has also added strength through weightlifting and now her scissor holds are to be feared. The 5’9” beauty giggles each time she wraps her thick thighs around Angelo and watches him submit with panic. This cute cheerleader still has the face of an angel but now has the strength of a crossfitter and can crush ribs with her thighs. Holds include ArmBar, Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Schoolgirl Pin, Grapevine, Reverse Grapvine, Bodyscissors and much more. GG426C can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Complete footage of Desaree from GG123 who arguably is the most popular girl to be featured on our site to date. The flexible beauty uses her elastic body to wrap around her male opponent and even tickles him to make the punishment worse. She also loves to shake her scissors to apply more pressure. Plenty of holds including Frontal Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Figure-4 and much more. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Onyx uses those long legs to wrap around Angelo like an octopus and not just via scissorholds, but many unusual holds as well. The long legged beauty is busy reading her book and Angelo wants her to stop so they can go out but Onyx simply coils her legs around him in an array of inescapable holds. Angelo struggles as Onyx continues reading her book while applying one unusual hold after another.  Holds include Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Foot Chokes, Pins, Grapevines, Bodyscissors, Figure-4, Lotus Hold, and much more. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Megan Jones takes on Daniel and Jen Capone takes on Randy. Both guys are street tough and difficult to submit and manage to escape some of the holds applied by the girls. The going gets tough as the guys start slowing down and the girls focus more on applying their strong scissors. Jen struggles in the beginning but finally when she manages to apply her favorite headscissors, the 200 pound Randy has no choice but to submit. Both girls have to give it their all to overcome their difficult opponents. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Real and competitive: Experienced girl gets crushed by newcomer. This was Michelle’s (220 pounds) second wrestling match ever and her first competitive match against a female. Lillith (120 pounds) actually had much more experience and tried to use her scissors but Michelle used her size and power to run over her like a stream roller. Plenty of trash talking between the two as Lillith simply refuses to give up and ends up paying the price for her stubbornness. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Highlights of Amazon LiaLegz from GG237A, GG241B, and GG243F. The 6 foot tall, 200 pound amazon takes on 3 different males and uses her massive thighs to not only scissor her opponents but also uses the Tarantula hold. All three male opponents are much smaller and fight as hard as they can but have no chance. Lia simply uses her size in order to overpower the smaller males. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Tarantula, and Grapevines. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Onyx is back showing off her strength by squeezing a watermelon, Cantaloupe, a rock hard Honeydew, a soccer ball, a brass trash can, two cereal boxes, a bag of potato chips and finally a stuffed toy.  Onyx is up against a tough watermelon because it is almost round like a ball which makes it much more difficult to get the legs around.  Next she moves onto a smaller and harder honeydew and when she crushes it, she uses her toes to completely puree it. More squeezing ensues as Onyx scissors cereal boxes and finally a soccer ball which is her biggest challenge of the day. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Competitive Grudge Match between WAITRESS and TRUCK DRIVER!! The two apparently had an argument at the restaurant where GiannaF is a waitress in and Tom’s remarks towards her were not very friendly. When another customer overheard GiannaF saying she will kick his ass, he recommended that Tom contact us to set up the match. Tom was confident he could overpower the inexperienced GiannaF but had no idea she knew about scissorholds and her apparent advantage over him was her stamina. The two end up in awkward positions as GiannaF twists and turns and at one point grabs his groin. The ending is humiliating for Tom as he lays exhausted with Gianna putting her foot on his throat in victory. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Competitive Wrestling: Full footage of GG142B and GG144B featuring tiny Brittney. Don’t be fooled by her 5'2” frame, she is ferocious and knows how to trap her opponents with her scissors. In both matches, she submits her male opponents legitimately as they fight hard to escape her dreaded legs. First it’s Roy on the beach who tries to use his hands to prevent Brittney from locking her ankles, but his plan fails as the petite blonde crushes him over and over again. Then it’s onto the mats against a very toughand muscular male opponent who does give her a good challenge but falls prey to her strong legs. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Angelo gets recognized while he is out jogging by Onyx. When she realizes that she has seen him in grapplinggirls videos, she asks him if he would like to wrestle her. When he refuses, she takes him down anyway and shows him how strong her legs are. While scissoring him, she tells him she has had this fantasy for a while. The long legged beauty tells him to try harder as she puts him in various scissor holds and pins. After Angelo tries to jog away from her, Onyx catches up to him by the tennis courts and continues to put the squeeze on him. Holds include Headscissors, Standing Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Pins, Figure-4 and much more. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Can an average sized inexperienced girl defeat Bosco in a wrestling match? Charmaine thinks she can get the job done in her very first mixed wrestling match. Bosco sees this as an opportunity to win his first match since he is not going up against an amazon and he actually does have the edge in experience. Charmaine on the other hand did do some homework before the match and did see some scissor videos which ultimately helped her out. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Side Headscissors, and Grapevines. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Three newcomers, Curvy (150 pounds), Thick Elementary School Teacher Larissa (155 pounds), and Renee (125 pounds). The first 5 minutes of this clip feature Sylvie who goes up against skinny Jake who tries to hold his own but is outweighed and outmuscled. Sylvie uses those thick thighs to good use despite never having wrestled before. The next 3 minutes feature thick school teacher Larissa who talks about being able to carry people over 250 pounds and walk with them. She also puts those thick thighs to good use as she tangles with a tall and skinny security guard. The remainder of the clip features Massage Therapist Renee who is a mature 35 year old taking on the young athletic Tre (20 years old). The match with Renee and Robbie is very competitive as Robbie puts up a good fight but ends up submitting to Renee’s scissors. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Guillotines, and Triangles. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Yoga girl Genevieve wants to show her karate friend that she knows some submission holds. After showing him what she knows, the two grapple and Genevieve shows off her strong legs. The two keep on sparring as Genevieve uses her legs via Triangles (Figure-4) and Scissors to show her arsenal of submissions. Holds include Headscissors, Triangles, Lotus Hold, and Side Headscissors. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


The first minute and half of this video features Nina vs Leonard on the mats and the remainder is Nina vs Steve on the beach. Nina brutally submits and humiliates Leonard in front of his girlfriend and makes him say: I tap out”. The remainder features Nina vs Steve wrestling on the beach. This was their first date and Nina had messaged Steve earlier that she loved to wrestle and was eager to show him that she could make him submit. She further humiliates him by making him not only tap out but also verbally tap out.  Holds include Reverse Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Headscissors, Grapevines, Guillotine, and much more. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Three hotties include HeatherH, Victoria and Leigh. First 5 minutes feature HeatherH applying Pins, bodyscissors and headscissors on Tony and finally knocking him out with her side headscissors as she talks to the camera. Then 18 year old blonde Victoria trains with 300 pound male as she applies a choke and standing headscissors (1 minute). The remainder of the clip features the beautiful Leigh who has some impressive calves. The feisty 18 year old trains with a professional MMA fighter and is able to apply armbars, triangles and a choke. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Long legged, 6 foot tall (22 years old) Legz challenges Scott (30 years old) for the first time after having watched a mixed wrestling video. She told us she was confident that if she wrapped her legs around her opponent, there would be no escape. Scott knew he had to do everything in his power to avoid the scissors but that was easier said than done. This is a competitive match where the taller girl proves long legs are a huge asset in a wrestling match. After trapping Scott in a frontal headscissors, Legz asks him: “Can you get out of my pythons”? Poor Scott is exhausted halfway after fighting so hard to escape the scissors and the younger, taller opponent wins convincingly. Includes a short interview from both participants in the end. Holds include Headscissors, and Bodyscissors. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Footages from GG160 and GG177. MILF MandyK has one of the best bodies we have ever seen, MILF or no MILF!!! She loves applying Pulsating Headscissors with her steel thighs that knock her victims out cold. The first 4 minutes is competitive action vs athletic Alex who tries to escape Mandy’s steel thighs as best he can. The remainder features Mandy vs Tony on the bed as she knocks him out with her pulsating headscissors. Lucky for Tony, Mandy gets excited after she applies her headscissors and when she finishes him up with a breast smother, the two end up in a passionate embrace.  If you are a fan of strong muscular MILF’s you have to see MandyK’s incredible body. Her pulsating Reverse Headscissors knocks Tony out multiple times. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Complete footage of real life couple Aimee and her boyfriend from the clip GGLegsRule (Video GG179). Aimee loves to wrestle but her boyfriend does not and when she starts putting him in holds, he starts screaming and begging for mercy. Aimee has strong scissors and her boyfriend knows it and no matter how much he yells and begs for mercy, his girlfriend keeps on putting him in hold after hold. Finally the boyfriend gets angry and threatens to hurt Aimee but Aimee makes fun of him as she humps up and down as she holds him immobile in a grapevine. After dominating him, she knocks out Tony in a headscissor and kisses her boyfriend who is finally ready to accept her superiority. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Breast smother and Humping Grapevines. Complete Female Dominance!!! This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Complete footage of GG168B featuring Amazon Francesca (6 feet 2 inches tall with size 12 Feet) in competitive action vs two separate athletic males. Both Kevin and Marco do their best not to be submitted by this long legged amazon in her debut but even for a beginner, Francesca displays surprising skills. As she progresses into the match she does apply crushing scissors but focuses more on triangles and chokes, realizing they are much more powerful submission tools. Holds include Triangles, Bodyscissors, Chokes, Shin Choke From Guard, and much more.  This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.



Three first timers trying out their various holds: First the exotic beauty Simona wearing a dress and high- heels. She starts out with a Standing Headscissor on James, then moves on to an inescapable Lotus Hold and relaxes as she calls her friend and has a conversation. She then switches into a Headscissor while putting on makeup and finally an inescapable Figure-4 while she sips from a water bottle. Second it’s thick thighed hottie Britt who puts Kevin in a crushing Bodyscissors and waits for him to submit. Finally it’s arguably the hottest girl ever on Grapplinggirls!!! Introducing Lani in an escape Challenge vs Bradley. She puts Bradley in a Headscissors, Shin Choke From Guard, Guillotine, and Figure-4. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Full version of GG168A featuring personal trainer and aspiring MMA fighter Gianna. The densely muscled beauty, unlike other girls, does not rely fully on her legs because she packs some serious muscle in her upper body as well. The first 4 minutes of the clip feature Gianna vs Marco and the remainder is Gianna vs Kevin. Both matches are competitive and the males are fighting hard and both males are very good at avoiding scissors so the MMA trained Gianna resorts to more conventional submission holds such as Triangles, Armbars, and devastating Rear Chokes. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Complete footage of GG200A where Big Chuck takes turns wrestling Yola and Fluffy. The problem for big Chuck was that he was tired already from a previous match and now he had to take turns wrestling two girls simultaneously which he thought he would be ok with. Obviously he got tired quickly and that was when these two long legged scissorettes took advantage and scissored him until he almost threw up. Holds include Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Triangles and much more. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


GG146BFull: Julie teaches a girl on the beach how to wrestle.  As Julie was challenged by a beachgoer and the two had started wrestling, a passerby thought Julie was being attacked but found out the two were simply wrestling. When the passerby (Carmen) asked Julie that she wanted to try out wrestling, Julie proceeded to show her some holds. Obviously Carmen had watched Pro Wrestling on tv and even applied a Camel Clutch on her opponent. Carmen immediately takes to wrestling and scissors her opponent to submission and is surprised at her new found power. Holds include Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Inverted Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Triangles, and Camel Clutch. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Complete footage of KatrinaC from GG174 and GG176. Katrina is one of the most beautiful and strongest pound for pound girls we have ever featured!!  She barges in on a shoot with Zane and Faith and challenges Zane to a match. Zane’s girlfriend is frustrated and is constantly mocking him for not being able to escape Katrina’s scissors. The first 9 minutes are against Zane and the remainder is against Sensei Ratcliff. Katrina may be skinny but she is super strong and each time she wraps her arms or legs around her opponent, she constricts like a snake and the pressure she can apply is unbelievable. Sensei Ratcliff is a very strong guy who has been doing karate for over 20 years and he told us Katrina was by far the strongest girl he ever ran into. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Rear Choke and Guillotine. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Mature woman demolishes younger male. Kordelia dishes out some serious scissor punishment against Zeke who initially made it look like he was having a good time and that he could handle the pain. When Kordelia unleashes her arsenal of holds, Zeke finds out very quickly that this is not going to be fun at all. The skinny male tries to escape Kordelia’s holds but she is much too experienced and in addition to scissors, she punishes him with pins and breast smothers. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Camel Clutch, Pins and much more. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Complete footage of GG170A featuring Gwen who is being coached by Tribeca. Gwen watches Tribeca take on Brian for the first few falls and tire him out. After watching Tribeca and how she uses her legs to her advantage, Gwen gives it a go and surprises us with her scissors. Gwen is petite but athletic and is able to scissor Brian into submission and even comes up with her own brand of Reverse Headscissors which she called “The Cradle Reverse”. Holds include Headscissors and Bodyscissors. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Customer Request: Full footage of Nurse Heather from GG174B including footage where Heather talks about how she has gained her strength from lifting patients in the hospital in excess of 200 pounds. Nurse Heather is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 210lbs.  Not much jiu-jitsu here, just a down to earth girl who loves to overpower smaller men using her natural strength.  Heather also knows how to use her weight to her advantage.  Taking on the 130lb Kenneth, she pins him down, grapevines him and scissors him at will despite his efforts to fight back.  Kenneth does everything with his arms in order to prevent Heather from crossing her ankles and does his best to escape her superior size and strength but he simply stands no chance!! Extremely humiliating match for Kenneth. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Three scenes featuring Yola: The first 7 minutes feature Yola vs the Burglar simulation where Yola uses her Groin Grabbing techniques to show how a male can be subdued regardless of his size and strength. The burglar tries to protect his groin but Yola uses scissors in conjunction with her first class Groin Grabbing techniques to win every fall. When the burglar tries to fight off the scissors, Yola goes for the groin and shows she can attack that area from virtually any position. The remainder of the clip features Yola vs Tony wrestling on bed and finally a reverse headscissors knockout outdoors. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Competitive match with newcomer Kindra (5’10”, 150 pounds) vs Ryan.  This is a match where the relatively inexperienced girl relies on her legs to legitimately defeat a male who does not like to submit. This is Kindra’s second match as she absolutely shocked the muscular and athletic male in GG189A with her scissors. Although Ryan is on the skinny side, he fights hard and has good stamina. He also has an awkward style where he curls up like a turtle to avoid Kindra’s crushing bodyscissors but Kindra’s legs constantly find ways to wrap around him and squeeze. Holds include Bodyscissors, Headscissors and much more. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Real life Tae Kwon Do black belt with no grappling knowledge  vs a 6’2” fashion model with grappling experience. Todd demonstrates his insane tae kwon do skills at the start of the video that proves he is a legit blackbelt and during his demonstration, the tall gorgeous Melinda stands watching in her dress and high heels.  She proceeds to take her shoes off and the two start grappling. Todd is no grappler but he is athletic and strong. At one point, the two start off standing and Melinda uses her long legs to kick Todd away from her and take him down. Todd is not an easy opponent but Melinda uses her long legs to apply scissors and triangles to dominate. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Competitive Wrestling: Tall Fashion Model vs Shorter Male. Back and forth match with both male and female scoring submissions but ending in humiliating ass kissing defeat for the male. The two never stop trash talking as the match goes back and forth and the tall fashion model Chastity uses her long legs to scissor the much shorter Kurt. What makes this match interesting is that although Kurt is much shorter, he is quick and is able to maneuver himself out of trouble in the early going. As the match progresses, Chastity is able to apply her headscissors which make a huge difference and turn the tide to her favor. Extremely humiliating ending as Kurt is forced to get on his knees and kiss Chastity’s ass and raise her hand. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

3 beginners including Gymnast Kate, Amazon Melinda and Pocahontas try out to see if they have what it takes to wrestle against guys larger than them. First it’s Kate who is a gymnast and brought in to the wrestling world by her experienced friend Lillith. The surprise here was that not only did Kate submit Lillith’s boyfriend Andre with a bodyscissors but she was also able to submit Lillith herself.  The second match features 6’2” Melinda who later goes on to become one of the favorite amazons on the site. Melinda immediately shows that she knows how to use her long legs by applying legit submissions such as guillotines and triangles. Finally the video features the beautiful petite Pocahontas who has no experience whatsoever and is being coached by Marcelo who is an accomplished brown belt in BJJ. The two spar lightly and the much larger Marcelo easily dominates Pocahontas and blocks all her submission attempts. The surprise here is that out of nowhere, while Marcelo is being careless, that Pocahontas gets lucky and locks on a tight headscissor which shockingly makes Marcelo tap out!!! This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.



19 year old Sidney is back and loves nothing more than to use her big size 11 feet to dominate another male. Her first opponent was tiny Slick but this time her opponent is much bigger but it seems from the beginning that Sidney’s huge feet are very effective as soon as she shoves them into her opponent’s face. On top of devastating Foot Smothers, Sidney uses Foot Chokes and even adds some non-foot submissions such as thigh smothers and facesitting. Sidney loves to make her opponents submit and make them kiss her feet and Tony has no choice but to obey. Holds include Foot Smothers, Foot Chokes, Pins, Facesitting, Thigh Smother, and Forced Foot Kissing. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


We've seen some great wrestlers come and go but we have to say that pound for pound Selena may be in the top 5 of the strongest scissors we have ever featured. Both Lenny and Grandmaster told us they have never felt scissors like hers and those two have been in their with the biggest names including some that were over 300 pounds. Selena told us ever since she can remember, she had powerful legs and crushing a watermelon for her was always a piece of cake. In her latest video against Lenny, she accidentally breaks his ribs with her bodyscissors. You can download GGMonsterScissors at our clipstore.

Tall beautiful (5'11", 160 pounds) Sidney the Foot Goddess loves to smother her victims with her size 11 feet!!! Those long toes cover her opponents face and can dig into their faces for fast submissions. Strong toes can be a very effective submission weapon!! Sidney not only shows off her effective foot holds and ankle chokes but she also proves she has the perfect legs for scissoring: Long and strong. Poor Slick has never been Defeeted this way in the past and Sidney makes sure he gets a good look at her feet while she holds him captive in her Lotus Hold. Clip GGDeFeet11 can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Introducing the 19 year old Amazon Aries (6'2", 240 pounds) who can lift massive amounts of weight in the gym but is new to the world of grappling. She wanted to wrestle Bosco because she did have a crush on him and wanted to pin him down and watch him struggle. Aries totally enjoys pinning her opponents down and watching them squirm as she has done in the past with her friends. Poor Bosco has no chance even though Aries is very careful not to crush him by falling on him and she barely even squeezes with her scissors but lets him feel her power as she pins him down with school girl and side pins which actually make Bosco tap out. This is one Amazon that has to be seen to be believed - Tall, Powerful and BEAUTIFUL!!! Clip GGTallvsShort87 can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Julian was frustrated as he could do nothing against this huge pillar of ultra powerful female knows as "Kaycee". Not only does she toy with him but she also presses him overhead as he tries to take her down by using a wrestling double leg. One of Kaycee's thighs seems bigger than Julian's entire body. In addition to applying scissors and pins, Kaycee enjoys twisting Julian into a pretzel by employing holds she made up herself. The action below (GGStrongWoman4) can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Vanessa Vilano makes her long awaited debut by punishing Austin with prolonged facesitting, smothers, and scissors. Austin tries to avoid the reverse headscissors by pinning his head back to the mat but Vanessa sits on his face until she is able to scoop his head up for the inevitable reverse scissor that she is known for. To make it even worse, she pinches his nose as he is being crushed in the reverse headscissors!! Plenty of trash talking as Vanessa punishes and taunts Austin as he is trapped in her clutches. A Must for Curvy Fans. Clip GGCurvy83 can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Amazon Sharon shows James that no matter what he does she can use her feet to make him submit. Some painful holds include shin chokes from all angles, foot smothers and even a lotus type hold where he has no choice but to tap out. Sharon loves to make her opponents face her feet in a position that they cannot move which adds to the humiliation aspect of this match. GGAmazonFeet3 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Every now and then a girl comes along that has a unique quality and ferocity about her. Sequoia is intense, quick and when she wrestles, she seems as if she is possessed and does not let up until her opponent has submitted. We were surprised to see that she applied a lotus hold while her opponent was fighting back. Unfortunately we did not have an adequate opponent for her as we should have used a much larger and stronger opponent to make it a more challenging match. The match between Sequoia and Noel can be downloaded at our clipstore


Introducing Eden Sins, the breathtakingly beautiful Latin Scissor Goddess!!! Her body is perfectly designed to apply crushing scissor holds!! Not only does she have a talent for applying the scissors, she seems to enjoy holding her male opponents helpless as she smiles and taunts them. Angelo is in for a hard day as he finds himself stuck in between her thighs and for good measure, Eden also applies a Lotus Hold!! Eden's video GG416B can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Newcomer Riley is one of the hottest bratty girls so far. At only 18 years of age she loves humiliating men with her legs, especially Headscissors and Figure-4's. In her first match against Tony she totally humiliates him to the point where he has to beg for her to stop. She tells him if he doesn't kiss her feet she will scissor him some more. Poor Tony is forced to beg for her to stop in the end and Riley simply pushes him away with her foot, making her one of the brattiest bratties to date. The pics below are from GGBratscissors9 which can be downloaded at our clipstore

Introducing new Amazon Sessiongirl Strong Goddess Annazon, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing at 210 pounds of pure power. Annazon can deadlift huge amounts of weight and tosses average sized guys around like rag dolls. Poor Slick had no idea what he was getting himself into. At first he suggested an armwrestling match which was a prelude of things to come. After comparing biceps and thighs, the two wrestle and Annazon showcases her massive strength as she scissors and pins Slick effortlessly. At one point Slick proposes if he can lift her she would go out with him but he fails to even budge here whereas she lifts him up like a feather. Holds include Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Pins, Grapevine, and much more. The Video can be downloaded at out clipstore. Amazon Annazon can be contacted via her profile at


Introducing up and coming plus model Bombshell Bryelle, one of the most beautiful curvy girls we have ever filmed!!! Bryelle is 18 years old but is a stout 180 pounds with powerful thighs. Her first opponent is Jose who was a bit tired from his last match with Krissa but didn’t expect Bryelle to be so strong. The weight advantage plays a role as the beautiful newcomer uses her weight to get on top of Jose and tire him out which leaves him vulnerable to scissors and figure-4’s. You can see the enjoyment on Bryelle’s face as she demolishes her first male opponent. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Figure-4, Pins, Grapevines and much more. The video can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Kiki is a newcomer to the session world who truly enjoys defeating men. She's not in it just to be in it, she truly enjoys submitting men with her legs and her smile and enthusiasm adds to the humiliation of her male opponents. One look at her thighs in her new video (GG414C) and you can see athletic thighs that can crush skulls!! Her opponent Jose was trying hard not to lose to this first timer but he had no chance. Kiki knows how to use her 155 pounds and on top of having crushing scissors, she is adept at taking your breath away by placing her butt right on your throat for a definite submission. 

State Champion weightlifter Renee (4'10") tries her hand at wrestling and although it was her first time, she showed great instincts and crushed her male opponent with ease. Renee's arms proved to be effective weapons that caught Angelo off guard as he is used to dealing with scissor holds all the time. The full match can be seen in GGStrongWoman3 at our clipstore. The below picture shows Renee in competitive weightlifting starting in highschool!!!


An amazon's feet can be deadly if used correctly and 6 foot tall fashion model knows how to use them. In GGAmazonFeet2 Sharon destroys Angelo by using her feet and legs which makes it very difficult for her opponents to defend against her since they have no idea what hold she will use next. Sharon makes it very interesting as she uses traditional holds such as the armbar but comes out of nowhere with a foot smother and foot choke to surprise Angelo. This video can be downloaded at our clipstore


Nicole James is super hot and insists on sucking a lollipop while she wrestles against Anthony in video GGLolliopoScissors. She may not be big or muscular but she knows how to wrap her legs around her opponents and squeeze. Anthony finds himself stuck between those sinewy legs over and over again. Nicole manages to apply various headscissors including Frontal, Reverse and Side Headscissors in addition to Foot Chokes and Figure-4's. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore. Pics coming soon to Members Area. 

We are proud to present former collegiate volleyball player Amazon Zena standing at 6’2” and weighing at a solid 175 pounds with size 13 Feet!!! Zena had to powerlift for volleyball and is rock hard with extremely powerful core and legs. Julian is so impressed by Zena’s strength that he challenges to armwrestle but even in the arm department, she is much stronger. Zena also uses her ankles to neck scissor Julian and even goes as far as taking advantage of her size 13 feet to ankle choke him. The video clip can be downloaded at our clipstore


Introducing 18 year old Maya who has no prior wrestling experience but does have a pair of long legs that have been strengthened through years of cheerleading. In her match vs Bosco she relies on her legs and size advantage to control Bosco and apply scissors and grapevines on route to victory. Bosco hated the idea of losing to a newbie who was half his age but sometimes when long legs wrap around an opponent, all factors fall by the wayside. The video GG411C can be downloaded at our clipstore

If you’re looking to find a powerful amazon weighing in at 220 pounds vs a weak male at 120 pounds, look no further than GGAmazons31 where Amazon Annie uses every imaginable hold to dominate Pee Wee Harold. Starting from Arm Wrestling to Lifting and finally to wrestling. Annie uses various holds, not just scissors to dominate Harold telling him what it would be like if she was his girlfriend. This video includes verbal humiliation as well as taunting and flexing. Holds include Headscissors, Body Triangle, Full Nelson With Legs, Pins with Flexing, Lotus Hold, Figure-4 and much more.

No she is not an actress, No she is not a porn star, No she is not a session wrestler. As a matter of fact she has never made a video before. Her name is Desiree and she is a real life housewife and her husband contacted us telling us she is undefeated against all of his friends. The husband says that when his friends come over to watch sports events at his house, he makes bets with them that his wife can submit them in wrestling. Well she has never lost and her secret weapon is scissor holds. More men have fallen prey victim to her thighs that he can remember. In her first match for GG, she takes on Noel who fights hard and even trash talks her in the hopes of psyching her out but it does not work. No matter what he tries to avoid the scissors, Desiree is able to find those thick legs around his vulnerable neck and midsection. This video can be downloaded at our clipstore. 


Introducing 18 year old Amazon Katie, standing at 6 feet tall with 11.5 size feet!!! As soon as Katie turned 18, she contacted us and wanted to wrestle. Despite her lack of skill and experience, she knew that her opponents would have no chance against her long legs. In this clip, Katie takes on two opponents: First Julian and then newcomer Joshua. Katie’s scissors totally dominate Julian but Joshua puts up a much tougher fight but as soon as Katie gets her long legs around him, it is all over. The clip GGAmazons28 can be downloaded at our clipstore. 

After years of fans asking, begging and inquiring whether the legendary Mistress Kawaii would ever wrestle, we finally were able to convince this powerful woman to debut for us and showcase her incredible power!! Mistress Kawaii has a pair of thighs that only few women in the world possess. Massive thighs packed with power and enormous hips designed to apply crushing scissors all come together as Kawaii takes apart her 130 pound male opponent. Weighing in at 245 pounds, Kawaii plows through the Grandmaster and applies holds such as scissors, pins and smothers. We are proud to present Mistress Kawaii in the clip GGCurvy59 which can be downloaded at our clipstore. 

Riot and her voluptuous friend Milah are arguing about which techniques is more effective in submitting men during sessions. Riot argues that scissors are the most effective way and gives her reasons while Milah argues she can submit men with her breasts and ass much quicker. Milah has used her smothers in many sessions and her technique is flawless and terrifying!!! The two girls ask to wrestle the same guy and see which technique is more effective. Angelo tries as hard as he can to survive but he finds himself smothered by Milah and crushed by Riot’s scissors. Milah even gives Angelo a handicap but her power is so immense that she throws him off and immediately gets on top of him for another smother. Both girls cheer Angelo on to make it more difficult for the other to submit him and there is an argument to see which girl can submit him the quickest.  This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore. 

It's not too often we see a girl who is ultra powerful with massive thighs who truly enjoys defeating men and offers sessions!!! Grandmaster tries as hard as he can but he has no chance against this muscled beauty. Tazz takes him down, scissors and pins him all the while flexing her muscles for the camera and maintaining a smile. To add to the humiliation aspect, Tazz does some muscle comparison with her skinny opponent and it seems as if her thighs are bigger than the grandmaster’s entire torso. Plenty of dialogue between the two. Holds include Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Pins/Flexing, Grapevines, and Bodyscissors. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Powerdful Amanda returns to humiliate and destroy PeeWee Harold. After some leg comparisons and an armwrestling match, the two start the actual wrestling match. The wrestling is completely one sided as the 200 pound Amanda trashes the weak 100 pound Harold. Tons of verbal humiliation and physical domination which ends with a breast smother knockout. Holds include Tarantula, Pins, Breast smother, and Headscissors. This video can be downloaded at our clipstore under the title of "GGWeightDifference38". 

Amethyst Mars is a package of beauty and power all rolled up into one. Poor Tony finds out very quickly that he is not strong enough to wrestle Amethyst and immediately starts begging for release. Amethyst ignores his begging and keeps on punishing him with holds and verbal humiliation. She makes sure he knows his place by making him kiss and worship her feet. This exotic beauty uses butt drops on his face and crushes him with her scissors. This video (GG402A) can be downloaded at our clipstore. Amethyst is available for sessions. 

For those of you who are familiar with Nikolas you know that he has decent BJJ skills and has submitted some big names in the industry including Wenona, Sarah Brooke, Sunshine, Amazon Vanessa, Riot, Ashley Wildcat, Sablique and a few others. We actually were expecting him to at least get one submission on CyprussAllure. What shocked us was after two falls, Cypruss had to give handicaps to Nikolas just to give him a chance and even then he was falling short. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME that we have ever had a male fight to EXHAUSTION to defeat a female and when he failed he was close to passing out. We like to pick GGCyrpssAllure6 as our greatest competitive match EVER just because of this fact. Nikolas has never lost this bad against anyone and moreover he has never been humiliated like this. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore. 

Cypruss Allure is one of the most skilled and powerful girls we have featured in a long time. This girl truly loves dominating men and hardly ever has to go past 30% in order to totally dominate and crush her male opponents who are REALLY going 100%!!!! Cypruss is a talented that she hardly even has to use her brown belt judo skills, instead she prefers to use reverse headscissors and bodyscissors but from time to time she does apply and armbar or triangle choke. What makes this female totally unbeatable is how she can control you on the ground with her judo skills putting you in side control and scar hold. From those positions, she can easily set you up for her terrifying reverse headscissors. Cypruss can be seen in two videos which can be downloaded from our clipstore. 


It seems every time we see Kaycee, she gets bigger and stronger. Having seen a series featuring Kaycee on the travel channel, Omar became fascinated by the idea of facing Kaycee in a wrestling match. After meeting her in person he realized he had never met a woman as powerful as Kaycee. He even told her unlike other girls Kaycee was a nice person and smiled all the time and Kaycee explains why other girls have to do what they do and why she has never gone over 50 percent, fearing she might seriously injure someone or even worse!! Some falls start from standing position where Omar attempts to take Kaycee down and ends up getting picked up or pushed away like a child. Holds include Angry Lobster Hold, Bodyscissor/Arm Hold, Crotch Splitter, Side Headscissors, Grapevine, Camel Clutch, Crucifix, Cross Armed pin/Biceps Pose, and Over Head Lift. Complete mismatch with weak male trying but failing against one of the most powerful women in the industry. Check our site for more pics. 

Falon is back with attitude and easily overpowers Jose. The blonde goddess uses her long and powerful body to control the smaller male and scissor him into submissions. Falon even uses a Tarantula to keep Jose immobile and the power of her scissors make him groggy. The crushing headscissors take their toll on the outmatched male and render him dizzy to the point where Falon picks him up and carries him away. Holds include Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Tarantula, Grapevines, and Bodyscissors. The video GGFalon6 can be downloaded at our clipstore.  


Introducing three new holds: The Sandwich Scissor, The Tarantula Foot Tickle, and the Reverse Body Triangle. Amazon Wendy, the 6’2” Volleyball player takes on Luna who is 5’2” and known for her headscissors. Size difference is huge here as Wendy has kept her promise on becoming bigger and stronger with thighs that can crush anything. Luna tells Wendy if she can get a headscissor on her that she would make the amazon submit but that’s easier said than done. Wendy toys with Luna and applies some out of this world holds and twists her into many positions and tickles her.   Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Reverse Bodyscissors, Sandwich Scissors, Tarantula, Reverse Body Triangle, Figure-4, Body Pins, Reverse Pins, Tickling, and many Unusual Holds. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore. 

Introducing POWERHOUSE CAT who has an extensive athletic background and loves to lift heavy weights at the gym. Weighing in at a solid 160 pounds, she is all lower body with thick, constricting thighs. In this clip, Cat takes on two males back to back, first Orville and then the Grandmaster. Both males try not to get crushed but Cat eventually wraps her legs around them and crushes them into submission. The first 5 minutes are against Orville and the remainder is against the Grandmaster. Against the Grandmaster, Cat measures her thighs and compares the measurement against the skinny thighs of her male opponent. The wrestling is one sided as the powerhouse female dominates the males. Holds include Headscissors, Grapevines, Schoolgirl Pin with Biceps Flexing, Side Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Figure-4, and Rear Choke. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore. 


AMAZON ANYA IS BACK!!!! Standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 300 pounds, Anya has 22 inch calves and 30 inch thighs. Anya is not only as strong as she looks but she is surprisingly quick and much quicker than girls half her size. This makes for the most intimidating opponent you can imagine. This match starts out with Slick and Anya measuring one another's arms and legs and then some one sided wrestling between the two.  Anya shows her strength by picking up Slick and throwing him around like a rag doll. Holds include Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Pins, Grapevines, and much more. The clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


ChingLan was brought to us by Selah and she is as powerful as Selah told us she would be. Both girls take turns taking on the Grandmaster in video GGCurvy31. It seems as if one thigh of one of these females is larger than the Grandmaster’s entire chest!!!   Poor Grandmaster is crushed and is forced to submit in total panic and although he does his best to fight back, he has no chance against the 200 pound Silah and the 170 pound ChingLan.


Introducing SoccerSuzie the 18 year old College Freshman with incredibly STRONG legs!! Real Life Soccer Player, Not An Actress or Porn Star!!  Suzie was told about our website by one of her classmates who told her she could use her legs to scissor guys helpless. Suzie then sent us an email and was eager to find out how much damage her legs could cause around someone’s neck. This video starts out with some soccer ball juggling and ends up on the wrestling mats where Suzie shows Noel the few scissor holds that she knows. The two start grappling and Suzie immediately locks her legs around her opponent’s neck and squeezes. Unfortunately the final neck scissor hurt Noel to the point where he no longer could continue. GGSoccerScissors3 can be downloaded through our clipstore.


Introducing the exotic beauty Carly who loves to strike seductive poses as she dominates her male opponents with her scissors and feet. Carly has very strong legs and loves to not only scissor her opponents but also squeezes her thighs together to make her schoolgirl pins very tight. Tony finds out the hard way that this beauty can use her feet to dominate him and pinch his nose with her toes. When Tony submits, she asks him to kiss her feet and ass. Holds include Foot Smothers, The Mermaid Scissor, Reverse Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Reverse Figure-4, and Schoolgirl Pin. GGDeFeet4 can be downloaded at our clipstore. 


Shadowfax vs Slick is One of our best strong vs weak videos EVER!!! The ultimate female vs the wimpiest male: Shadowfax at 195 pounds vs Slick at 98 pounds. This video contains Muscle Comparison, Muscle Worship, Foot Kissing, Measurement, Armwrestling, Wrestling, Scissors and Plenty of Dialogue between the two. This might be the most lop-sided matchup we have ever done with Shadow Fax being sooooooo strong and Slick being sooooooo weak!!! Slick tells Shadowfaxx that if she was his girlfriend nobody would pick on him and Shadowfax tells him she would love to be his girlfriend and protector!!! Complete Domination By Female and Complete Surrender By the Male. Holds include Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Grapevines, Figure-4, Bow and Arrow, Pins with Double Biceps Shots, and much more. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore. 


Introducing our hottest, brattiest, most off the chart scissor girl to date in this video that totally redefines the act of humiliation on many levels. Joceline is only 18 years old but comes in with a reputation that shocks Tony. She has been known to have taken the boys lunch money in school by grabbing their groins and also headscissored the wrestling coach in front of the whole gym. When Tony confronts her on her behavior, she proceeds to scissor him, humiliate him verbally and finally puts him across her knees and spanks his behind violently. There are different forms of humiliation all packed into this one video. GGBratScissors7 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


We are proud to introduce track athlete Kayla who can easily squat 275 pounds for reps.  Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 170 pounds, Kayla sports a pair of thighs that can truly cause damage. When Kayla walked into our studio, Elvin happened to be at the desk and he was willing to give her a tryout. Kayla is devastating and in this video holds back because she is afraid to break Elvin in half. We almost afraid to see what she will do to a bigger guy once she lets loose. Holds include Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Grapevines, and Chokes. This video (GGElite7) can be downloaded at our clipstore.   


GGTestofStrength8: Look Ma, No Hands!!! Humiliating experience for college guy who thinks he can beat Kaycee despite her huge strength advantage. The humiliation begins when he tries to pick Kaycee up after she lifts him up like a feather. He fails miserably and of course suggests his quickness would overcome her strength in a grappling match. After a few falls it is apparent that this is a complete mismatch so Kaycee being the nice girl that she is offers to wrestle him with no hands. This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Newcomer Jade shows us just how a contortionist can use her flexibility to apply the most bizarre wrestling positions imaginable. Clad in a thong, she twists Tony into pretzel-like positions from beginning to the end. Halfway through the match Tony realizes he has no chance so he begins to beg Jade to stop but Jade continues with splits on his throat, odd headscissors and bodyscissors. This video contains many holds we have never seen before. This video can be downloaded at out Clipstore.


Amazon vs The Nerd. This is the most comprehensive Test of Strength video we have done to date. The first 14 minutes of this clip showcases various Body Comparisons, Body Measurements, Stepping on scale, Arm wrestling, Leg Wrestling, Leg Wrestling on Chair, Various Lifting, and Scissor Contests. The remainder of the clip is all out wrestling.  There is a huge humiliating aspect after each comparison when Vanessa tells the nerd she has longer reach, stronger legs and that she can beat him at anything including wrestling, boxing and pretty much any sport. When the lifting contest begins, Vanessa easily lifts him in various lifts but when the nerd tries to do the same, he fails miserably. In the end the nerd tells Vanessa he still a man and that he should be able to beat her at wrestling. It’s the strong amazon vs the weak nerd, nothing is faked and the nerd is utterly humiliated in every single challenge.


Collegiate Volleyball Player Amazon Wendy (6 feet 2) vs the cocky Jimbo (5 feet 1). Wendy starts abusing Jimbo verbally and Jimbo tells her she has to respect her elders. Little jimbo is humiliated as each time he attempts to take Wendy to the ground by shooting a double leg, she simply pushes him away with her hands and tells him to come on shortcake. At one point she tells him she needs binoculars to see him. Holds include Bodyscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Standing Headscissors, Bow and Arrow and much more. The humiliation ends with Wendy striking a foot on chest victory pose. Total domination for Wendy and total humiliation for Jimbo. Clip Can Be Downloaded At Our Store Here.


Object Crushing: Custom Clip – Not For Everyone: Customer wanted to see Beautiful Angelica Scissor and Crush specific objects such as Balloons, Cereal, Potato Chip Bags, Cheese Puff Bags, Soap container squirting (similar to Blake Rose from GGScissorettes), Metal Ice Bucket and finally a Teddy Bear. Snap, Crackle, Pop go the bags of chips and the cereal box. Pics Coming To Members Area. Video Available At Our Clipstore.  

Lenny told us that he had been going around asking random women to scissor him!!! We decided to film him in action. Note: THESE WOMEN ARE NOT MODELS OR ACTRESSES!!! This time he finds a beautiful Amazon with the perfect body and size 11 feet!! We could not believe it!!! Her name is Autumn and as she pulled up in her truck, Lenny walked up and asked her to scissor him. When she agreed, he showed her the types of scissors he likes and she seemed to enjoy applying them. This girl was a natural, possessing extreme scissor strength which goes to show you that some of the best scissor girls are most likely still undiscovered. Scissors applied are Counting Headscissors (Increasing pressure as she counts in increments of 10), Frontal Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Bodyscissors, and Reverse Headscissors. The video can be downloaded from out store here.

The legendary and beautiful Boobarina in her first mixed wrestling match. This clip contains Wrestling, Muscle Comparison, and ArmWrestling. Boobarina makes fun of Slick as he tries to tackle her legs for a takedown. She easily turns him over repeatedly and pins him down and waits until he taps. Extremely one sided as the 300 pound beauty overpowers 115 pound Slick. Holds include Pins, Grapevines, Side Control, Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Reverse Sit On Neck, and double biceps poses. Match ends with foot on chest victory pose. The video can be purchased at our clipstore here.

Introducing the stunning 18 year old swimming champion LegsyLexi. We were lucky this amazing athlete walked into our studio. This stunning beauty tells the interviewer (6 feet 2 inch amateur kickboxer) how swimming prepares her for applying devastating scissor holds. From the first bodyscissor, we knew this swimmer had serious legs because Antoine has abs of steel and is used to taking kicks and punches to his mid-section all day long!! We were expecting Antoine to not tap at all but shockingly enough, LegsyLexi is so strong that Antoine was tapping in seconds!! After the shoot, Antoine told us what made him tap was the hardness of her thighs that were cutting into his windpipe. At one point LegsyLexi did not even lock her ankles and Antoine was ready to tap. Holds include ArmBar, Headscissors, Side Headscissors, and Figure-4. This video is available at our clipstore.

New curvy girl Lilly is a powerhouse and the perfect combination of beauty, power and curves.  She has incredible scissor power and some of the most devastating bodyscissors we have filmed in years. Even Chad said her scissors were possibly the strongest he has ever felt. The match starts with Chad asking Lilly to apply some of her favorite holds and finally he decides to wrestle competitively. Poor Chad never had a chance because as soon as Lilly clamped her legs around him, it was all over. At one point Lilly puts him in a bodyscissor and smiles at him saying: “This is the closest you will ever get to Fu**ing me!! This clip is available under the title GGCurvy9 at our clipstore.

We have had some amazing new applicants come in to show their skills and strength. Some are dancers, some are runners, some are college athletes, etc. Some show up having done their homework and some show up with nothing more than pure leg strength. The most recent girls pictured below are Stephy, Sheena, Lilly, and Lily and Felicia. You can see the action in videos GGTheApplicant1,2,3 and 4 in our clipstore. 


Slick is Dominated and Verbally Humiliated by the powerhouse Latina Alba. The first thing Slick notices about Alba is the fact that she has packed on some muscle on her thighs. The two start out comparing thigh muscles and the verbal humiliation begins as Alba calls his legs “Sticks”. Slick tries to impress Alba with his kungfu acrobatics but Alba grabs his legs and wipes the mats with his body as if she was using a vacuum cleaner. Plenty of unusual holds as Alba thrashes the skinny Slick all over the place and flexes her muscles while doing it. Holds include Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Grapevines, Groin Stretch, Throat Sitting, and Reverse Nelson. When the one sided domination is over, Alba lifts Slick up, cradles him and tells him she is taking him out to dinner.  The below pics are stills from GG352B.

Foot Choke Girl Angelica is back in her latest match vs Slick. Not only does she apply some of her favorite foot chokes but she also shows Slick her scissors as potent as well. Although this is a one sided match, you can see the joy and glee on Angelica's face as she repeatedly submits Slick. There is an evil smile once in a while from this angelic beauty that is priceless. The pics below have been taken from GGFootChokeGirl2 available at our clipstore.

Crazy Competitive and fast paced match with Sablique Von Lux (6 feet tall, 145lbs) vs Nikolas (5 feet 6 and 135lbs). Both male and female win submissions in a very close and intense battle. For those of you who have seen Sablique in scissor videos where the male jobber lays down and lets Sablique scissor him, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out this statuesque beauty can really wrestle. Nikolas was not expecting a tough match but he was surprised when Sablique won the first submission with a guillotine. What makes this clip unique is the back and forth action where both contestants seem only seconds from scoring a submission. Many unusual holds and many unusual submissions as well. This is one of our best competitive matches of 2015 and while you are watching this match, it is almost impossible to predict who will be victorious. Holds include Thigh Scissors, Arm Bar, Guillotine, Chokes, and much more. Find out who wins: Will it be Sablique’s long legs and unorthodox style or will it be Nikolas with his speed and technique?  GGSablique can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Caroline Pierce the adult model visits Grapplinggirls. Your karate cannot handle my curves says adult film star Caroline Pierce as she gets ready to do her yoga stretches. The problem is that Kenfu is meditating and preparing for his karate practice. There is plenty of trash talking between the two as Caroline wrestles him down and scissors him. The problem is that Kenfu manages to use his skills to sneak out of her initial scissors which makes Caroline resort to her ultimate weapon: Her round Derrier. As soon as Caroline pins Kenfu down and sits on his neck and face, he is completely helpless. She tells him: “They didn’t teach you how to defend against a Facesit in your karate class, did they?”  Other holds include Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Rerverse Headscissors, Facesitting, Neck Sitting, Grapevines, Side Headscissors, Figure-4, Frontal Headscissors, and much more. Caroline loves showing off her flexibility as she submits Kenfu and poses and stretches her legs. This video can be seen at our clipstore under the title: GGKaratevsCurves.

GGTestofStrength contains tests of strength as well as wrestling. Finally you get to hear how much weight Kaycee can lift. She is bigger and stronger than ever and she is a true legend in this sport not just for her lower body power but for her ability to pick up grown men and press them overhead!!! Andy walks up to Kaycee and asks her to compare muscles (Biceps, Legs) and asks her about her various lifts. Test of strength continues with Armwrestling (both arms), LegWrestling, She also lifts him and does squats and calf raises with him and when Andy tries to do the same, he has no chance. Kaycee even picks him up and does curls with him. Of course Kaycee shows she is not just an ordinary strong woman by picking Andy up and pressing him overhead!!! The two later compare Body and Headscissors. After test of strength comes the wrestling and poor Andy gets demolished here. Holds include The Crucifix, Guillotine, Double Chicken Wing/Bodyscissors, Side Headscissors, Reverse Grapevine, Crossed-Armed School Girl Pin, The Siren Hold, and Bodyscissors. Kaycee even gives him a handicap where he starts from the top position but Kaycee’s power is too much as she easily reverses him and crushes him with her scissors.

Ultra Competitive: Epic matchup of Amanda vs Riot in one of the best if not, THE BEST Fem vs Fem matches we have ever filmed. The trash talking is also off the charts and Riot gets in Amanda’s face for some of the best verbal exchanges in GG. At one point when Riot was exhausted, Amanda says: “That’s what you look like after sex?” The girls start off with a staredown and the first part is the Conquer (Sumo-winner determined by who is pushed off the mats). The second part is the wrestling which is submissions or pins. Big time punishment here with Bodyscissors, Bow and Arrow, Choke, Breast Smothers, Grapevine, and 5 count Pins. Riot shows she is a warrior by trying to deal with Amanda’s power and Amanda is her usual self by pillaging anything that gets in her way. The winner strikes a victory pose on her fallen and exhausted opponent. The video below is GG336 and can be purchased through our clipstore.

Andrea Rosu is back!!! Not only does Andrea impress with her ultra- powerful thighs, but this time she impresses with her array of unusual holds. She actually applies a Camel Clutch on her opponent in a real wrestling match. Poor Tristan had no idea what to expect but when he saw Andrea’s thighs, he knew he had to avoid her scissors. Tristan does try to fight back and avoid Andrea’s legs but Andrea shows cunning and manages to wrap her pythons around poor Tristan’s head and body. Plenty of trash talking as you will notice a much more confident and experienced Andrea systematically tears apart a fit young male. Holds include Camel Clutch, Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Figure-4, Inverted Grapevine, and Split on Neck with Double Biceps Pose. GGTheBody3 is available in our clipstore.

Annette the Anomaly received her nickname in college when she trained at the gym and her friends and teammates noticed her incredible thighs. This girl has all the attributes to become a great grappler. She is extremely flexible, able to do splits and feats only gymnasts could pull off. Her first match was against Omar and she showed she is a fast learner by applying a triangle at will and quickly submitting a male who is trying to prevent from being submitted. You can see the power in her thighs as Annette squeezes Omar in her bodyscissors. Omar made the mistake of resisting Annette's bodyscissors and ended up with bruised ribs. Annette can be seen in action in video GGTheAnomaly in our clipstore. 

During the last spring break, we met a girl who was actually on a Track and Field Scholarship. We were able to convince her to do a series of short videos for us showing everyone just how strong a serious college athlete can be. This girl is 5'9" and 140lbs of Rock Hard Muscle. With her long legs, she is able to gain complete leverage while she squeezes and it does not take long to submit. She actually does break Tony's ribs with her bodyscissors. This series will only be available in our members area.

One of the biggest weight differences (one girl is more than twice the weight of the other) ever between Amanda (180lbs) vs Tiny Alyssa who is 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 80lbs!!!  Alyssa is tiny but has plenty of trash talk and continues on trash talking all the way to the end. The match begins with a brief muscle comparison and moves onto the conquer section where the winner is determined by whoever pushes their opponent outside the matted area. The grappling ensues after the conquer section and the winner is determined by either a 5 count pin or a submission. Amanda completely dominates Alyssa with ease using Breast Smother, Bodyscissors, Grapevines, Pins with Biceps Posing, cross body pins, chokes and much more. The two girls trash talk one another throughout the match.  Amanda ends it all with a victory pose and the clip concludes with a short interview with each girl. Available in our clipstore.  

Nerd Dante has always idolized Kaycee and admired her strength. When he finally met her in person, he wanted to know if you could lift her up and was interested to know how he would do in an arm wrestling contest. Can you imagine how humiliated you would be when you try to lift a girl and you are not strong enough? You can add to that humiliation when she lifts you with ease and smiles while doing it? GGSessions27 is the video of Nerd Dante finally meeting Kaycee. This clip has it all, size comparison, arm wrestling, wrestling, strength contest and much more. Dante is only 120lbs and idolizes Kaycee who is a powerful 180lbs of solid rock. Dante walks up to Kaycee and wants to know if she is rock hard so she flexes her muscles and the two compare biceps, thighs, calves, etc. The strength contest includes Arm wrestling and a Scissor Contest!!!  The two apply body and headscissors on one another to see who can withstand more pressure. Kaycee is legendary strong and Dante is very weak. Poor Dante attempts to lift Kaycee but fails whereas Kaycee lifts him like a baby. Finally the two wrestle and it is a total mismatch. Dante tells Kaycee he has quickness but Kaycee easily catches him, overpowers and pins him down. Holds include Crucifix, Schoolgirl pin with biceps pose, Tarantula Pin, Double Chicken Wing and Grapevine. When the wrestling is over, Kaycee cradle lifts Dante and takes him away.

Mia is back with some Unusual Holds to destroy the skinny Guthrie, despite his attempts to fight back. Guthrie tells Mia that he has been training doing pushups and running but Mia tells him he has no chance against her deadly curves. Mia surprised everyone by using holds we don’t normally see in mixed wrestling videos including One-Thigh Neck Sitting, Figure-4 Pin, Reverse Full Nelson Using Legs, Boston Crab, and Foot Chokes. The curvy goddess is very confident overpowering and ridiculing her much lighter opponent with her new arsenal of holds.  At one point, Guthrie is so frustrated, he picks Mia up and takes her down but pays the price as Mia easily crushes him into submission. Other holds include Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Breast Smother, Throat Sitting and much more. The destruction ends with Mia in a victory pose, putting her foot on Guthrie’s face and making him say “Mia is the Winner”. This video is located in our clipstore under the title GG332A.


Crystal is back and ripped at 130lbs. She runs 8 miles per day and is stronger than ever and could have perhaps broken the record for the most submissions in a 13 minute match (28 submissions). Andy told Crystal she might be too rusty and that he has wrestled LizVeyron and Falon and that she might find it difficult to submit him. Consequently, this is the most aggressive and decisive Crystal we have ever seen. She moves very quickly and wastes no time in her movements as she slithers around Andy like a snake and destroys him. Holds include Tarantula, Body Triangles, Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Guillotines, Grapevines, Reverse Triangle with Shoulder Lock, Rear Choke, and much more. Crystal was always known for her deadly guillotines and bodytriangles and to this day we have not seen anyone applying a more painful bodytriangle. This is complete destruction and Crystal trash talks and giggles her way through annihilating poor Andy. One of Crystal’s most dominating performances.


Introducing 220lbs CaitlynCrush who comes in with the confidence and aggression that is reminiscent of MichelleF and Amazon Anya’s. Caitlyn is a big girl but surprisingly enough she is not content with just crushing her opponents by pinning them down. Her favorite hold is actually the Bodyscissors. Here she goes up against the 120lbs Andy who goes all out but had no chance. Poor Andy is completely dominated in this one and despite Caitlyn’s taunting and trash talk he is not able to escape or mount any offense. From the onset Andy is crushed underneath the surprisingly quick Caitlyn and she lives up to her nickname as she crushes her opponent with Pins, Grapevines, Tarantula Pins and more.  Caitlyn is relentless as she keeps her bodyweight on top of poor Andy and enjoys taunting him until the end. She even applies a Headscissors for good measure. Caitlyn loves to scissor her opponents but her most effective weapon is keeping her opponents pinned down. She told us to this day, no one has been able to escape her pins.   This clip can be purchased at our clipstore under GG330A.

Strong 175lbs Virgo likes nothing more than to overpower skinny guys with her curves.  This time her opponent is the 120lbs Elvin who tries to escape Virgo’s pins but every time he manages to squirm his way out, Virgo is right there, jumping back on top of him, pinning him flat.  Elvin is taken down and kept down by Virgo via Grapevines, Throat Sits, Reverse Throat Sits, Frontal Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Schoolgirl Pins with flexing, and Side Headscissors. Adding to the humiliation is the fact that Virgo taunts her outmatched opponent and dares him to move her but Elvin has no chance, he is pinned flat as a pancake.  Virgo can be seen in videos GGCurvy2 and GGCurvy3 in our Clipstore.

Introducing Amazon Tamara who is not only tall (5'10", 170lbs) but has a physique comparable to that of Falon’s and Mathilda’s. What we can say about Bosco is that he went as hard as he could, something you don’t see in other videos. Tamara just toyed with him with a smile on her face and you can see she was careful not to injure him. There is not much talking or taunting in this video from Tamara but she does bring some new holds to the match such as the Bear Hug, Fireman Carry, and the Inverted Bodyscissor. Other holds include Bodyscissors, Side Headscissors, Schoolgirl Pins, and Grapevines.  The initial falls start from the knees but the final 5 falls start standing and are the most interesting segment of the video. Bosco tries to take Tamara down by going for double leg takedowns but Tamara is not to be moved. She easily picks him up in bear hugs and other lifts. Pics taken from video GGTallvsShort28.

Arrogant  Grandmaster gets Crushed by Shy Student!!!  To some of you this video may be very annoying and to some it will be very funny. Grandmaster Murphy was hired to come in and clean up some of the mistakes the girls were making in their techniques. He is very arrogant and extremely opinionated. Surprisingly, however, Sarita manages to crush the Grandmaster into submission each time they wrestle but instead of commending her, the Grandmaster criticizes the way she submitted him. Every time she uses her scissors, he gets angry and tells her scissors are not legitimate and that her submission does not count. She wins the physical struggle but the Grandmaster is winning the mental domination game. The conversation between the two is ongoing and very interesting – this is probably the highlight of the video. When she confronts him with the fact that she can tap him out with her legs, he ignores her and keeps telling her that she needs to shape up and learn the correct methods. He gets crushed physically but he is able to reprimand Sarita and make her believe that she is doing everything wrong. Holds include Takedowns, Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Figure-4, Grapevines and Pins. GG322C is a very unique, funny and frustrating video to watch.  

Contessa has travelled the world, has ridden speed bikes, has climbed Mount Everest, has swam with sharks but has always wondered what it would be like to wrestle and defeat a man.  She has never been competitive, all the sports she has tried have been individual sports and her nature is very passive. She wanted someone her own weight and wanted to make sure he would fight back. Contessa does not use scissors but her plan was to pin him down with SG Pins and Grapevines and to submit him with Hand Over Mouth. The result is a hard fought match where Andy gives her a tough time but after some struggling, Contessa is able to keep him pinned and ultimately exhausted from lack of air.  She loves her victory and shows off her biceps while sitting on her exhausted opponent. Contessa can be seen in action in video GGNovice6 at our clipstore.


Introducing Smothering Whitney AKA "Big Tit Whit" who brings a unique style of wrestling that renders the opponent immobile and helpless very quickly. Whitney starts out stretching and showing off her flexibility by doing splits (she has the flexibility of a contortionist)!!! She then shows Chad that she does not waste time and takes him down swiftly and immediately straddles him and keeps him pinned. Not only is Whitney strong but she does NOT let up on her opponents and they are pinned flat with no chance of escape regardless of how much they wiggle or try to sneak out from underneath her. Rest assured Chad tries as hard as he can and does manage to escape once but Whitney captures him quickly. At one point she even gives him a handicap, letting him straddle her and easily throws him off. Her technique is very good, she pins down her opponents arms with her feet or pins them down by their side using her knees where they are completely helpless. She also moves very quickly and catches the escaping Chad and get on top of him in seconds. The poor sap is subject to Whitney’s inevitable end which is the breast smother that finally puts him out cold. There is no escape from Whitney’s massive breasts!!! 

Sarita has surprisingly strong scissors and what makes her unique is that she has the curves of a sexy woman with powerful muscle underneath. She is not buff or shredded but when she puts you in a scissorhold, you'd think you were being scissored by an olympic powerlifter. Sarita crushes soccer balls, metal beer bottles and men in her new video GG319B. Sarita prefers to wrestle using conventional wrestling holds rather than jiu-jitsu because she feels she has the power in her legs to overpower her opponents with ease.

Comparison and Hand Domination Fans finally get their wish: Not only does Falon humiliate skinny Elvin with body comparisons, but she also focuses on hand over mouth in almost every hold she uses. Bodyscissors, pins, cradles, and lotus holds all result in quicker submissions while hand over mouth is used.  Poor Elvin has no chance as Falon totally overpowers him in video GGFalon3. 


Our new bombshell Falon is the complete package. Not only is she tall, muscular, super strong but she maintains her femininity and is a fantastic trash talker. Falon enjoys beating up guys and flaunting her strength. She overpowers two separate opponents (Nolan and Rob) in GGFalon.  Falon of course has super strong legs but also has an upper body that is stronger than most men (275lbs bench press). The match with Nolan starts with Falon showing off her muscles and showing him her strength in an armwrestling match. Falon also picks him up and carries him around like a rag doll. Nolan tries to put up a fight in the wrestling but Falon is too strong and uses Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Grapevines, Bodyscissors, Foot Chokes and much more to leave poor Nolan in a state of submissive shock.  Rob did not fare any better as he was thrown around like a rag doll and totally overpowered by this beautiful goddess. Includes Flexing, Victory Posing, Armwrestling, Lifting, Wrestling, Scissors, Trash Talking, and Spanking.

FlexiFawn is another acrobat that we were fortunate in filming. Our first acrobat, Lynn, surprised us with her deceiving strength but when we met Fawn we were expecting the same type of overall body strength and flexibility. Fawn did come in with some minimal jiu-jitsu experience but what makes her very dangerous is her deadly scissor holds. Some of you may be accustomed to videos where the guys don't put up a fight and let the girl scissor them but when Omar and Rob tangled with Fawn, they were trying to stay away from her legs. For those of you who like to watch long, lingering scissors, you will be dissapointed because when Fawn applies her scissors, it only takes seconds for her opponents to tap out. That is just the cold reality of a strong girl that applies pressure with intense force. Fawn can be seen in action in GGTheAcrobat2 in our clipstore.


Felice is a big girl next door, standing at 5'11" and 190lbs. She has no problems pinning the skinny Tony down and using her weight advantage to control him. With minimal training, Felice was able to use her size and strength advantage to keep Tony completely helpless. Her holds of choice were Bodyscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Pins and Breast Smother. Even before the match, she told us she was confident she could overpower most average guys without using any wrestling skill.

PoolScissors2 We were surprised to see the variety and complexity of holds that Riot was able to use in the pool.  Riot is an expert swimmer and as a result, she is able to maneuver her body to apply holds such as Bodyscissors, Standing Headscissors, Figure-4, Triangle, Choke, Guillotine, and Body Triangle/Choke Combo. Riot tells James to leave her alone as she is relaxing by the pool but James is a fan and insists on talking to her. When Riot decides she has had enough, she jumps in the pool and shows James how comfortable she is applying holds on her victims in the water.   James tries to escape the pool on several occasions and begs Riot to let go but Riot simply dives in after him and wraps her legs around him.  Riot is wearing a once piece swimsuit revealing her powerful hips and thighs. 

Jenilee:  Introducing the stunning 18 year old Jenilee, her nickname is “Bodytriangle Girl”. She is one of the most beautiful girls on our roster without a doubt AND she can WRESTLE!!  Jenilee joined the army and has been grappling for 6 months. She has submitted many men older than her with the BodyTriangle/choke combo. When she wrestled Guthrie, we asked her to apply some different holds just to have some variety. If it was up to her, every submission would be the Bodytriangle/choke combo. Guthrie goes all out in this match and is very serious about not losing to an 18 year old girl. Just to mix things up, she does apply a Guillotine and Headscissor but for you Figure-4 fans, watching this girl is a treat because she is extremely quick and can slap that bodytriangle in an instant. Most men that have wrestled her try to avoid her in future matches because it is very embarrassing submitting to a gorgeous young girl like Jenilee.


Sarye is back in one of Our Most Punishing and Humiliating videos Ever!!! This video is not for everyone. Sarye is scary at times in this video as she squeezes poor Guthrie not only with scissors but also with a devastating hold called the Figure-8 Sitting Choke. Sarye applies this hold when she has Guthrie in her guard and in one instant, she is sitting on top of him with her ankle across his throat. Guthrie is pleading and begging with Sayre, but Sarye is like a calculated machine continuing with the onslaught.  To add insult to injury she constantly taunts him and ridicules him.  Other holds include Reverse headscissor, Standing Headscissor (she moves him around on his knees while trapped in her standing headscissors while wearing high heels), Frontal Headscissor, Bodyscissors, Side Headscissors, Schoolgirl Pin (double biceps pose while Guthrie feels them), SchoolGirl Pin/Hand Smother, Reverse Throat Sit/Foot Choke Combo, and Grapevine.


FreshieSqueeze: Introducing FreshieSqueeze!!! This is girl is a powerhouse and is all natural. She is not muscle bound but her thighs are ultra powerful, having been developed through years of gymnastics and ballet. Poor Guthrie is in for another one sided domination. If you like girls with thick thighs ala London and AmandaR, you will love Freshie. She is a girly girl but loves to show off her strength to guys and loves to constantly taunt them as they lie helpless beneath her. Holds include Grapevines, Headscissors, Cradle, Bodyscissors, Pins/Biceps flexing, Reverse Pin, Reverse Headscissors, and much more. To add to the humiliation, Freshie offers Guthrie $1000 cash if he can beat her. It only takes her seconds to get on top of Guthrie and force him to submit while she flexes her biceps. Complete domination by the curvy goddess. Pics Taken From GGSeeions16.


A Lesson: Competitive Wrestling: Visitor Taught A Lesson By Tyra’s Massive Thighs. Tristan had trashed talked Tyra in his e-mails, saying all Tyra does is rely on her strong legs and there is no way she could submit him just with scissorholds.  Tyra has been working on her legs and indeed all she needs is to get her legs around you and your whole world will come crashing down in an instant. As a matter of fact, Tyra not only submitted Tristan with Body and Headscissors but she decided to humiliate him with Standing Headscissors, Armlocks and Guillotines as well. Tyra’s thighs are bigger than ever and she is more confident than ever, even starting to taunt her opponents now. Holds include Guillotine, Kimura, Bodyscissors, Headscissors, and Standing Headscissors. Video GG299C Can be purchased at our clipstore. 


Collapsed: The battle between Izmargad and AmandaR was so highly contested that Izmargad, after having changed into her street clothes suddenly collapsed from exhaustion.  This girl has the heart of the warrior and even when she was overpowered and defeated, she refused to tapout.  This was one of the most painful matches to watch because the final result was inevitable but Izmargad did not want to accept defeat. You can see the entire match (GGWeightDifference12) in our clipstore. 


Swimmer Wins: Our female swimmer is 160lbs and lifts very heavy weights especially with her legs. Her bench press is 185lbs. Our male bodybuilder lifts for repetitions and find out that his opponent’s core strength is superior to his. The swimmer also has an edge in the wrestling skill category where the male bodybuilder lacks significantly.  When the swimmer uses her massive thighs, the bodybuilder has no chance and has to submit. Holds include Grapevines, Neck Sicssors, Rear Chokes, Bodyscissors, Triangles, Figure-4’s, the Pretzel Twister and more. GGSwimmervsBodybuilder is available at our clipstore.

GGTallvsShort12 is most likley the most humiliating of the series. Rest assured that Bosco goes all out to try to win but amazon Wendy humiliates him, taunts him and make fun of him as she completely destroys whim with her long/powerful legs. See her thigh muscles bulge as she bodyscissors him and smiles as he struggles and submits. Wendy even gives him a few handicaps but Bosco is unable to capitalize on them. One of Wendy’s legs seems to be twice as long as Bosco’s entire body and she loves wrapping them around him and smiling as he struggles and writhes in pain. Other holds include Headscissors, Grapevines, Pins and much more. More Pics On Our Site. Highly recommended for fans of complete dominance even when the mail goes all out to win.  

Siren Defeats Male Bodybuilder: Siren was not intimidated in the least and went after her opponent without fear. Those long legs came in handy as Siren wrapped them around Samson and methodically controlled the entire match. We were expecting the bodybuilder to dominate and we were hoping that Siren would get lucky and win one fall. On the contrary, Siren was the aggressor and dominated and did not care as her dress rode up and exposed her underwear. Do not estimate the power of the legs of the Fashion Model. The action below can be seen in video GGModelvsBodybuilder in our clipstore.


Reggie Shocker: In one of the strangest turnouts in our videos, Reggie who requested a match with Stasia shocked everyone when he pulled out a diamond ring and gave it to Stasia while she had him in a headscissor. When we asked him why he wanted a match with Stasia, he told us he wanted to straighten her out and possibly ask her out on a date. When the two got together, Stasia was her defensive self again and started the usual onslaught of scissors on the much smaller Reggie. As soon as Reggie gave her the ring, Stasia seemed to slow down and kept looking at her ring. At first she thought it was fake but when we told her Reggie was a wealthy guy, her attitude started changing.  She slowed down her onslaught and kept staring at her ring. Was Reggie able to tame the brat with his diamond ring or did Stasia continue the onslaught without showing mercy as she did in the past? The action below can be seen in video GGBratscissors GGBratscissors5.


Random Girls: Our customer suggested something very interesting to us: We would find two random girls with no wrestling experience and would aske them if they were interested in wrestling with Amanda. Taylor and Ashley both agreed and we were surprised despite their lack of skill, they put on an impressive performance against Amanda. Both girls gave away considerable amount of weight to Amanda but they did have the advantage in quickness and stamina. Did they do a better job than the experienced girls who were easily dominated by Amanda? You be the judge. This action can be seen in videos GGWeightDifference8 and 9.  

Thalia Thighs: Thalia is pronounced (Tha-La-Ya). This newcomer is a marathon runner with naturally massive legs. She is beautiful and very feminine but also very athletic. Her scissors are off the charts and she is now learning how to add more power to her grappling game. Her first video is GG291A and she totally demolishes Reggie. She asked us for a tougher opponent next time. Thalia uses Grapevines, Bodyscissors, and Headscissors to dispatch poor Reggie. 


Novice Charmaine was very hesitant about wrestling a guy for the first time but after telling her that her legs could do the job, she gave it a shot. Her video is titled GGNovice2 because she truly is a novice. We shwed her the scissors and figure-4's and she immediately fell in love with the figure-4. The training time was basically no more than 10 minutes and she was off.  Poor Chad knew if a figure skater got her legs around him, he'd be in trouble. Being that Charmaine was 5'9" and had the long limbs, Chad would have a hard time staying out of her reach. Most of the match Chad finds himself stuck in Charmaine's figure-4's and bodyscissors.

AmandaR is back to wrestle competitively against Carmine. Poor Carmine was giving away 50 pounds in weight but thought because of his athleticism he would have a chance. Needless to say, Amanda used her weight and strength advantage to shut him down and pulverize him. She even told him before that match that she was stronger than Tyra. Every time Carmine go the top position, Amanda simiply bumped him off and took control. Holds include Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Grapevines, Guillotine, Chokes, and pins. The pics below were taken from video GG290B.


GGTheBody: We were finally able to get Andrea Rosu to wrestle for us. For a while numerous fans e-mailed us asking us to invite Andrea and see if she could wrestle. One of our most loyal supporters asked us to line her up with a male who can actually wrestle and we did. Nikolas is skilled and has done very well in some recent matches but when he felt Andrea's thighs around him, he tapped quickly. Words simply cannot discribe this woman's beauty and power. She is all woman, very feminine and yet very muscular and that muscle is from years of dancing, not weightlifting.  One of our most amazing videos to date.


GGSessions11: Ms. Monroe she shows her playful side full of muscle posing and showing off her amazing muscles built through years of dancing. She also shows her strength by holding Tony down in pins and shows you her abs, double biceps and taunts Tony while she enjoys dominating him. She also uses a shin choke, a throat sit, and not to mention the highlight of this clip: Reverse Headscissors while juggling her glutes. You can see the muscles all come to life and move independently.  The clip ends with Monroe straddling Tony and showing off her muscles to the camera. 

GGLegsRule2: This time we have our new amazon Cindy Strong vs Nikolas and Tyra vs Brad. Both girls have very strong legs.  Tyra prefers using scissors and Cindy loves the Banana Split. Her second favorite hold is the triangle choke and believe us, with those thighs, you wont survive more than a few seconds without passing out or tapping out. Nikolas finds out the hard way that Cindy can apply the split whenever she likes and even slaps on the triangle on him despite his previous judo background. You can actually see a grin on Tyra's face as she watches Brad in pain while caught in her headscissors. He raises her hand in victory in the end. The below pics were taken from GGLegsRule2. 

Bratscissors4: Stasia is back and this time she really shows her mean side against poor hapless Jack. She actually keeps him in a reverse headscissors for 5 minutes. She not only scissors him but also takes his wallet. Poor Jack begged and pleaded but Stasia fed on his weakness and continued the onslaught with ankle chokes, bodyscissors, throat sits and much more. Not much wresling here because Jack had no way of getting out of Stasia's holds. Just check out her thighs, they seem to belong to a female bodybuilder but as you can see, Stasia is a super hot girl and hardly ever lifts weights. Her leg strength was acquired through riding horses and gymnastics. The pics below have been taken from video GGBratscissors4. 

Enchantress Sarye is back to face the most arrogant and cockiest of all of our male participants. Marco pushes all the wrong buttons and irritates Sarye to the point where she punishes him much more severely than she punished Tony in GG259D.  She starts out with showing him her various headscissors and after he insults her, she uses the Hand Over Mouth techniques when she applies the Frontal Headscissors. Sarye also shows him why her Reverse Headscissors are legendary.  There is some throat sitting, Figure-4's as well as a head severing Side Headscissors. Marco fights hard to escape Sarye's legs but he fails to come close and the pained expression on his face tells the entire story. The ending comes with a Bodyscissor/Forced Kiss Submission. The below pics were taken from Video GGSessions10.


CherrieM. is one of the hottest girls we have yet to encounter. In the clip GGSessions9 she explains to Tony in a comprehensive interview why porn girls have stronger legs than fitness models. Cherrie is one of those girls that truly loves watching a man squirm in her scissors. Her legs are very strong, as a matter of fact, much stronger than they look. She told Tony she has a knack for the squeeze. The below pics have been taken from the clip and holds include Reverse Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Reverse Figure-4 and even some throat sitting to boot.  Pics of CherrieM will be added to our members section in the future.

Humiliating: Does that man look familiar? If he does, that's because he is related to one of our regulars Jarrod. Yes the man being scissored is Jarrod's father. How did he get himself in this predicament? The answer lies within the up and coming video clip titled "GGFatherScissored". When Jarrod showed up for his match with gorgeous Paris, his dad insisted on going with him and possibly give him some helpful advice. What actually ended up happening was a very humiliating experience for Jarrod as he fell victim to Paris' scissors and triangles. During their match, Jarrod's father was constantly pestering Jarrod to stay away from Paris' scissors but Paris had none of it. After listening to Jarrod's dad yelling and screaming at his son for 9 minutes, Paris challenged him and what ensued was not only humiliating for Jarrod but also for his father as both men ended up submitting to this beautiful 19 year old. 

Coleslaw Champ: It sounds funny but Morgan has become well known in Daytona as the Coleslaw champion wrestler. She had to beat over a 100 contestants in order to win first prize. She entered the contest with a huge advantage: She wrestled at the state level for her school and won numerous folk wrestling tournaments. She walks in on Kaycee as Kaycee was wrestling Pedro. After some trash talking, it was obvious that Morgan wanted to challenge Kaycee. Kaycee wanted to see what Morgan had against Pedro first before accepting the challenge. After seeing what Morgan does to Pedro, we were left wondering which would prevail? Kaycee's size and strength or Morgan's skill and quickness? 

Big Challenge: Alvaro is 300 pounds and had planned a trip to visit grapplinggirls and wrestle some of the stronger girls. He was so determined to go through with his challenge that he showed up despite the fact that he had his foot in a cast. He assured us he was perfectly fine and there was no pain at all in the foot. The cast was pretty much doctor's orders. His first opponent was Sonja and she did very well dealing with such a weight disadvantage. After Sonja was done choking and scissoring Alvaro, Ms. Monroe stepped up and she was fresh and ready to go. Alvaro was slower now after his match with Sonja and fell prey to Monroe's strong legs. After the match, Ms. Monroe shows off her amazing calves and beautiful legs. The footage can be seen in the clip GGWeightDifference2 in our clipstore.


Swimsuit Contest Winner: We were contacted by a very unlikely candidate to wrestle for us. Payge who has won numerous swimsuit contests, including a national level contest (Swimsuit USA), wanted to see how she would do against a male of her own bodyweight in a wrestling match. She told us she was always aware of her strong legs and that she learned about scissoring and its great advantages in wrestling matches. We decided to give her a shot. Can a swimsuit model without bulging muscles fare well against a male opponent of equal size? We were shocked because not only was she aggressive but did plenty of trash talking to boot.

Kaycee is back and yes she has bulked up!!! She has been lifting heavy weights and has become bigger and stronger than ever before, tipping the scales at a solid 185lbs. When Bosco saw her, he told us he was scared and was actually shaking. Kaycee put him at ease with her sweet smile and soft voice.  She assured him she would not hurt him. This is our favorite Kaycee video of all time because she displays her bigger than life strength by just putting forth 2% effort. She lets Bosco try to take her down and as Bosco goes 110%, Kaycee simply lifts a finger and pins him down, scissors him, lifts him up, presses him overhead, spins him around and makes him submit in the most gentle manner. 


Mia accepts Chad's request for some competitive wrestling but he's not strong enough to make it happen. Once again, she's on her way to a dominating victory by using scissors and smothering techniques. Another hold that has become one of her favorites is the Tarantula hold and she loves to use it every opportunity she gets. She told us it gives her a great view of the desperation of her opponent's face. After the match Chad told us despite her limited wrestling skills, Mia knows how to use her legs, breasts and butt to earn a victory: "If you can't breath, you have to tap." After the match, the two sat down and Chad admitted to Mia that her best weapons are basically her breasts and buttocks. The footage below is taken from video GGEroticV available in our clipstore.


Her friends call her MIGHTY MOUSE!!!  She's only 5’0” and 100pounds but her gymnastics background make her a very strong and flexible grappler. She told us from the beginning that she loves headscissoring her opponents. Her main focus is always to go for the headscissors and she seems to manage to somehow wrap her legs around her opponent's head or neck regardless of what position she's in. Don't let the her small size fool you, she's a gymnast and those thighs are rock hard. MightyMouse can be seen in action in video GGRookies5. 


Megan Jones is back to give you guys an idea of what her sessions are like. She is faced with a smooth talking Brad who is more interested in Megan's past adult career than her wrestling knowledge. His trash talking lands him in hot water when Megan uses her curvy body to overpower him and apply her favorite holds such as Grapevines, Rear Chokes, Guillotines, Frontal Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Pins, and much more. This is a rare opportunity to see Megan not only show her wrestling prowess but also trash talk with the smooth talking Brad. Megan is curvier than ever at 165 pounds and has a weight and strength advantage over the 6'2" but skinny Brad. Video can be purchased at out clipstore under the name GGSessions4.


Sunshine: If you're curious as to what a session with newcomer Sunshine would be like, GGSessions3 should give you a good idea. James, who has shot video for many producers including ourselves called us and told us he was planning his first session with Sunshine and asked us if we wanted to record it. We were pleasantly surprised at how much Sunshine enjoyed wrestling. Even though the session took place at a hotel on a bed, the wrestling action was spirited with James doing his best to avoid Sunshine's scissors. Sunshine is quick and is relentless with her scissors, chokes and even foot chokes. 


Gymnast: She is also very shy, so she does not say much but her legs can do some serious damage. She is very flexibile and when Ben asks how strong she is, starts out with the Rear Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Standing Headscissors, and then moves onto applying the Lotus Hold, Full Nelson Using Legs, and Tarantula Hold, to see how much Ben can take.


New Amazon Rosana is 6'2", 220lbs. She has massive thighs and yes she knows how to use them. In her first match for grapplinggirls, she takes apart Omar who is 5'10", 185lbs. He more or less looks like a lightweight next to Rosana and is constantly tapping out, courtesy of Rosana's MASSIVE thighs. When the video begins, Rosana starts her ritual of scissoring her legs, preparing her muslces for her favorite submission: THE FRONTAL HEADSCISSOR.  We will go out on a limb and tell you she may have the most painful grapevine to date. Poor Omar submitted repeatedly to Frontal Headscissors and Grapevines-oh yes, there was a bodyscissor in there as well but Rosana loves the Headscissors. Rosana can be seen in her debut in GG276A.


Record Broken: We have broken our record and perhaps even the world record of the biggest size difference between a mixed wrestling couple. Bosco is only 4'2" and he challenges Siren who is 6'2" and Lucinda who is 6'3".  Both girls wrestle Bosco separately and apply bodyscissors, headscissors, figure-4's, pins and grapevines. Poor Bosco had no chance and was totally dominated. Like the old saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words:

Izmargad is our newest sensation. Her body is off the charts, muscular abs, amazing glutes, incredible legs. Her video must be seen. She is incredible. Not only does she apply vibrating reverse headscissors but she hooks his arms with her legs and renders him totally helpless to her passionate kisses!!!!


Strongest Bodyscissors: For those of you who've watched skinny Elvin for the past year or two, you may not have noticed that he has a high pain tolerance, especially to the bodyscissors. His abdomen is rock hard and he is capable of hundreds of situps and crunches. We were impressed at his ability to withstand bodyscissors applied by Dixie and Tyra. There were numerous times that both Dixie and Tyra were surprised that Elvin took so long to tap. We actually picked three girls including Dixie, Tyra and Gretchen because only these girls were able to submit Elvin via bodyscissors in less than 10 seconds. We measured the fastest bodyscissor submission times from all three girls and came up with the below results.  The conclusion is that maybe Equestrian is the sport of choice for applying the best scissors. Gretchen is not a weightlifter but an avid equestrian whereas Tyra and Dixie are both athletes and avid weightlifters. 

Tyra (GGTyravs2) Best Time: 7 sec. Dixie (GG251C) Best Time: 7 sec. Gretchen (GG272) Best Time: 5 sec.


Sonja shows her true power by taking on Nikolas who is skilled and knows exactly what he is doing. What is amazing about Sonja is her upper body strength, acquired in the army and especially participating against men in the army combatives. We rarely see a girl submit a man with a headlock, especially if he has his guard around her. This was also the first time that Sonja wore short shorts, showing off her muscular thighs. Sonja tips the scales at 165lbs!!! The action can be seen in video GG269C.

Walkout: Ever since his match with Amazon Anya(Helena), Reggie has always  asked us who his opponent is going to be, making sure she's not too much bigger than him. Reason being, Reggie prefers his opponents to be no bigger than 160lbs. This time, his opponent was 210lbs Julisa. Of course we did not tell Reggie until he arrived at the studio. When we told him, he had a temper tantrum and tried to walk out of the studio.  After some coercing, the camerman managed to make him stay. This match ends up to be a complete demolition as the super strong Juilsa toys with poor Reggie. This is 100% real and Reggie is totally powerless to do anything after giving up close to 100 pounds to Julisa. She throws him around like a rag doll, gets on top of him, puts him in Head and Bodyscissors and adds her favorite: The Bow and Arrow to good measure. If you like to see a REAL match with a beautiful and powerful female vs  a smaller male who is TRYING but gets crushed, clip GG269B is for you.  


Fashion Model Submits Kenfu: When Kenfu first met Siren, he was impressed with her extreme reach. At 6'3", she has longer legs than anyone in his dojo. Kenfu asked Siren if she would be interested in taking karate at his school but Siren said she is busy with her fashion career.  When the wrestling started, Siren went to work and surprised Kenfu with her power. Kenfu was expecting the run of the mill scissors from Siren so he tried to prevent her from crossing her ankles but that did not work. Sire decided to turn the tables on Kenfu and go for more exotic holds like the Siren Hold, Body Triangles, Frontal Headscissors, Grapevines, Figure-4's and finally a Banana Split. The action below can be seen in video GG268B in our clipstore.

Gretchen is a very unique newcomer in that she has been an equestrian for the majority of her life and has a pair of legs that rival those of an elite athlete’s.  For her first match we started her out with Tom and Kenfu and since neither one could handle her for the duration of the match, she dispatched one and then took care of the other with minimal training. Both guys were exhausted and defeated by her eye-popping bodyscissors and figure-4’s.  She has an uncanny ability for a beginner to capitalize on her opponent's mistakes and trap them in scissor holds. We lost count as to how many bodyscissor submissions exist in this clip but we can certainly say Gretchen may have the strongest bodyscissor in recent years!! The most priceless part of this clip is when shy Gretchen comes out of her shell and giggles after submitting the guys with bodyscissors: “This is fun”.  
Mahea is one of the hottest names in session wrestling today and for good reason.  In her first match for grapplinggirls, the BJJ blue belt takes apart Kenfu who tries his hardest to escape Mahea’s grip. She applies everything in the book including Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Bodytriangle, Triangle Choke, LegLocks, Keylock, Chokes, Double Chicken Wing, and even a Boston Crab!!!  She even shows her playful side by squeezing Kenfu in a headscissor and flexing her biceps. You can purchase the video GGMahea at our clipstore. 
For those of you interested in doing sessions with Mahea, simply contact her at  
Crystal is back to wrestle competitively against a young and athletic male by the name of Nikolas. The match was action packed and Crystal was able to finish him off with a Tarantula hold. What made this video unique was the fact that we finally were able to make the wishes of one of our loyal members come true. He had asked Crystal to crush a Pinneapple because he knew Crystal would crush a watermelon and he had seen watermelons squeezed in the past. He also wanted to see her scissor a paint can and a Papaya. The video is titled GGCrystalCrush and we highly recommend it. See if Crystal will succeed or fail in crushing the rock hard pinneapple. She had to wrap a plastic bag around it to cover the spines while scissoring it. 
Amanda is back to pick on another skinny newcomer by the name of Kenfu. The karate green belt and martial arts afficionado is sitting and meditating. Amanda starts picking on him and challenges him with tests of strength. The tests include cradle lifts, bodyscissors, headscissors and finally, straight out wrestling. Kenfu soon finds out that Amanda is not a typical girl and can squeeze with enough pressure to pop a blood vessell. She puts Kenfu in various positions including the Bow and Arrow, the Side Headscissors and much more. The action can be seen in video GG267B.
Lucky Fan: For those of you who are familiar with the Lucky Fan series and wonder how the guys end up on our videos, here is how it was done: We e-mailed members and asked them if they wanted to participate. The majority of members loved the idea but did not want to be on video. To save us time, if you are a member or have been one in the past 6 months (even for just one month), let us know if you are interested in participating by sending us an e-mail. No masks are to be worn for this video. 
A Bystander, unexpectedly jumps in the video!! When we were finishing off Kaycee's "GGSoccerbully4" with a soccer ball possession match between Kaycee and Rafael, a bystander who obviously plays soccer was jogging by and decided to take on Kaycee. Surprisingly, he was able to keep the ball away from her and after a few failed attempts by Kaycee to recover the ball, she became frustrated and picked the bystander up on her shoulders, totally surprising him. For those of you who complained that Kaycee's opponents were too skinny, this time both guys are over 175lbs.
NCAA Wrestler: The Rookies series is usually intended for girls just starting out in grappling, thus with limited experience. Our newest rookie, however, happens to be a decorated NCAA wrestler!!  She has full credentials and is without a doubt the most accomplished wrestler on this site. SHE MUST BE SEEN. She is intense and moves with the kind of speed that is impossible to deal with. Her name is Whirlwind and the shocker here is that she does not use scissors but her submissions are so painful that Jarrod tapped out in seconds!!!  We had another male who wrestled Porsha off camera who was also submitted in seconds and the reason is that most grapplers have never seen these holds before and have no way of defending them. Whirwind is something special, to say the least. The second girl on the same Rookie video is Janine who likes to use the Rubber Guard which is the use of one's shin to force the opponent into various triangle submissions. This is one of our most technical videos to date and we highly recommend it. The below pics were taken from GGRookies3. The grappler on the left (yellow top)  is Whirlwind and the other girl on the right is Janine.
The Twister: Sonja applies the "Twister" invented by Eddie Bravo in her competitive match with newcomer Sepp. This is one of the most debilitating hold in all submission grappling. Sonja was a bit perturbed over Sepp's e-mail suggesting that he wanted a match with Liz Veryon and that she was the only legit grappler. Poor Sepp had no idea what was coming, as a matter of fact, we had no idea what she was doing until Sepp tapped and she explained it to us. Sepp had an excellent showing and gave Sonja a true run for her money. Note: to understand the hold, the black socks are worn by Sepp, Sonja is barefoot.
Lucy Challenged by 19 year old Jarrod. 6'4", skinny Jarrod claims he does not tapout easily and can take tons of pain. He is an avid skateboarder and has taken many falls and has managed to get back to his feet and continue on skating. After having seen a video of Lucy, he was sure he could last the entire match without submitting.  Lucy on the other hand was eager to show Jarrod that watching a video and being in it are two different things.
He Said No: Amazon Deena came back for her second match for grapplinggirls and this time it was against Reggie who is 5'7", 120lbs. Deena is 6 feet tall and 175lbs. Reggie tried to avoid being pinned underneath Deena and tried take her back but Deena's size and strength were too much. After using pins, scissors of all types, grapevines and even a tarantula hold, Deena looked at Reggie and asked him out for a date after the match. Shockingly, Reggie refused, saying Deena was too strong for him. 


Brutal Scissors: Tom has wrestled some of our toughest wrestlers ever, including Julie Squeeze, Crystal, LizVeyron, Foxxie, and Justine. He has never complained during a match or has never left a match injured. In his most recent bout against newcomer Hannah Perez, to our shock and disbelief, 5 minutes into the match, Tom complained that he could no longer take Hannah's headscissors!!!  We were shocked to hear this because Hannah is only 5 feet tall and a mere 115lbs. The match went on with Hannah relying on bodyscissors and other techniques but the initial headcissors(including some devastating reverse headscissors) were excrutiating. This just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. Hannah Perez may not be a highly skilled wrestler but she certainly has deadly scissors. She told us she only squeezed around 50% to make Tom quit. Since we have been known for featuring amazons in the past, we have to say, Hannah can squeeze with the best of them. 
London is back and this actually might be the last time she wrestles but hopefully she reconsiders and returns for more matches. She takes on two guys who weigh around the 130lb mark. London totally dominates with pins, grapevines, lotus holds, tarantula, scissor holds and more. Both guys were exhausted because London was relentless and applied one hold after another. No boring moments or time wasting in these back to back matches.
POV videos: Our video GG255B is a video based on a private session experience involving a male and Megan Jones. The viewer actually takes the place of the male participant in a few occasions. For example, when Megan applies a Reverse Headscissor on him, the angle of the camera actually allows you to take his place. This is not the typical POV concept that you have seen in the past.  This video allows you, the viewer to watch the male be put in certain holds and then you eventually take his place and are being squeezed and talked to by Megan instead of him. The ending comes with Megan standing over you, ending the match when she puts her foot on your face. 


The Giggler: We have had some strange characters visiting us and helping us make videos in the past but the strangest one has to be the "Giggler". We asked him how he came up with the name giggler and this is what he told us: 
"Ever since I was little, no matter how bad I got my ass kicked, I giggled. If I fell off a cliff, I giggled, fell off my bike, I giggled, if I got my ass beat in school, I giggled, even if I was beaten to a bloody pulp, I still giggled afterwards. I can take punishment, that aint no lie"
The giggler has communicated to us that he has had a few wrestling sessions and he has giggled his way through all of them. The giggler had his first match with us against Foxxie who has potent scissors and he was true to his word. His goal is to wrestle LizVeyron and Dixie and to be able to giggle afterward. 

Diesel is bigger and stronger than ever. Below are some photos of her strength/crossfit training. In her newest wrestling video, she takes on StoneFace Steve who comes out to put up a good show. He is very difficult to submit and has wrestled many session wrsetlers who have failed to make him tap. Diesel has to work hard but her strength and speed are a huge advantage as she shows Steve she's much stronger than he was expecting.


Yoga Strong: Sierra is a curvy girl but surprised us with her flexibility and immense scissor power. Kyle was under the impression that since Sierra is new to the scene, her scissors would not be as potent as some of the more experienced girls. By the end of the session, he felt light headed and his midsection was sore. What madkes Sierra unique is how much she truly loves scissoring. She almost goes into a trance while squeezing her prey and that makes her unique.


New girls Leena and Camila are both around 5'3" but with very strong upper bodies and legs. Camila is a pole dancer and Leena lifts weights and is also an ex dancer. Bother girls have stupendous scissors and loves to use them. Leena loves to tease her victim and looks right in his eyes, knowing she has him in her grip and he has nowhere to go. Camila prefers competitive wrestling and totally outmuscles her tall/skinny opponent. The action below can be seen in video GG249C.


The Proposal: If ClaireH is not the hottest girl we've shot so far, then she has the hottest voice and attitude. For those of you who’ve followed us, you know we specialize in real wrestling. The gentleman in the video is one of those guys who hid his passion for scissors from his girlfriend until now.  He is ready to spill the beans and that’s where this video begins. His girlfriend Claire is much younger and not very experienced. The big surprise in the video is that this gorgeous girl can apply some pressure with her scissors. The purple shade on the guy’s face does not lie. He shows her the Classic Headscissors, Bodyscissors-Forced-Kiss, Side Headscissors, ReverseHeadscissors and finally to a pin transitioning into a Frontal Headscissor. Claire enjoys the scissoring so much, the couple start kissing passionately. This is a real life couple and through the excitement, he proposes to her while being squeezed in a frontal headscissor.


Fitness Instructor Foxxie is a throwback to Tribeca, she is 5'11" and 160lbs of mostly long and powerful thighs.  She has never wrestled before and the intriguing part is to see how a  girl who is not familiar with wrestling actually does against an average guy.  The advantage that Foxxie has over other women is that she makes a living out of fitness, so she is in great shape with stamina and strong legs. Of course the only way we're going to cheat is to show her a video showing how a girl can use scissors in a wrestling match. The rest remains to be seen.

Curvy Fyona wrestles for the first time. For those of you who know her, she has a huge following on the web, especially on twitter. She is very strong and really enjoys her match with Reggie. She totally smothered him and scissored him into submission. At the end of the match, she showed him why she was victorious and Reggie was comparing his legs to hers. In this case, size really mattered.

Miss Grayson squeezes a water cooler (no water in it) because the store was out of watermelons. She also shows Tony what her sessions are like and what she likes to do to her opponents. This action can only be seen in the members area and is NOT part of her clip GG240A. Pound for pound, Miss Grayson has excellent scissors and is now working on her ground skills as well. 

Strong Mom Yolanda is 39 and often attends her son's wrestling practice.  She is extremely strong and is known to leg press more than the guys in her gym. In her debut she takes on her daughter's boyfriend Ron, who is only 20 and is excellent condition. Yolanda shows her aggression by attacking him and letting him know who is boss. Her two favorite holds are scissors and rear naked choke. Her scissors only take seconds to render a tapout, even from a tough guy like Ron!!  Yolanda's thighs are thick and heavily muscled and what makes the whole thing unbelievable is that she never engaged in serious weightlifting. 


Amazon Twins: For Siren fans this may come as a pleasant surprise: Yes she does have a sister, a Twin Sister!!  Sunny is just one inch shorter than Siren. They love double teaming unsuspecting guys.  Bother 19 year olds have crushing scissors as a result of their extensive athletic backgrounds.  Siren has played basketball and Sunny has excelled in volleyball. Look for their video as they double team a poor guy who has no chance as these two use teamwork to totally capture and scissor him to submission.


Tyra's sister Teia gets into the act in her first mixed match vs Tom!! Although not as muscular as her older sister, Teia does have a strong pair of legs. She did pretty well for her first time, relying mostly on chokes and grapevines. She did tap him out with a bodyscissor and headscissor as well. Teia can be seen in action in GGSistersII along with Tyra. 


Mr.Z's Challenge: "I submitted Wenona and Lora within seconds. I don't see why I couldn't submit LizVeyron. She doesn't have the experience level of Wenona or Lora. " 
Mr. Z. vs. LizVeyron. On paper, it should prove to be LizVeyron's toughest match to date.
LizVeyron: 5'7", 130lbs.
Mr.Z.: 6'0", 165lbs. 


Clarisse is back with added muscle. Unlike the majority of our wrestlers, Clarisse relies more on Jiu-Jitsu techniques than she does on scissoring. Now with added muscle, she is more of a threat because she has not lost any of her quickness that was so evident in her previous matches.  You can see the new, more muscular Clarisse in her new video clip GG228D in our clipstore

Diesel available for Sessions: If interested, please e-mail us. Serious Inquiries only. 

Size Difference

Tall or Short? Who has the better scissors, the short muscular girl or the tall lean swimmer?  Inga is a newcomer and stands 6'2" and very strong.  Alexis has more experience wrestling and has the upper body strength.  Both girls take their turns scissoring and wrestling Atlas who has amazing pain tolerance.  Where most guys would pass out, Atlas just sits there and smiles.  He is the perfect candidate to test out the strong legs of these two athletes.  This video was a custom request and the clip can be seen in the clipstore under the title GG204A.  Short clips and photos will be coming to the members area.

Why Scissors?

We are proud to have Dr. Darvina Portugalos appear in our video and shed light on the psychology of why some men are into scissors and some are not.  To this day, scissors sessions are an underground phenomenon and may of us grew up believing we were the only ones into this fetish and made sure none of our friends found out about it.  The couple that actually is seeking help is Hollis and her boyfriend John. Hollis loves to scissor John but John find it absolutely unappealing. Dr. Portugalos rips into John and uses terms like "Mommy Issues" and "Women No Longer Need The Penis".  After asking Hollis to show how she dominates her boyfriend, the good doctor herself confesses that she likes to wrestle as well and that she is undefeated against men.  She then raises her skirt and applies a headscissor on John that reveal the incredible muscularity of her thighs.  


Waterlmelon E-mail

I have been following your website for quite some time and it seems you constantly are coming out with new girls having supposedly stronger scissors than the girl before. All these girls and no determination as to who is really the strongest.  I have seen on other websites where the girls test their scissor pressure electronically using a scale-type device.  My request to you is to have your strongest girl try and crack a watermelon with her scissors.  I have seen Kasey Cavanaugh and other female bodybuilders crack watermelons with their scissors in the past.  I would be blown away to see a non-bodybuilder girl do this on your site.  I have never seen a girly girl do this before, so I think this would be great for your site and something new to have this done by a feminine girl. I would like to see someone like ShannonT or Marie do this. 
 Looking forward to your reply...
Address Withheld


Is is Fake?

An E-mail from a Customer:
"Hi Debbie,
I have been downloading clips from some of  the new wrestling and fighting stores on clips4sale and they are obviously fake.  They advertise "real" and they lie about the girls being "black belts" and when you watch them in action, you realize they never set foot in a dojo. By then, its too late and the money is lost. Some of your videos for the exception of girls like Julie, Vicky and Lucy seem to be half fake, half real.  For example, the Princess vs. the giant video seemed impossible for Princess to win. The giant was so big, he could have just picked her up and threw her against the wall. Maybe that was a fantasy match? My question is when the male volunteers show up, are they allowed to wrestle their best or are they supposed to lose?  I notice you dont lable all your videos as competitive. Does this mean that they are not real?  Can you be honest and tell me which ones the guy is trying his best to win? The truth would not change my opinion of your material since I do believe most of the ones you label as competitive are real."

Answer:  It does not take a genius to watch a match and determine if it is real or fake.  The obvious popularity of  MMA is a testament to the fact that people are looking for realism. We receive tons of e-mails from interested fans eager to do matches for us on video.  When these volunteers arrive, we tell them one thing: Wrestle and make it exciting.  They ask us if they are supposed to lose.  We tell them: "You are supposed to wrestle and try to win".  One thing we will not do is to match a trained male wrestler with a female wrestler who is not the same skill and weight.  We will never match a 130lb female with a skilled 180lb male.  We do make matches where the female is heavier, stronger and much more skilled than the male and thus it seems the male is not trying.  The bulk of our customers like to see skilled females vs. unskilled males. We also have a large number of fans requesting "Fantasy Matches".

For the most part, the volunteers show up for one reason.  They're not here to fight.  They're here to meet their favorite wrestler.  Are they trying their hardest to win?  Sometimes not! They want to have a match and have a good time.  Does every guy want to win when he wrestles a girl?  Do guys have sessions because they want to win or is it the other way around? We can tell you some guys in the past have not tried to win,  and those matches have not been labeled "competitive". Can they be called Fake? The answer would be "No" because we never tell anyone to lose on purpose.  We really do not want guys to be punching bags and act as if they are trying.  Too many sites out there are doing a good job of that already. 


E-mail from "Roberto" (A Fan):
I have been an avid follower of mixed wrestling since your site began some years ago.  I have also noticed a rise in the number of new wrestling sites especially in the clipstore. I have been disappointed each time I have purchased a clip from these stores both because the guy wasn't trying and the girl didn' t know what she was doing. I've also joined the big named sites and their girls have no skill for the exception of one or two jiu-jitsu girls here and there. What turns me off the most is when they claim their matches are real.  I know your site has had some real matches but 99% of all the mixed matches that I have seen obviously don't have a male who is trying to win.  Having some big girl beating up on skinny Jake does'nt do much for your competitive aspect either. As far as the other sites go, I have no interest in watching some out of shape guy sit there and let a girl beat his ass.  That is why I am contacting you because you are by far the leader in this genre. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that.  I can't speak for everyone else, but as for myself, I like competitive wrestling.  By watching your videos, I can see some of these guys are not going 100% to win and some guys are completely overpowered by bigger girls and it looks like they're not trying.  Your girls are skilled and after watching Julie easily beat the girls from the west coast, I can easily say your pedigree is of a much higher caliber than the other sites.  Since you are the only legit site that lets your fans take part in your videos, my suggestion to you is to let me have a shot against some of these girls and add a bit of competitiveness to your matches.  If the girl wins every fall, it gets broing. If the girl loses a few falls, it will add to the realism of your site. I'm sure many of your fans will respect you for it. I am not particularly skilled or a big guy, so I will match up well with most of your grapplers.  If any of the girls are up for a true competitive match, please contact me through ...

----e-mail address withheld----



Battle of Occupations: From left to right: Vicky(Lifeguard), Jeff (Security), Larissa (Legal Secretary).  Vicky is a lifeguard and can leg press 1000lbs on an incline leg press machine.  She has played volleyball and is a competitive swimmer.  Jeff is a security guard who is very quick and has a high pain threshold.  Larissa who is a soft spoken secretary brags about how much stronger she is than everyone in her office.  She can lift up her boyfriend who is 225lbs.  This is the first of the "Battle of Occupations" that we will be covering in the coming months.

As of December 18, 2008:

Kyla will face Youtube's Blabbermouth and looks forward to shutting him up.  He has a 70lbs weight advantage and actually mentioned that the smaller girls (130lbs and under) do not have a chance against him.  If Kyla loses, she lost to a guy 70lbs heavier.  If she wins, Blabbermouth will have to live with the fact that he lost to a girl 70lbs smaller.  

If you have checked out our trailers on youtube you will notice that many people leave comments, some very productive and some off the wall.  We usually laugh at most of them but recently some of them have actually irritated us to the point of responding to these PC warriors and asking them to pay us a visit.  Granted most youtubers are fans and offer creative ideas for future videos and on the other hand there are those who think our material is faked.  Of course we cannot issue challenges to all non-believers but one unique individual (blabbermouth777) keeps on insisting that no female grappler from our site can make him submit.  You can read his comments on grapplinggirls trailer #7.  We have invited him to pay us a visit and have promised to provide a girl that weighs no more than 130lbs to accept his challenge. If he wins, good for him, he'll have proven his point.  If he loses, he will have to deal with the loss.  He has communicated to us that he has no formal grappling training such as jiu-jitsu or other forms of submission grappling. We respect him for walking the talk.  Below is Blabbermouth's (AKA Greatness)his initial e-mail to us:

BlabberMouth's E-mail: (With BlabberMouth's Permission)

That conversation is from You Tube.  My screen name is blabbermouth while Dylans name is well Dylan.  Anyways, I'm not even talking about the girl sisscoring that guy on the home page, i think she can kick my ass as would Makinzie, but some of those girls in that trailer are really petite.  A girl like Meghan, forget it, I would pin her in like five minutes.  Now in fairness wrestling really goes by weight class and I weigh 200lbs, but you show bigger guys submitting to girls like Meghan, and honestly no offence to Meghan, that has to be an act.  I bet I could get a fall from Meghan in one minute.  By fall I mean a pin.  You all know what i mean, and I like what you do I just want to say I told you so to Dylan about it being an act though.  Which thier is nothing wrong with it being an act because I happen to watch House MD and Boston Legal and thats acting to but it is still entertaining.  Mia, seriously, be real.  lol. Fan Challenge, I could probably take all three of those girls at once with the understanding once I pin them they are out of the match. I"m refering i guess to a video that has Miracles, Angie, and Jane.  Although they could pin me with three, so I would say it would have to be I pin them and otherwise the match last 20 minutes.  Not all three pinned I win.  lol,  Than Nadine, easy win.  Rebie, I could challenge her as well except it wouldn't be a challenge.  I can't challenge Natalie because she would not be challenge.  Courtney would be a challenge even though she is petite.  The ballet background could make her tougher. Irena is definately an act.  Its funny because you list allot of fan challenges, but fact is they are actors as you will confirm when you write me back, because i made enough challenges to last a lifetime.  Except for the first two names and the ballerina.  They could beat me, but every name i listed i could beat easily, so just send me an email back to i can put Dylan's words in his face.  Although, i bet if that wuss really did wrestle one of those girls he would submit, I would start with a not submission allowed rule.  lol. Bottom line is seriously, one look at them and you can tell she would actually be wimpy.  I really would wrestle them but i'm sure it is either not allowed or cost some money I don't have.  
 Anyways,please just send me back some notice saying that it is an act so i can tell this joker I told you so.  I just really want to just laugh at this guy some more with the proof of you guys saying.  Even better if the girls i mentioned could send a reply admitting that I would win be great.  The girls I said I could beat.  By the way, obviously this is not a sexist thing, this is a lack of strength thing.  I will very openly admit that many of the girls I did not mentioin could kill me, but some one like Irena, obviously its an act.)
I'm sure Julie is a stronger girl or Dylan is a puny guy.  But a girl like Mehgan or Mia could not beat the average guy.  A guy that size can't beat the average guy.  And you don't just let guys challenge your girls i'm sure like he suggested I did.  So I want someone to tell him it is just an act.  Although if i can challenge I will.  I did wrestle in High School and I was bad at it, so i'll doubt you'll let me challenge because if i win than anyone can. If I can challenge than please tell me how I can.   I'm much more of a tennis player anymore.  

Model Marie A. Surprises Scott With Her Intensity And Leg Strength.  She Really Made Him Submit!!

When Scott showed up to take on both Lora and MarieA., he knew right away he was in for a fight against Lora.  Scott knew of Lora's athleticism and had seen her in the gym doing the entire stack on the leg extension machine.  He actually was prepared to lose to Lora but what he was looking forward to was his match against stunning model MarieA.  The photos above are the ones he saw of her before scheduling his appointment. He thought he would take it easy on Marie and have a good time or maybe even let her beat him in the beginning, only to come back and make her submit in the end.  He was in for a surprise.  Marie walked in a bit taller than Scott with very long legs which seemed to intimidate him initially. She scissored him and to everyone's surprise, he was in pain and could not break the hold of her extra long legs.  The biggest surprise of all was a carefully and strategically applied triangle choke that almost made him pass out.  He was dizzy a whole hour after that hold and had to postpone his drive home.  Had he not tapped out, he would have been squeezed unconscious. The entire match can be viewed in video GG148.