Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Cancel My Membership?
A: You Have 2 Options:
1) You can go to the CCBILL homepage and cancel your subscription
2) You can e-mail us with your Username and we will cancel it for you.  You will receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation. 
Q: My Password Doesn't Work Anymore!!??
A: Most probably your account expired without you knowing it.  How does this happen??
Since you have a recurring membership, CCBILL needs to bill you every month and thus, your card has to be approved every month as well.  Just because your card was approved in the month that you subscribed to the site, DOES NOT mean it will be approved every month thereafter.
Q: What Makes You Better Than Other Sites?
A: We do have trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who train the girls.  Of course, some of the girls already have martial arts backgrounds. We were the first site ever to feature Shannon Logan and Kyla Luciano.  Both athletes won national and international titles including Grapplers Quest and NAGA.  Of course, the bulk of the grapplers on this site do not have the same skill level, but the point is that these girls know more than just scissoring.  We also feature girls next door with no wrestling skill who have tremendous scissors which adds to the spectrum that we cover.  From time to time, we do feature private session videos in our members area that do not appear in our dvd's or the clipstore.
Q: Other Sites Offer More Material Than You?
A: We offer Quality, Not Quantity. What would you rather have, 3 Chevy Aveos or 1 BMW M3?
Q: Is It Really Possible For A Woman of Average Size and Strength To Defeat A Larger More Powerful Male?
A: By using leverage and technique, one can overcome their adversary provided the adversary is of lesser skill.  Some of the most effective submissions are armbars and triangle(figure-4) chokes.  As much as scissor holds are popular, they are not as effective as submission holds as the latter.
Q: Who Are the Grappling Girls?
A: Grappling Girls are those who train in martial arts, mainly the grappling arts.  They do not have to be experts or tournament champions, but must display ability.
Q: Do You Offer Mixed Wrestling Sessions?
A:  No.  We are an online magazine, not a club.
Q: Will You Only Feature Girls In The Grappling Arts? Would you Feature A Kick Boxer?
A: From time to time we will feature a girl who is involved in a striking art as well.  Kick Boxing is becoming extremely popular among the young women of today.
Q: Will You Update This Site Often?
A: Yes.  This site will see updates regularly.  Unlike other sites who like to produce 1000 clips of a video that was produced 10 years ago, we like to produce clips featuring new and exciting grapplers each week.