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NOTE: We have received numerous emails asking about the Ultimate Amazon and where her videos can be downloaded. The below 2 videos are the only videos of her in existence.

You will not believe your eyes and rest assured, The Ultimate Amazon is very real and at only 20 years old, she stands 6 feet4 inches tall and weighs a solid 240 pounds!!! Her thighs are granite and she packs the strength of 3 men!!! Poor Julian is shocked at his first glance at this goddess and although he has faced other amazons, he clearly tells us he has never seen anyone quite with this stature. You have never seen thighs like these on any amazon in the past, let alone on any other female for that matter!!!  Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Pins, Grapevines, and much more. UNBELIEVABLE!!! GGTheUltimateAmazon can be downloaded at our clipstore.


The Ultimate Amazon (6’4”, 240 pounds) is back but is afraid she might hurt Pee Wee Harold. Each time Harold attacks, the amazon simply scoops him up and takes him down to finish him off with her legs or whatever else she chooses. She only had to go 10 percent in order to dominate Harold without injuring him. This 20 year old has the strength of several men and she is ALL NATURAL which makes her a modern day phenomenon!! Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Body Triangle, Grapevines, and Headlocks. GGTheUltimateAmazon2 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Newcomer Lacey loves to use bizarre holds such as the Tarantula and the Surfboard Groin Press.  Tyler is a wimp and does not believe that Lacey is big enough to inflict any pain on him but he is wrong. There is no competitive wrestling but Tyler finds escaping Lacey’s holds almost impossible. She uses Throat Sits With Double Biceps Pose, Reverse Throat Sit, Side Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Breast Smother, Lotus Hold, and much more. GG325B can be downloaded at our clipstore.


We had many customers asking for REAL Fem vs Fem matches featuring Amanda: The following video contains Amanda vs Chichi Medina, Luna Vera, Iron Baby, and Riot starter. This video highlights (G336C, GGWeightdifference5, 6 and 13) where Amanda takes on well known names in the wrestling world and dominates them in REAL-NON-SCRIPTED-COMPETITIVE matches. All girls fight as hard as they can but Amanda’s size and strength are too much. Aside from Riot and Iron Baby, the girlsare no match at all for Amanda who trashes them about and verbally humiliates them. Amanda not only has powerful thighs but she also has upper body strength and a pair of breasts that she uses to smother with effectiveness. Holds include Lifts, Pins, Bodyscissors, Headscissors, and Breast Smothers. ABSOLUTE HUMILIATION AND DESTRUCTION by Amanda. GGAmandavsthegirls can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Nicole James’s boyfriend finds out that she and her personal trainer Sierra have been seeing more and more of each other and he is suspecting that the two are doing more than just training. When he confronts the girls, they double team him and Nicole admits that she is leaving him for Sierra. The girls use scissors and pin downs to keep him immobile and finally sit on him and admire one another and tell each other how much better girls are than men. GG422C can be downloaded at our clipstore.

 The Incredible Evina: Introducing the stunningly beautiful ex-Highschool weightlifter Evina who was not only the strongest girl on her team but could leg press more than any male in her school. Now at 22 years of age, Evina is 5 feet 7 inches tall and 210 pounds!! This match is completely one sided as the 110 pound Slick has absolutely no chance to get this powerhouse of a girl off of him. There is also a considerable humiliation factor as the powerful girl laughs at her feeble male’s attempts to fight back. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Pins, Tarantula, KesaGatame, and ending with victory pose. Complete physical domination by strong girl over weak man. Highly Recommended for fans of big powerful women. GGCurvy23 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Army Combative Rosa: This video shows Rosa first in her army fatigues (first 3 minutes) and later she puts her hair down in sports shorts and sports bra. Her opponent is little Pepe who is completely outmatched. Rosa weighs in at a super strong 170 pounds compared to Pepe’s 109 pounds. This is a completely one sided matchup with Rosa going really easy on the little guy and at times asking him to fight harder. Holds include Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Various Chokes, Pins, Grapevines, Guillotine and a very painful Neck Crank (10:32). If you love to see a beautiful woman enjoy dominating men and crushing them by only going 20 percent, you will love Rosa. GG394A can be downloaded at our clipstore.


MILF VS BOSCO!!  Bosco wanted to wrestle someone who was not an amazon and Darlene was his first pick. He fights very hard and uses his quickness to get away from some of Darlene’s holds but Darlene is very good at keeping her weight on top of the much smaller male and once Darlene has him in her grasps, it’s a matter of time until he submits. Holds include Pins, Grapevines, Side Control, Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Bodyscissors, and more. Some falls start standing and some from the knees. For fans of competitive wrestling where the male goes all out but still loses to the larger woman. GG322B can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Sweet Girl Becomes A Brat Suddenly!! The most humiliating video we have ever produced!! This video is heartbreaking and could be painful to watch at times becausepoor Jack begs and begs to be released from Legsy Lexi’s headscissors but she simply will not let go. We were shocked to see how cocky sweet and innocent swimmer Legsy Lexi had become. The 19 year old totally enjoyed taunting and punishing Karate Jack, ignoring his pleas for mercy. The formerly sweet and innocent Lexi is mean enough that when Jack taps, instead of letting go, she simply loosens up and tightens up her grip again. The second headscissor actually lasts 11 minutes!!!!!! Poor Jack tells Lexi she has to respect her elders but she keeps on squeezing, ignoring his pleading and begging. The only way she lets him go is if he says: “I Learned My Lesson”. Holds include Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors and Figure-4. After it’s all over, the sexy Lexi stands up and does some victory poses. Don’t let her cute looks fool you, her scissors are devastating. GGHumiliated12 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


How humiliating would it be to lose to a shy 19 year old gymnast with MASSIVE THIGHS that make you scream your submission with just a 10% squeeze!!! The Elite Series features girls that have extensive backgrounds in other sports such as Bailey who is an accomplished gymnast and weightlifter. The 19 year old athlete is just beginning to learn how to grapple but what is entertaining to watch is how just a slight squeeze from her scissors result in a quick tapout. Her thighs are not just massive but they pack massive squeezing power. For those of you that have seen Elvin vs Raquel, Tyra and Dixie, you will notice he is tapping much quicker to Bailey’s headscissors than he ever did to anyone else’s scissors. In addition to her headscissors, Bailey has been working on her triangle choke and applies a few nice ones in this match. Holds include Headscissors, Triangle Chokes and Grapevines. GGElite9 can be downloaded at our clipstore.



Introducing powerhouse MILF Darlene with amazingly huge thighs that were developed by working on the farm.  Darlene is very strong and this is her first match so she was only familiar with a limited number of holds. Standing at 5’2” and 160lbs Darlene is a thick mature woman who loves to control her opponents by keeping them pinned down. Skinny Elvin spends most of his time pinned beneath Darlene and when he does make a move to escape, he ends up in her scissor holds. Holds include Pins, Grapevines, Bodyscissors/Hand Over Mouth, Headscissors, and Side Headscissors. Although Darlene is not as quick as some of our other grapplers, she is powerful and her scissors make Elvin tap even quicker than he did against Tyra, Dixie and Lorraine.  GG318B can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Crossfit Cassie vs her biggest opponent to date: 6’5” Justin “Tall Order” Jacobs. Justin emailed us 3 months ago asking for a match vs Cassie mainly because he wanted to know how hard her bodyscissors were. After shaking hands with Cassie, Justin said he was going to take it easy because she was so much smaller than he had anticipated. When the match started Cassie started punishing him with her crushing headscissors despite Justin’s attempts to avoid them. There is a good amount of trash talk between the two and Cassie does her trademark walk around and step on her downed opponent. The harder Justin goes, the harder Cassie responds and at one point she says: "Next time I'm going to break them", referring to his ibs. Holds include Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Bodyscissors and much more. The loser admits defeat and raises hand of the winner. GG398D can be downloaded at our clipstore.



We were very hesitant at first about setting this match up because of the weight difference. Heidy was a newcomer and we were afraid she would not be able to deal with Jack's weight advantage but she absolutely destroyed him. Man Begs Girl Laughs: If you want to watch a grown man beg for mercy and scream in agony while his young female opponent laughs at him, while squeezing him with her scissors, this is the clip for you.  Drop dead GORGEOUS cheerleader Heidy is back for her second match after destroying Slick and this time she puts a hurting on poor Jack.Jack actually tries to wrestle and fight back but he’s too slow and Heidy keeps catching him with her powerful legs. Plenty of humiliation as the beautiful cheerleader loosens up but does not let go of her scissor holds, and keeps squeezing and letting go. Heidy is a beauty with thick thighs and she has won a Most Beautiful Feet Contest as well. Holds include Frontal Headscissors, Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Figure-4, Chokes, and Shin Chokes. Ends with a Victory Pose. Very Humiliating for Jack. GG401B can be downloaded at our clipstore.



Breast Smother ends in a KO!!! Tony does his best to avoid Jenni’s breasts but that’s much easier said than done!! Aside from using one bodyscissors, Jenni totally relies on using her massive breasts to smother her opponent. No matter how hard Tony tries to free himself from the giant breasts, he finds out there is no escape. Many people underestimate Jenni's competitive mentality, she is not afraid to mix it up and uses her breasts very effectively. GGSmothered6 can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Introducing CANDICE COLOSSUS, weighing in at 350 pounds with the biggest pair of thighs you have ever seen!!! Her opponent is Elvin who weighs in at 110 pounds. This match is of course one sided as Elvin has no chance and gets taken down and crushed. You can hear him wimper his submissions in horror as Candice slowly puts her weight on him. Candice moves pretty quickly for such a big girl and has surprised much bigger male opponents in the past by taking them down and getting on top of them and having them scream their submissions as does Elvin in this match. Holds include Pins, Smothers, Cross Body Pins and Grapevine. GGWeightDifference24 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


The largest Thighs in Mixed Wrestling? If you have heard the expression: Throwing him around like a rag doll, then that is exactly what Julisa does to Pee Wee Harold in this video. The weight difference here is very simple: The female is almost 3 times the weight of the male. Just compare the size of the thighs and it seems as if one of Julisa’s thighs is about 6 times the size of Harold’s thighs. With that being said the actual wrestling is as lopsided as it could possibly be. Harold is absolutely demolished and crushed. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Grapevines, Pins, Figure-4, Thigh smother and Crossbody Pin. GGWeightDifference42 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Huge Height Difference: Chad was on the beach and noticed 6’3” Fashion Model Siren was sun tanning. He approached her and told her he likes her videos. One thing led to another and the two started wrestling. This was one of Siren’s most dominating performances. You can notice a much more bold and cocky attitude as Siren traps Chad in a headscissors, lightens her grip and asks him to get out, as soon as he tries anything, she quickly tightens her grip. The Cat and Mouse game continues as Siren applies a bodyscissor and starts reciting the alphabet. Overall Siren has increased her trash talking and taunting. Chad soon finds out Siren is much stronger than she looks and her scissors are not to be taken lightly. Holds include Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Figure-4’s, and Grapevine. GG292A can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Nikolas came into this match very confident as he had tapped out Sablique, Sunshine, Megan Jones, and many other big names in the industry!!! Nikolas shows up wearing a LizVeyron T-shirt (he wore it to psyche out his opponent) and tells us he will tap her out. He also told us he was too quick and too tricky and the same tricks that tapped out all the other girls will tap out this one as well. The question here is not whether Liz will tap out Nikolas but will Nikolas get his ONE submission as he does with every other girl? Hardly any well-known female wrestler has wrestled Nikolas without tapping out to him at least one time. Nikolas goes all out and even applies holds like the Heel Hook and Armbar/Triangle combinations to try to submit Liz. Highly complex matchup with many close calls. See if Nikolas was able to pull off the upset and get the one submission he promised. Highly Recommended!! GG374Dcan be downloaded at our clipstore.


Can the housewife's thick thighs overcome the Jiu-Jitsu insturctor's skill? Competitive and Real Wrestling. The instructor tries to start out by trying to teach the housewife the correct technique but the housewife prefers to just wrestle to see who wins. The match is evenly fought until the housewife gets her legs around the instructor at which point he finds himself completely helpless and forced to tap. In the end, the instructor admits that the housewife’s legs were simply too strong. Holds include Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Grapevines, and Triangle Choke.  GGHouseWifeWrestles4 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Our female swimmer is 160lbs and lifts very heavy weights especially with her legs. Her bench press is 185lbs. Our male bodybuilder lifts for repetitions and find out that his opponent’s core strength is superior to his. The swimmer also has an edge in the wrestling skill category where the male bodybuilder lacks significantly.  When the swimmer uses her massive thighs, the bodybuilder has no chance and has to submit. Holds include Grapevines, Neck Sicssors, Rear Chokes, Bodyscissors, Triangles, Figure-4’s, the Pretzel Twister and more. GGSwimmervsBodybuilder can be downloaded at our clipstore.



The old man begs the young curvy girl next door: “Please I’m tired, I can’t fight anymore” but Reema keeps on pouring on the punishment. The poor guy even offers her money to stop scissoring him but Reema is enjoying her dominance and the shy girl next door has found her new passion and that is to overpower men using the new holds that she has learned.  Poor Jack gets punished once again after he is exhausted and is no longer able to fight back. Reema uses so many holds includingHeadscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Bow and Arrow Pin, Schoolgirl Pin with Biceps Pose, Tarantula, Double Chicken Wing/Bodyscissors, Bodyscissors, Grapevine, Reverse Triangle, Triangle Choke, and Rear Choke. After the groveling man begs and offers her money to stop, Reema puts her foot on his chest and does her double biceps victory pose. Complete domination. GG289A can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Competitive Wrestling. Fashion Model Siren (6’3”, 160lbs) vs Male Bodybuilder Samson (5’7”, 190lbs). Advantages of the model: Long Legs and Grappling Experience. Advantages of Bodybuilder: Upper Body Strength. This was Sirens toughest match to date as she was not able to move Samson around as she would have liked. Samson the bodybuilder was a bit winded from his match against Kaycee but went all out against Siren to find out avoiding those long legs is not as easy as he thought. This was really about the bodybuilder getting tired and the model using her long legs to her advantage. GGModelvsBodybuilder can be downloaded at our clipstore.



Big mouth Tyler is back to challenge Lucy and as we all know Lucy loves to dish it out physically and verbally. As soon as she sees him, she makes fun of his skinny legs and starts comparing legs. When the wrestling begins, Tyler tries to go for Lucy’s legs which result in many side headscissors. Each time Tyler makes an excuse for tapping out and tries different ways to take Lucy down but each time he ends up scissored and verbally abused. Holds include Reverse Headscissors, Pins, Grapevines, Inverted Headscissors, Side Headscissors, Schoolgirl Pin, Breast Smother, Frontal Headscissor, Standing Headscissors, and much more. GG368A can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Three first timers trying out their various holds: First the exotic Romanian beauty Simona wearing a dress and high- heels. She starts out with a Standing Headscissor on James, then moves on to an inescapable Lotus Hold and relaxes as she calls her friend and has a conversation. She then switches into a Headscissor while putting on makeup and finally an inescapable Figure-4 while she sips from a water bottle. Second it’s thick thighed hottie Britt who puts Kevin in a crushing Bodyscissors and waits for him to submit. Finally it’s one of the hottest girl ever on Grapplinggirls!!! Introducing Lani in an escape Challenge vs Bradley. She puts Bradley in a Headscissors, Shin Choke From Guard, Guillotine, and Figure-4. GGHotties can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Fatherscissored2: This time Jarrod's father gets himself in trouble with Stasia from Bratscissors. When Jarrod fails to show up for his match with Stasia, he sends his dad to apologize which leads to the dad getting in big trouble with Stasia. Headscissors follow and Stasia punishes the poor guy with her strong legs. There is a prolonged grapevine and Tarantula hold which Stasia obviously enjoys.  After the punishment is over, Jarrod's dad still keeps on talking and that's when Stasia puts her foot on his throat and makes him shutup.  GGFatherscissored2 can be downloaded at our clipstore.



Toe in Throat: This was an unusual way to finish a match to say the least. Hannah Perez was reading a book and showed us she can keep Tony in one scissor after another without putting the book down and without any restarts. Not only does Hannah transition smoothly from one scissor to another but she is also able to do it essentially without the use of her hands!! The ending was the real eye opener, Hannah puts one foot on his forehead and the other foot's toe goes straight down on Tony's Adam's apple. GGSessions30 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Dynamo: Her nickname was Dynamo in highschool because she excelled at every sport she participated in. She was also an established wrestler and after she turned 18, she decided to do a shoot for grapplinggirls.  She has all the muslces of a female bodybuilder but she is much stronger. Her lifting routine has to to with power, not lifting for looks. In her first match against Tom, she was a bit shy but her power came through and she easily overpowered her much older male foe using chokes, grapevines, headlocks, and scissors.  In her second match against Kenfu, she easily stuffed all of his takedown attempts and simply overpowered him. With her immense power, Dynamo hardly has to tap into her skill set. Just looking at Kenfu's facial expression and you can see that Dynamo was his most painful GrapplingGirls experience. GG281A can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Selah: Hungarian mistress Selah is incredibly strong and is known for her facesitting. Tony made a mistake when he said: “Here at grapplinggirls, we don’t do facesitting because it’s merely a fetish and not a legitimate submission.” After Selah shows him how devastating her facesitting can be, Tony is in fear of his life when he tries to make Selah stop the wrestling altogether. The moment she sits on his face, his breathing is totally controlled by her and he is absolutely terrified at thought of being suffocated. Desperate to make her stop her onslaught, he tells her she is beautiful and he would like to take her on a date and he is very sincere. She replies with “I would like to do that but I want to wrestle”. Tony is subjected to holds such as Reverse Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Schoolgirl Pins, Side Headscissors and more. When Tony begs and finally make Selah stop, she asks him to get down on his knees and kiss her behind while she flexes her impressive biceps.  GGTerrified part 1 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


IronBaby Wonder what its like to do a session with Iron Baby? She has come a long way from the shy wrestler that she used to be. She has now learned how to use her strength to completely dominate and humiliate men. In this video, she is being told to study instead of setting up sessions by Tony. When he crosses the line and cancels her session, she drags him on the bed and the onslaught begins. She uses Pins where she not only sits on her opponent but scissors his head at the same time. She constantly uses verbal humiliation and tells Tony to kiss her feet and muscles. She tells him how weak his muscles are compared to hers and slaps his face repeatedly. She even stands up and puts her foot on his throat, choking him to submission and making him kiss her feet while he’s groveling.  At one point, he is so helpless that he tells her he looks up to her. IronBaby continues the domination by using Reverse Headscissors, Frontal Headscissors, Grapevine, Bodyscissors, Chokes and more. The ending comes via muscle worship and being put on IronBaby's knees for a spanking. Possibly the most humiliation Tony has ever been subjected to.  IronBaby is available for sessions, you can check her info on the wb270 website.  GGIronBaby part 1 can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Isadora played sports all though highschool and developed her legs by playing sports like soccer and track/field. In her first match she took on two separate guys (Ben and Tom) who are both over 6 feet tall and about 150lbs to Isadora's 125lbs. Isadora does very well with using scissors, figure-4's, and especially chokes and guillotines to easily dispatch the 2 guys one at a time. Its hard to believe a girl this feminine has the muscular thighs that she has.  GGIsadora can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Ballerina: Did you ever wonder how a ballerina would do in wrestling? Not only is she flexible but she is also very athletic with definition in her thighs, similar to that of a pro athlete.  At a height of 5'10", she is graceful but also very strong with scissors that can bring tears to your eyes. We were lucky to be able to film her and she has not wrestled for any other website. You can see her dance, stretch, do splits and wrestle a male into submission on in the members area. This footage will not be available in our Clipstore. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area Only.


Yoga Lady: Did you ever wonder how a yoga practitioner would do in wrestling? We were lucky enough to meet Mary, a yoga instructor who at 5'10" and 170lbs, looked formidable. This was her first wrestling match and with just a few short lessons, she was able to put on an impressive show of strength and domination against Tom. She not only has powerful legs that were developed using yoga but she has the type of flexibility that most athletes wish for. Mary starts out with her yoga routine and proceeds to take Tom apart with headscissors, bodyscissors, and her favorite: Grapevines.  The grapevines applied by Mary are some of the most effective we've seen in a long time.  GGYoga can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Curvy vs Skinny: AmandaR is 175lbs of mostly thighs and she is stronger than ever. Her opponent is newcomer Raul who wanted to wrestle London but unfortunately London was not available. Amanda was the closest body type we could find and she was more than a handful for Raul. He was in shock as soon as she grabbed him and totally dominated him on the mats. She tossed him around like a feather, grapevined him, pinned him, scissored him and crushed him to the point of exhaustion. In between takes, he asked her to go easy on the scissors. This is a must see for fans of curvy girls destroying a skinny male.  GG264D can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Bodyscissors: Tyra heard that Elvin could withstand a crushing bodyscissors and that the fastest he ever tapped to a bodyscissors was against Dixie in GG251C (7 seconds).  Upon hearing this, Tyra set out to tap Elvin out sooner than 7 seconds. Her match with Elvin is mostly comprised of Elvin frantically trying to avoid being bodyscissored. Tyra is much more aggressive this time around and after submitting him numerous times with her bodyscissors, she surprises him with her devastating Figure-4's (Triangles). Minutes after dispatching Elvin, Tyra welcomes newcomer Rory (yellow tanktop) to Grapplinggirls. Rory is stout and is much stronger than Elvin but he soon finds out that when Tyra gets her legs around him, there is no escape and a tapout is imminent.  GGTyravs2 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


New Amazon Wendy is a collegiate volleyball player with no wrestling experience. However, being 6'1" and 170lbs is a huge plus when she faces Reggie and Jack. Both males are 5'3" and around 135lbs. Wendy lifts weights 4 times a week and has excellent cardio. Once she gets the hang of how to use her legs via scissorholds, she cruises to easy victories. The size difference here is huge and Wendy uses the Tarantula hold and enjoys having her hand raised in victory by her opponent. Slowly, her dominant side comes to the surface at the end of the video where she puts her foot on the the loser's chest and raises her hands in victory.  GG263B can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Melanie shows everyone that she knows how to completely take advantage of a man by applying her scissors in conjunction with effective groin grabbing. She even grabs his groin while applying a grapevine. Melanie is flexible so regardless of what position she is in, she will apply to reach for the vulnerable areas. When the man has completely submitted and lays exhausted, Melanie goes for her finishing move which is passionate kissing.  This clip can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Amazon Pins: When Reggie found out there was a new amazon (6'4" Victoria Amazon) in town, he had to meet her. After their date, Reggie asked Victoria about her strength and scissoring abilities. In her first mixed match, Victoria was careful and did not go all out in fears of hurting her smaller opponent. Here, against Reggie, she shows a more dominant side and lets him know she is Completely and Totally  in Charge!!!  Her favorite hold is the Reverse Sit on Chest where she juggles her butt cheeks and she loves Pins!! She pins Reggie down and asks him to escape. Reggie is utterly crushed underneath Victoria as she looks at her nails and waits for Reggie to surrender. This is an amazon in total charge and Reggie tries his hardest to escape her grasp. Finally she lays down on the sofa to take a nap and Reggie tries to attack her, only to end up stuck in her headscissors. Victoria keeps him there as she naps and lets go when he taps. GG263A can be downloaded at our clipstore.


6'3" Siren was challenged by two guys who were a foot shorter than her.  Both challengers came to win but they had no chance against her long legs. Siren's scissors have gained strength and now she is at a point where her neck scissors only lasts seconds before her opponent taps out. If you crave to see a real match where the male tries but loses, this is the one for you. Siren is a super model and shows that beauty can be deadly as well.  GGSiren2 can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Texting While Scissoring: Tori is so glued to her phone that no matter where she goes and what she does, she is constantly checking her phone and texting. When she goes in for her first day of training, she cannot put down her phone. Her trainer criticizes her for it and she proceeds to apply a triangle choke on him while texting. She later switches to a headscissor and insists on checking her phone for the duration of the match.  GG261B can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Pinned for 20 minutes. Orange belt Destiny grabs a black belt from her karate class and challenges him to a wrestling match. She proceeds to keep him pinned for long periods of time using Schoolgirl pins, Grapevines, Reverse Grapevine/Hooking the arms and finishes him off with Facesitting. The male tries very hard to escape but Destiny is very good at keeping her weight on him. He DOES not just lay there, he actually fights frantically to escape and many times he comes very close. We used closeup angles so you could see the smirk and confidence on Destiny's face as she is truly enjoying keeping her male opponent pinned down and struggling.  GG260C can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Ballerina Feet: Russian Ballerina Leeka is 6 feet tall with long legs that have been developed through years of ballet training. When she applies a scissor hold, she hardly has to lock her ankles. The mere squeezing of her inner thighs is enough to hold an opponent in place. Leeka's favorite techniques are not scissors however, she loves to pin her opponent down and smother then with her feet!!!  When she holds poor Jeremy down helpless, she not only smothers his face with her feet but she also ankle chokes him while holding him in the schoolgirl pin position.  Leeka also showcases her leg prowess by holding Jeremy in a Reverse Figure-4 position without locking her ankles.  GG259A can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Hot Rookies: From time to time we feature new girls who are not experienced and are just discovering mixed wrestling. Our newest rookies are Ivy Sloan and Danelle. Ivy is 20 and Dannelle is 18. Both girls love to scissor but Danelle is more interested in using figure-4's and triangle chokes.  Both girls are excited and love to defeat guys.  Danelle especially loves the expression on her male opponents faces when she has them wrapped up tight.  GGRookies2 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


AnneMarie is a naturally strong athlete and our first athlete with a figure skating background. This is her first match and she uses primarily scissor holds to keep Ryan at bay.  When she wraps her legs around him, there is no way out. Ryan who is a veteran of many sessions, wanted to see how strong AnneMarie's scissors really were.  AnneMarie is a treat for those who like females with strong/shapely legs developed through years of playing sports.  GG256A can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Amazon Athena is our newest wrestler.  She is new to grappling but has all the ingredients necessary to be successful: She is very flexible and possesses a pair of long and powerful thighs. Standing at 6 feet tall weighing 195lbs, she prefers to pin her opponents down and then move in for a bodyscissor finish. The photos below were taken from video GG255A in the clipstore. This tall statuesque beauty had an easy time with her first opponent and enjoyed finishing him off with the Tarantula hold.  GG255A can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Soccer Bully: Imagine you're out on the soccer field minding your own business and practicing your soccer skills. You practice shooting and dribbling and before you know it, you notice a tall blonde girl with soccer attire is walking towards you. The first thing you notice is her thighs and yes they are muscular and you know this girl has skills.  She asks you if she can practice with you. Will your ego survive the shellacking you will receive from her? She out-juggles you, she out-dribbles you and yes offers to press you over her head. What has the world come to? Where did this girl get this kind of strength? You are embarrassed because you attempt to press her overhead but you're not strong enough. She even challenges you to a wrestling match and an arm-wrestling match. This is the story of this poor soccer player who met Kaycee and felt her power first hand.  GGSoccerbully can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Strong Watiress Juliette is 195lbs and she is sick and tired of the way her manager has been treating her. She's had enough of his bad attitude and wants nothing more than one chance to wrestle him and let him know what she thinks of him. Her manager weighs in at 135lbs. Although Juliette has a huge weight advantage, this match is still competitive but with the manager coming up short after being pinned and scissored by this powerful beauty. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.


Elsa: Have you ever thought how a female fitness model without wrestling experience do against a male opponent of equal size? Elsa has never wrestled before but she uses her brute strength and powerful legs to overcome Greg. Her favorite hold is the grapevine and she uses it effectively throughout her match. She also pulls a side headscissor out of nowhere when Greg headlocks her. With just a few training sessions, Elsa will become a force. Her physical attributes and strength place her in an elite group. GGElsa can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Amazon Anya is back and she just happens to be Reggie's all time favorite grappling girl. He was very quick to volunteer to do a video with Helena instead of a wrestling match, he was hoping for a date. Helena does size comparisons, lifts and other tests of strength including letting Reggie pin her with one arm pinned underneath her. No matter what handicaps she gives Reggie, he still has no chance of keeping her pinned. There is also some wrestling with bodyscissors and grapevines. Reggie is 5'6", 120lbs and Helena is at 6'3" and 280lbs. Perhaps the most one sided video we have ever produced. GG241C can be downloaded at our clipstore.


TinaTitan is one of the most powerful athletes that we have ever featured. She is the 2007 United States National Gymnastics champion. Her best lifts are as follows: Bench Press: 210lbs, Deadlift: 440lbs, Leg Press: 1,100 lbs. What makes her unique is that she is all natural and amazingly enough she is still stronger than many female bodybuilders.  She is very smart and is learning very quickly. She is already becoming efficient at applying the basic submissions such as Keylocks, Guillotines, and her scissor holds are devastating. GG239A can be downloaded at our clipstore.

April Hunter makes her debut, showing off her amazing physique. Reggie who is in awe of April's physique, challenges to a strength contest and ultimately a wrestling contest. April loves dominating smaller men and repeatedly ties Reggie up in holds that we have never seen before. She loves showing off her muscles once she has rendered her opponent immobile. Her scissors are great but what makes April unique is her extensive knowledge of holds and her ability to roll and end up on top. GG237B can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Kaycee is an amazingly strong (Naturally Strong) woman. In this video, she is met by skinny Reggie who wants to challenge her to a soccer ball juggling contest. No matter what she tries, he tries it first. It is very humiliating when she proves him wrong every time. The contests include:
1) One Arm Pushups
2) Breaking Board Over Knee
3) Scissoring Watermelon
4) Bursting Water Bottle With Standing Scissors
5) Bursting Soda Bottle With Standing Scissors
6) Lifting One Another: Piggy Back, Overhead and On Shoulder Lifting
7) Soccer Ball Juggling
Kaycee shows her strength one more time and this time juggles the soccer ball with her bikini. Keep in mind the juggling was done in a backyard with a very uneven ground, which is much more difficult than juggling on a flat surface. GGSoccerscissors2 can be downloaded at our clipstore.


Artistic Scissors: Dalia goes on with her daily routines but no matter where she ends up or what she does, there is a guy stuck in between her legs. She is working on her laptop, putting on makeup, talking on the phone and reading a book while having a guy stuck in her scissors. She does not acknowledge his presence nor does she communicate with him. This one is more on the bizzarre side of the scissor concept and there is no logical explanation as to why the guy is always stuck in her scissors. No wrestling in this one. GG235C can be downloaded at our clipstore.

Schoolgirl vs Heavymetal Guy: School girl Ivy is 18yrs old and very strong. She has a score to settle with her friend Mathias who is a drummer in a heavy metal band. We can't tell you what the grudge is about but we can tell you the match is real and yes this guy tries but is totally overpowered by Ivy. Ivy is 5'6" and 145lbs of thick powerful thighs. Mathias is 5'10" and 140lbs. We love this video because of its ending. Ivy simply Headscissors Mathias and lays back and squeezes. GG233D is available for download at our clipstore.

6'3" (not a misprint)  Siren may have the longest legs on our site and she has devastating scissors. Don't let the Fashion Model looks fool you. This girl is viscious when she wrestles and has an uncanny ability to clamp her scissors on her prey from any position. What shocked us was the fast that even though she is a higly sought after fashion model, she was willing to wrestle for us. Her reverse headscissor is crushing to say the least. In her first match, she takes on a 5'5" male. He had no chance. Siren is a squeeze queen and has a volleyball and basketball background that gives her amazing stamina and agility. Siren is one of our most promising wrestlers. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Danica shows two scenarios in video GG227: The first is a Hi-jacking where she uses her potent Headscissors to squeeze her attacker unconscious.  She then moves indoors and defends herself wearing a dress and high heels. She grips the spikes of her heels to apply more pressure when she uses her foot chokes. She also uses the Lotus hold, the Headscissor, the Bodyscissor, the Figure-4, the Triangle and the Reverse Headscissors. She especially enjoys applying the Figure-4 because of the added leverage by pulling on the spike of the heels to maximize the squeeze. GG227A is available for download at our clipstore.


SoccerScissors: Yes we know its really called Futbol but SoccerSicssors sounded better than FutbolScissors. Kaycee is 5'9" and 165lbs of solid muscle and yes she really plays futbol. Unfortunately we do not have footage of her official games but we do have a small footage of her juggling the ball and shooting it on goal. She has huge muscles, can lift men over 200lbs and in her debut, she wrestles poor Ben and toys with him in dominating fashion. As she slowly increases the pressure of her scissors, she giggles as he taps in desperation. Kaycee has to be seen to be believed. Her thighs are absolutely incredible and Kaycee is all woman, no doubt about it. Note: The lifting photo is not taken from the video. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.


Yola is back and her scissors have improved. She wrestles on the bed and shows the power of her reverse headscissors by squeezing Tony unconscious.  Yola also headscissors Tony in the bathtub and smothers his face with her feet. Her specialty is applying the reverse and side headscissors as she wrestles Tony on the bed. GG221C is available for download at our clipstore.


Session Wrestler Kordelia: Ultra powerful Kordelia Devonshire shows you what she does to people who book sessions with her.  She has become so amazingly powerful that only 20% of Reverse Headscissors is required to put the average man to sleep.  We put 6'3" skinny Ben against her because he is a tough kid and showed he could last in Tyra's scissors.  To our surprise, Ben could barely survive a few seconds in Kordelia's scissors.  This is one of the most dominant matches we have ever filmed.  The male had absolutely no way of getting out of any of her holds.  Kordelia is voluptous and curvy and is gaining grappling skills.  GG216B is available for download at our clipstore.

BBW vs Karate: Karate Jack weighing in at 140lbs with no grappling experience was terrified at the thought of wrestling MichelleF who had a 100 pound weight advantage.  What surprised Jack was Michelle's strength.  He had no idea she was that strong.  He had no chance. From the start, Michelle smothered him, used her weight to full advantage and completely kept him immobile.  To top if off, she applied a Bow and Arrow, Cradle Scissor, Bodyscissors, Inverted Headscissors and tons of pins.  Poor Jack was so smothered in the end that he seemed delirious and was mumbling.  Michelle stood on top of him with her foot on his chest and said: "I rule right? So much stronger than you." GG214E is available for download at our clipstore.

New Grapplers: Gymnast Marla and Cheerleader Danica are both 18 years old and featured in our clip GG213C. Both have started training in submissions but there is a large contrast in their styles.  Gymnast Marla larger and relies on her flexibility and impressive strength whereas Danica relies more on her quickness and her favorite hold:  The Lotus.  Marla grapples a young male jiu-jitsu style (holds include Omoplata, Triangles, etc.) whereas Danica takes on a fit and in shape 58 year old man who actually tries to fight out of the Lotus but when Danica secures it, there is no way out. GG213C is available for download at our clipstore.

Shauna Ryanne: My Scissors Have been Known To Crack Ribs!!  Famous first words to her opponent from Shauna Ryanne before she wrestles. Not only does Shauna have strong scissors but she has an uncanny ability to apply them regardless of what position she or her opponent may be in.  In fact, Shauna is very acrobatic when she wrestles, twisting her body wherever she sees fit to apply a hold.  her years of dance experience have strengthened her legs and made her very flexible. Her match against Karate Jack was a tough one because of Jack’s iron abs, but regardless, he had no choice but to tap out in her bodyscissors.  Shauna also applied some difficult holds in her competitive match such as the Lotus hold and the Camel Clutch in addition to the array of acrobatic Head and Bodyscissors. Shauna is available for sessions through the wb270 site. GG213B is available for download at our clipstore.

New Amazon: Baunfire takes on Nerd Ed.  Baunfire is for real.  She is 6'3" and close to 200lbs of solid muscle.  Her thighs are amazing and when she applies a scissor, the pressure is ridiculous.  Nerd Ed tells Baunfire that just because she's tall does not mean she can scissor.  She proves him wrong and tosses him around like a baby.  She scissors him every which way and applies some of the most painful grapevines and schoolgirl pins.  She even challenges him to a leg wrestling match.  Baunfire is a dominant amazon and loves to dominate the much smaller Nerd Ed. GG211A is available for download at our clipstore.

Miss Diesel is an athlete that has played many sports including tackle football.  When she first showed up, we did not expect the level of strength and speed that we witnessed.  Her male opponent was an athlete in his own right but Miss Diesel had the skills to subdue him especially when she clamped down with her amazingly strong thighs.  She is very quick to take her opponent's back and if her chokes don't work, she will clamp on a crushing rear headscissor that will result in a quick tapout.  Watch her muscles ripple as she wrestles a muscular male into submission. GG209C is available for download at our clipstore.

Crushin: Blake Rose loves to scissor guys but she has a special love for scissoring objects such as trash cans, sports balls, etc.  When she visited us, she scissored a yoga ball (she squeezed it so hard, it burst), a trash can and a soap dispenser which squirted all over the place. After she could no longer find objects to squeeze, she took the camera guy and squeezed him in her Reverse Headscissor, Standing Headscissor, Side Headscissor and finally pinned him down and forced him to look at her when he was kept immobile. Clips Coming To Members Area. GGScissorettes is available for download at our clipstore.

Fitness Girl Clarisse is an all natural fitness athlete who is not only very strong for her size but also quite skilled and very quick.  She does not rely on scissors, but rather on proven submissions such as the Guillotine, Triangle and Rear Chokes.  Her triangle choke is dangerous as she digs her forearm right underneath the windpipe and pushes off with her strong legs, causing her victim to pass out if he does not tap in time.  Beauty, Quickness and athleticism all in one package. Clarisse also trains in kickboxing and boxing. Pics and clips Coming To Members Area. GG211D is available for download at our clipstore.

Super Athlete Zee is an acomplished athlete and fitness model with a body as hard as a rock.  She takes on Justin in her mixed debut and is surprised to find out Justin has been training vigorously and comes in ready to do battle. Even though Zee submits him from time to time, she has to work for it.  Despite Justin's training and effort, Zee overwhelms him with her superior strength and athletic ability.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area. GG206B is available for download at our clipstore.

Cheerleader: Tara is a Base Cheerleader, meaning she stands at the bottom and lifts other cheerleaders.  Tara is also 5'10" tall and a solid 150lbs.  Victor is an amateur male bodybuilder, standing at 5'5" tall and 160lbs.  Tara knows she has the leverage advantage and she knows to use her long muscular legs in order to win.  Both go to the same college and Victor does not want to lose.  For the first few minutes, the action is semi competitive and playful but after Victor feels the squeeze from Tara’s legs, the action becomes competitive.  Victor finds himself in trouble as Tara’s long legs wrap around his muscular torso.  Victor does a good job keeping Tara’s ankles apart, but her legs are very, very strong. She catches him with Triangles, Bodyscissors and a Grapevine.  Finally, Tara goes for broke and attacks with Headscissors and the match concludes with the Cheerleader emerging victorious. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area. GG202B is available for download at our clipstore.


Amazon Anya vs 2 Guys:  Helena is back and wrestles two average sized guys on the beach.  At first she demolishes them one by one and at the end they attack her at the same time.  Despite this huge disadvantage, Helena overcomes he opponents and pins them down for a decisive finish.  THIS MATCH IS REAL.  You have most likely seen 2 vs 1 matches in the past but they may not have been competitive.  Helena hurts these guys even though she is not going full force.  Holds include Bodyscissor, Headscissor, Armbar, Choke, Pins and a devastating Hip Thrust once she has her opponent stuck in a crushing Grapevine. The humiliating part for one of the guys was the fact that his girlfriend was watching in the background, worried for her boyfriend's well being. Clips Coming To Members Area. GG199C is available for download at our clipstore.

Golf Girl: Golf is the first sport in our sportslegs series. We sent out James to test out the scissor strength of girls from various sports.  The sport of golf is not necessarily known to produce strong legged athletes, but when we spotted a well built girl playing golf, we decided to approach her with our idea and see how hard she could squeeze.  She agreed and James found out her scissors were much stronger than he had anticipated.   To show off her power, she also carried him piggyback after the match.  Holds include: Standing Headscissor, Side Headscissor, Reverse Headscissor, Bodyscissor, Classic Headscissor, Pins, and even some wrestling action as well.  When she’s done with him, she picks up her club and puts. Clips Coming To Members Area. GGGolfGirl is available for download at our clipstore.

Sportslegs: Which sport has the female athletes with the strongest scissors?  Not necessarily the strongest leg presses or squats but the strongest scissors? Obviously that question has been on the minds of many scissor enthusiasts.  We have attempted to interview and test out many female athletes including Golf Players, Soccer Players, Gymnasts, Basketball Players, Swimmers, Tennis Players and more.  Yes we have been told to get lost by some of the girls but some were happy to oblige. Unlike other sites, we are not using our models. You will not see Crystal or Lora dressed up as a golf player.  We will approach real life golfers, tennis players, etc. to test out their scissor power.

is back and she takes on Tom and Tim in separate matches.  She also brings along Tracy Jordan who has started wrestling and is learning fast.  Tons of action including wrestling on the mats, grass and even scissoring in the pool.  What most people do not realize is that London truly has some of the strongest legs on this site and her scissors are devastating at only 50% pressure.  This time around London is more bold and adds breast smothering to her arsenal of submissions. Pics and clips Coming To Members Area.
GG195B is available for download at our clipstore.

Karate Girl: Jennifer is a 6 foot tall karate practitioner who has started to train in jiu-jitsu.  Her skills are not up to par as of yet but she does have the advantage of longs legs and super flexibility.  Her video footage contains only a few seconds of kicking at the camera for warmup.  She goes up against Tim who is smaller but has learned a few tricks having wrestled Crystal and Lora.  He actually dominates the beginning of the match and bypasses Jennifer's long legs to totally control her by side control and mount.  The match is truly competitive and it may be the first time on our site that a smaller guy has won a fall against an amazon. After working so hard to win the first fall, Tim is a bit tired and now Jennifer is ready to put her legs to work and those long legs do coil around his neck in various figure-4's, guillotines and more. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area. GG193A is available for download at our clipstore.

ScissorDoll: Frustrated with scissors sessions?  Are you tired of dishing out big bucks for a one hour session and before you know it, the session is over?  Are you tired of making long trips, taking taxi cabs to the session location, calling repeatedly with your cell phone so she knows you’re not flaking out minutes before the session? How about those first time sessions that end up being a complete waste of time and money? We have invented a life-like ScissorDoll that acts and wrestles like a real human!!  She stands 5’10" and because of her titanium parts, she weighs a whopping 184lbs.  Her strength and wrestling level is variable and can be adjusted according to your preference.    Testing on this project is not complete but we can assure you her automatic mode lets loose a formidable wrestling machine that can crush bones. The amazing part of this machine is that she can actually be programmed to trash talk while she wrestles. During this test, James shows us the more aggressive his attack becomes, the more aggressive the doll retaliates.  She puts a serious hurting on James and you can actually hear his neck cracking when she neckscissors him.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area. 

Iron Baby: Take a close look at these photos and you will see a physique that you don't see often.  She is not a bodybuilder and she is not a figure competitior.  Her name is Iron Baby and she is only 19 years old.  She competes in Olympic Style weightlifting.  Her grappling background is Free Style Wrestling, similar to Olympic wrestling.  Her strength is incredible and wrestling skill is top notch. She is currently learning submissions and as a result of her strength, her opponents end up tapping very quickly.  GG194A is available for download at our clipstore.


HardBody Kammi is a fitness athlete who is very strong not only in the lower body but in the upper body as well.  She starts out showing off her physique and stretching out before taking on the outmatched Kenneth.  She is very careful not to hurt her opponent because she has broken ribs before with her scissors. The day before her match, she actually sprained her right ankle during her daily run. Consequently she had to apply her scissors pretty much using her thigh pressure as opposed to fully locking her ankles for maximum pressure.  Despite using her thighs only and not locking the ankles fully, she was still able to crank out painful submissions. GG190A is available for download at our clipstore.


Super Hottie VanessaC is one of the hottest girls ever to be featured on this site.  Her attitude and cockiness is striking and although she is not an experienced grappler, she came to us with claims of having knocked guys out with her scissors.  Brad decided to do an interview with her and test out her scissors.  Not only did Vanessa convince him of her leg strength (having played soccer for years) but she also surprised him with her inescapable schoolgirl pin.  Her other favorite hold is the vibrating reverse headscissor.  GG188C is available for download at our clipstore.
MiaSqueeze: Mia takes on Punk Rocker who does not put forth much of an offensive attack against Mia but he does play it defensively in order to survive as long as he can.  In the end, Mia's thick strong legs coil around his neck, head and body to gain the sweet submissions she loves.  Afterwards, Mia is Upset with Tony in the dressing room and punishes him with her ultra powerful standing headscissors.  Not having learned his lesson, Mia follows up with reverseheadscissors and bodyscissor/groingrab.  A non-stop dislplay of Mia squeezing at her best. GGMiaSqueeze is available for download at our clipstore.


Tall vs. Short.  In the past we have usually matched up tall girls vs. short guys.  In this endeavor, after his match with Tribeca, 6'3" Ben is confronted by 5'0" Alexis.  He asks if she can provide the same kind of competition as Tribeca and Alexis responds by punishing Ben with some serious squeezing power.  Here are some of Alexis' strength feats.  Keep in mind, she does not Bodybuild, she trains for strength: Shoulder One-Arm Dumbell Press: 80lbs.  Dumbell Curls: 45lbs for reps.  Leg Press: 1000lbs.  Alexis starts out with jeans and switches to swimsuit for ease of movement.  Clips And Pics Coming To Members Area.


Tribeca Smothers: Tribeca has been hitting the gym and is in the best shape of her life.  She shows her dominant side by destroying her martial arts teacher.  This is total domination where she forces him to kiss her legs and telling him if he does not kiss them properly, she will scissors him.  The man is terrified of her scissors and will do anything she asks.  In two instances, the guy passed out and we stopped the filming.  Clips Coming To Members Area.


Pool Scissors: MandyT and LaciLynn take turns scissoring the delivery guy in the pool.  They headscissor him and dunk him in the water as they please.  The action resumes indoors as they wrestle in the living room.  Laci holds him immobile in her schoolgirl pin and Mandy scissors him till he turns purple.  They decide to double team him and tell him he should take them out to dinner. GG186A is available for download at our clipstore.
Squeezologist: Hannah is a petite squeezologist who talks smack about the larger girls of grapplinggirls.  She does have rock hard inner thighs and warned us despite her small size, she has the ability to knock guys out with her scissors by only squeezing at half strength.  Brad was curious to find out just how hard Hannah could squeeze and found out first hand that you cannot judge a girl’s scissor prowess by her size.  Hannah started with a standing headscissor and moved on to various headscissors including Reverse Headscissor, Neck scissor, Schoolgirl Pins, Foot Chokes and at the end, she forced him to kiss her behind and raise her hand in victory. GG185C is available for download at our clipstore.


MMA Hottie: Stefania is primarily a kickboxer but she has added grappling training in the hopes of competing in MMA some day.  In her first video, she trains with a male kickboxer who has no grappling training.  Her main techniques are based on the principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  That is not to say she does not take advantage of her enormous lower body strength. In her match she does use figure-4's in the form of triangles and even headscissors in some instances.  Overall, she twists her male opponent into a pretzel by using combination holds.  Stefania is definitely a notch above the traditional wrestler. GG185A is available for download at our clipstore.



  Best Legs: Tyra is back and in better shape than ever!!  We never thought there was any way Tyra could improve on her physique, but she did.  She takes on the computer delivery guy and shocks him with the strength of her body and head scissors.  He stands 6'3" tall and his lanky body cannot withstand the immense pressure of Tyra's powerful legs.  GG184A is available for download at our clipstore.


MandyT vs. Hercules: We're not kidding.  We could not believe how big our newest male challenger was.  Aptly named "Hercules", he was very strong but not very flexible.  Mandy found out right away that his weakness was being stretched out in a grapevine.  Mandy, standing at 5'11" with long, strong legs, came in surprisingly confident and became the aggressor from the very beginning, attacking Hercules with triangles, grapevines and headscissors.  Mandy has been working on her submissions and it shows.
GG183C is available for download at our clipstore.



Pool Scissors: Brad wanted to just how strong some of the more amazonic girls were.  Jaquelin and MandyT were more than happy to oblige.  Both girls have full thighs with serious scissoring power.  Brad gets bodyscissored in the pool by Mandy and headscissored at the edge of the pool by both girls.  Real competitive wrestling ensues on the grass.  This was the first competitive match Jaquelin has done for us.  Her game plan is simple, wrap her legs around the skinny Brad and squeeze till he cannot breath any longer.  Both Mandy and Jaquelin submit Brad numerous times using head and bodyscissors. 
GG183A is available for download at our clipstore.



Bizarre Holds: Sven had waited a long time to finally have a match with Wenona.  He was surprised at her strength and ability.  This match is in our opinion, Wenona's best ever filmed by us. She is smooth and coils herself around poor Sven like a python and stings with amazing rubberband like holds.  We don't even have names for the holds to describe them to you.  All we can tell you is that the match was real and the holds were inescapable.
GG182B is available for download at our clipstore.



Isis The Amazon is world's tallest female wrestler, at least to our knowledge.  She stands 6'9" and weighs a trim 240lbs.  She can body slam male wrestlers weighing in excess of 240lbs.  She has agreed to do a match for our website and we are proud to represent Isis. 
GGAmazonIsis is available for download at our clipstore.
MuscleMom: Fawn is a fitness athlete and a mom.  She is in great shape and very strong as she totally overpowers Kenneth who is of equal weight but nowhere near in strength.  Fawn makes up for the lack of skill by using her strength and a few holds that she picked up including the scissors, the figure-4, the grapevine and her favorite: The double chicken wing with scissor in the back of the head.  This hold is featured in her upcoming video.
GG181B is available for download at our clipstore.



Brenda is the total package.  She is an experienced wrestler who is powerful, beautiful and has tons of stamina.  She has had professional wrestling experience and is capable of lifting men over 200lbs.  She takes on a young male athlete who put up a decent fight and was even trying to use some jiu-jitsu on Brenda.  The highlights of her match are "Fireman Carries", "Unusual Armbars", "Guillotines", "Ankle Locks" and many more unconventional submissions.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.
Domina Strong: She is 5'10" tall and extremely powerful.  We don't mean just strong legs, she is strong all over.  Her arms are rock hard and her biceps are hard to the touch, although she looks completely soft and sensuous.  We sent in James, who has been on many scissor sites and has experienced many female bodybuilders and scissor stars.  James was surprised as to how strong Domina really was.  She just gave him a taste of her scissors, facesitting and pins.  For sessions fans: Yes, she does offer sessions.  For more information, contact us.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Section.


Crushing The Fan: Crystal was challenged by Trent who had just finished a match with MandyT.  Crystal has gotten stronger as of late and wanted to see how much pain Trent could take.  First off, it was obvious Crystal was overpowering Trent and was pretty much controlling the pace of the match.  She has stacked 156 pounds of muscle on her statuesque frame!!!  After just a few minutes, Trent suffered a cut above his eye and ended up with a sprained neck after being chest smothered by Crystal.  This is Crystal's most punishing match and actually shows her very gleeful and enjoying the pain that she is dishing out.  She still relies on her power hold the Body Triangle and guillotine but has added pins and smothers as well. 
GG177A is available for download at our clipstore.



Lexi's Revenge: Blabbermouth was hounding Lexi for a long time, claiming her matches were fake and she was too much of a girly girl to beat anyone.  To humiliate him, Lexi came in dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, sucking on a lollipop.  She agreed to an interview and a real match.  We didn't care if Blabbermouth won since he did have a 120lbs weight advantage.  When the match began, Lexi unleashed her fury and used her years of gymnastics training to inflict serious pain on Blabbermouth.  This is 100% real and Lexi shows her athleticism.  Blabbermouth tried to avoid the scissors and his strategy was to roll up into a ball to avoid being scissored.  It did not work since Lexi went for other holds such as pins, foot chokes, lotus holds, and more.  Exhausted and bewildered, Blabbermouth was defeated and Lexi was running around acting like a cheerleader. 
GG176A is available for download at our clipstore.


Super Strong: AlexisR is super strong.  When she was referred to us, we were told she could shoulder press 80lbs.  We said, that's no big deal.  They said: "NO, She does 80lbs with one arm!!!"  When we met her, she told us she did  80lbs dumbbell presses with one arm.  Unfortunately we could not find an 80lbs dumbbell around to see for ourselves but Alexis offered a few other strength endeavors like doing " One-Finger Pushups" and "One-Arm Pushups".  Obviously that was impressive but we figured we'd like to see more leg oriented stuff like scissoring a watermelon.  As you know, we don't cut the video to cheat and put a cut in the melon before the girl scissors it.  To keep the integrity of our claim, we keep the camera rolling so there is no room for bullSh*t!!  Alexis also did some arm wrestling with kenneth and picked him up like a sack of potatoes.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.
Wenona is back with more skill and experience than before.  She takes on Jason who was tied in knots for the duration of their match.  Every time he tapped out, Wenona released her hold and kept on going with other holds.  She constricted her flexible body around him without taking a break.  The holds she uses are unorthodox and seem to surprise Jason.  He picks up steam at the end but Wenona keeps coming at him with bizzare hold after hold. 
GG175A is available for download at our clipstore.



Flexible And The Strong: Fitness strong woman Faith (Blonde) proves to Zane that her muscles are not just for show.  Having had competitive weightlifting experience in Europe, she controls him to the point where he cannot fight out of any of her holds.  During their match, a fashion model (KatrinaC - brunette)  walks into the studio and laughs at their wrestling and the fact that Faith is easily dominating Zane.  She is then challenged by Zane and surprisingly shows some good skill by getting behind him and using her scissors/chokes/guillotine effectively.  She later strips to her shorts and does splits and continues on scissoring Zane into submissions.  The highlight of this entire footage is the voice of Zane's girlfriend in the background constantly telling him to fight back and ridiculing him for losing to Katrina, the fashion model.
GG174C is available for download at our clipstore.



Tables Turned: For those of you who are used to seeing Julie dominate an overmatched male, this will be a change of pace.  Stefan had been asking to wrestle Julie for a long time and although he outweighed her by 30lbs, we decided to go ahead and set up the match.  To his credit, Stefan never submitted to any of Julie's scissors.  Moreover, he was able to apply a bodyscissor of his own on Julie which infuriated her to the next level of competitiveness.  Julie showed she has knowledge of submissions and does not rely on scissors alone.  Aside from a few mistakes made by Stefan, he had a good showing and made for a spirited contest.  Clips Coming To Members Area.


Francesca Returns to teach Zane a lesson.  This time he is up against 6'2", jiu-jitsu trained Francesca.  She not only applies her triangles, scissors and chokes but also uses a body-triangle (figure-4 around the body) to set him up for the devastating rear choke.  This is the real thing, not scissor submissions that only work on some people.  Athletic Francesca is fast becoming one of our most skilled and dangerous grapplers. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.
Millionaire Crushed: Young millionaire Zane came to us looking for the perfect amazon.  Zane, standing at 5 feet 7 inches wanted someone at least 6 feet tall.  Enter 19 Yr Old Mandy who at 5 feet 11 inches had long legs and a passion for wrestling and domination.  She had experience doing fem vs fem matches and most of her submissions came via the grapevine.  In this clip Zane asks to feel the strength of Mandy’s scissors.  Later on, he actually tries to fight back but Mandy is too big and strong with deadly legs.  She tortures him with grapevines, headscissors and bodyscissors.  She even sings him a lullaby while she has him in a headscissors. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Unsuspecting Volunteer: We've received numerous e-mails from members who want to see an unsuspecting male take on one of the grapplers.  Why the unsuspecting male as opposed to the website fan? Some members claim that the fans are prepared for the holds which makes it less exciting and creates stalemates in matches. They rather see the average guy who has no idea of the holds the grapplers use. We decided to approach a male athlete (Jason) who has done motor cross, stunt work and even ran marathons.  The girl we chose was Tribeca.  The match was fast paced and full of action.  Tribeca used her long legs to her advantage.  Holds included Triangles, Grapevine, Head and Bodyscissors with Chicken Wing and Full Nelson combos.  The highlight of her arsenal was when she had him in a triangle and he tried to stand, Tribeca calmly hooked his leg with her arm and ended up on top of him with the Triangle still intact. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Long Model Legs: After finding out that 6'3" Lucinda was a "Runway" model, Ryan was convinced that she could not pack any real power in her legs.  During his match, he had a difficult time staying away from Lucinda's long legs and kept getting caught in boyscissors, headscissors, reverse bodyscissors, grapevines and more.  Lucinda also had a handicap in that she had just finished playing 2 hours of basketball only minutes prior to filming this match.   Ryan focused more on controlling Lucinda's ankles to prevent them from crossing and locking but Lucinda's legs are so long that she simply stretched them out and wrapped them around him to finish off her submissions. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Teacher vs. Dad: Ms. Matthews, a middle school math/science teacher is confronted by the father of one of her trouble students.  The dad demands better grades for his son and Ms. Matthews argues the point that the dad does not keep up with his sons homework and test results.  The dad is stubborn and keeps demanding passing grades for his son.  Ms. Matthews proposes that if he can take her scissors, she will pass his son.  She puts him in scissors, including reverese, frontal, rear and side headscissors.  She even makes him recite the alphabet while he is stuck and helpless in her scissors.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.
Hummer Match: When Rose showed up for her match with Ryan, she noticed a Hummer parked outside.  She asked him if he was willing to put his Hummer on the line.  Ryan was expecting the typical scissor attack and instead he was submitted by Rose's ankle choke.  She later turns the tables on him by faking an ankle choke and then going for the headscissor.  Rose also gets him in a tight triangle where she is sitting and tapping him on the head, very humiliating.  See if Rose gets to drive the Hummer home. Clips Coming To Members Area.


Amazon Anjelle: She is a track athlete and swimmer who stands 6'2" with upper and lower body strength.  Her training regimen includes weight training, running and kickboxing.  Anjelle has trained with Mathilda and is primarily a kickboxer.  She is a quick learner and was able to easily over power the much smaller but game Marco.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


The Secretary: Meet Jaquelin who as a secretary overheard another woman talking about scissor sessions in a beauty salon.  We were excited when she told us the story and agreed to do an interview and video for us.  She is shy and somewhat laughs at her short part time career as a scissor session girl.  Her sessions did not include wrestling, just scissors.  We sent in James, who many of you have seen on other sites being scissored by the best.  If anyone can test out somebody's scissors, it would be James.  Jaquelin does have rock hard thighs, despite her next door wholesome girl looks.  Standing scissors, Reverse Headscissors, Bodyscissors and couch scissors all make James scream in pain.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Put You To Sleep: "She can put you to sleep" was the first comment by our trainer as he grappled tall, statuesque Francesca. This comment came after she had trapped him in her seriously dangerous figure-4 leg lock and started to squeeze slowly.  The trainer was only half conscious within a few seconds.  Thankfully Francesca stopped squeezing as she is very nice and very careful, knowing full well the strength of her legs. To date, all of our amazons for the exception of Helena have just relied on size and strength alone.  Francesca, standing a little over 6'2" tall, not only has some of the longest legs, but also some of the strongest legs on our site.  Without a doubt she has one of the best if not the best figure-4's.  She even figure-4's her opponent's bodies and is relentless until she gains a submission.  Her opponents are constantly struggling to keep those long legs away from them only to find themselves tapping out within her leg prison.   We had to ask her not to squeeze so hard so fast so the submissions would last a little longer.  When she first started, the guys were tapping out in seconds.  Francesca is tall, stunning with surprising strength and an excellent wrestler that easily defeats Marco and Kevin who are athletes in their own rights. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Gianna  is a newcomer with a rich athletic background.  She is a fitness competitor and has trained in mixed martial arts.  She loves armbars, triangles and her rear chokes are super tight and devastating.  For those of you who watched Stefan in action, you will see that scissors alone will not win a competitive match.  Gianna puts her great legs to work against two separate young males who are athletes in their own right. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.



Helena is back in the most dominating fashion.  She is more skilled and more confident as she remains undefeated against some tough lady wrestlers on the west coast.  Here, Helena takes on 5'4" Kenneth in what is without a doubt the most one sided match we have ever filmed.  If you complain about the guys not trying hard, we have to tell you that Helena had to hold back in order not to seriously hurt Kenneth.  She even picks him up with one arm!!!  She uses one hand, then no hands and even lets Kenneth start out by pinning her.  She even lets him start out from behind, which is the most advantageous position in jiu-jitsu.  Kenneth had no chance.  Helena is simply awesome. Pics and clips Coming To Members Area.



Rose is back to take on Leonard.  He requested to wrestle Rose because he thought he could use his weight advantage.  Rose surprised him with some exotic holds such as the "Crucifix" where she ends up headscissoring while his arms are outsretched.  She also uses the "Armbar-Foot Choke" as well as the "Sit on Neck with Ankle" submission. The most devastating hold in this match was a "Calf Crush-Choke" Combo that is so dangerous, the cameraman called Rose to release the hold before serious injury would occur.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Clash of the Titans: Tall Whiskey vs. BBW Michelle. Amazon vs. BBW.
It has been quite sometime that fans have asked for these 2 undefeated grapplers to go head to head.  Most other grapplers have refused to wrestle these two because of their sheer size and strength alone.  6'3" Whiskey may not seem strong, but she played college basketball and had a 5-day a week/2 hours per day weightlifting routine. MichelleF has crushed a few males and toyed with Lillith.  Michelle stands 5'6" and weighs 220lbs.  Whiskey is 6'3", 165lbs.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.



Arianna is a 5'6", 155lbs powerhouse with wrestling experience from Europe.  This time Leonard has done his homework and does his best to avoid being submitted.  Arianna pins him to the mat with her grapevines and crushes him with her scissors.  Leonard makes her work for it by doing his best to prevent her ankles from crossing.  The highlight of this video is when Arianna traps Leonard in a Crusifix and traps his left leg as he tries to kick out.  She twists him into a pretzel. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Watermelon Challenge "Can She Do it?  Jane finally meets Eric, the "Watermelon Challenge Guy". Weighing in at 125lbs, Jane attempts to scissor a watermelon and crush it.  She may have the strongest scissors on our site pound for pound. Correct us if we are wrong, if Jane is successful, she could be the lightest female to have ever crushed a watermelon with her scissors.  According to Eric, this has been done in the past by female bodybuilders weighing 160lbs or over.  We zoom the watermelon very closely so you can see that no cracks have been made prior to Jane squeezing it.  We promised Eric even if Jane failed, we would continue the shooting. After her attempt, Jane wrestles Eric and all we can tell you is that if you are a bodyscissor fan, you really, really, must get this video!!!  As you know we don't get excited over videos very often like this. Jane is very cute and constantly tells Eric she is hardly trying and she is taking it easy.  Tons of scissors in one of our funniest and real videos since the birth of this website. Clips Coming To Members Area.


Mathilda is a European kickboxer who stands 6'2" and weighs 180lbs of solid granite. It took us weeks of perstering her that she agreed to do a video for us.  With no grappling experience, she was a quick study and even used a technique called the "Scorpion Crunch" (pictured below).  Her male opponent had been taking jiu-jitsu classes consistently for the past 6 months and was prepared to take on a much larger, stronger opponent.  For those of you who crave long lasting scissors, forget about it.  This girl does not play around.  The techniques she used were triangles, guillotines and rear chokes.  Needless to say, when someone that powerful applies battle-tested submissions, it only takes seconds to submit. 
 For those of you who may ask: No, we will not have her kickbox with anyone for two reasons:  If we decide to make a fake video, it will be obvious, the video will be 10 minutes or longer with her beating up on some idiot who keeps coming back for more.  If we decide to make it real, the fool will end up in the hospital with serious injuries within the first 30 seconds.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Best Legs? Tyra has the perfect legs through hard work and good genes. She is all natural, and proof that a woman can have muscles without resorting to extreme measures.  Tyra is learning BJJ and with her athletic ability she can apply apply devastating triangles and rear choke/scissor combos.  Tyra is the perfect example of an athlete easily transitioning into jiu-jitsu. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area. 

Strong Daniella is a beginner and is very enthusiastic about wrestling.  She is also frustrated with trying to learn jiu-jitsu.  She actually asked us if she could participate in a match where Vicky was taking on the "Punk Rocker".  The Rocker is very skinny (140lbs at 5'11") but tough as nails.  Weighing in at 180lbs, Daniella takes him down and basically uses the pin, the grapevine and bodyscissors to crush him.  She plans on learning more submissions, when in the meantime she enjoys the facial expressions of her opponent when she clamps her ankles together and squeezes them with her bodyscissors. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

New AMAZON KYRA: She is 6'4" tall and weighs a solid 195lbs!!  If you don't believe it, wait till you see her next to her opponent.  In one of our most exciting matches, we decided to pit this new goddess against our toughest and most stubborn male: Roberto. Keep in mind Roberto has never  tapped out to a bodyscissor or headscissor.  He frustrated 6'3" Lucinda and stuffed all of her submission attempts.  Roberto will be giving up 9 inches in height and 60 lbs to the 22 year old goddess. Legend has it that Kyra once scissored a beer keg and put a huge dent in it.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Rubber Band Girl Shelby is very flexible and is a tricky grappler.  When our volunteer did not show up, we had to ask the water delivery guy to take his place.  This guy never wrestled before and had no idea what to expect.  Shelby had a cocky smurk on her face and although she was very quiet, there was an aura of confidence about her that made our guy concerned.  When she tookk his back, we expected a rear choke or headscissor, instead she clamped on a very strange spine lock.  Shelby also tricked the guy by faking a Kimura and then going for the Guillotine choke. She even used a Gogoplata (foot choke from guard). This 18 year old yoga practitioner is not just flexible but she has great mind control through meditation and has surprising physical strength. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Fan Almost Wins: This was one of the very rare times that we hated to see the guy lose.  He was winning the entire match.  He escaped all her scissors by turning to his stomach and pulling his head out of her ridiculously long legs.  This guy was quick and he didn't come to lose.  He was much shorter, but he was quicker and even caught her in a scissor and figure-4.  He was always one step ahead of her and it seemed like he was on his way to a definite victory.  All it took was one mistake and the girly girl Chastity was able to wrap those long legs around his neck and secure the victory.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Cheyenne is 5'6", 130lbs of solid muscle.  We aint kidding either.  This girls is very strong and can easily lift a 230lb man on her shoulders.  She can tapout most guys with just her grapevine.  Her scissors are so strong she has to be careful not to apply full pressure.  Her opponent here was 230lbs and could hardly move once she wrapped her thighs around him.  Those interested in sessions can contact Cheyenne via her page on the wb270 website. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Lexi returns to take on Tre.  Tre bragged that he had a submission victory over Tribeca and Deana. Lexi's secret weapon are her skinny legs!!  She is able to sneak them right down to the neck and squeeze out the arteries.  Girls with thicker thighs tend to squeeze the skull as well as the neck and end up with less squeezing pressure on the neck.  Tre shocks Lexi by bodyscissoring her to submission and escaping her Figure-8 hold!!  Lexi does come back and wraps her legs around his neck for the final victory. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Amazon Lucinda: She is 20 years old, stands 6'3" and in her first match, she takes on Kenneth who is only 5'4".  After being scissored in the early going, he becomes frustrated but no matter what he tries, Lucinda's long legs wrap around him and squeeze him slowly.  Her legs are so long, they seem impossible to escape from.  Surprisingly enough, Lucinda managed to apply a few triangles with good skill.  In her own words: "I love the scissors".  Lucinda is a dream come true for any tall girl scissor enthusiast.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Marta The Crusher: Built solid with natural strength, Marta loves to use her weight and sterngth advantage over smaller guys.  In this case, poor Kenneth cannot even come close to matching Marta's strength and the harder he tries to get away, the more aggressive Marta becomes.  She loves to pin her opponents down and crush them with her scissors.  Unlike other sites, when we say real, we mean it.  Clips Coming To Members Area.

Strong Claire: 23 year old Claire is a tomboy with the exotic features of a supermodel.  She has the discipline of a true martial artist.  She is versed in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, traditional Jiu-jitsu and has competed in various martial arts tournaments.  When we say Claire is strong, we don't mean strong as in how much weight she can lift.  She is strong when she grapples, she completely renders her opponents immobile with her side control and mount. Her grapevines nail her opponents to the ground.  In her first video, Claire totally overpowers poor Kenneth who tried as hard as he could to survive.  He spent most of the time being pinned underneath Claire with absolutely no way out but to tap out. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Amazon Squeeze: Super strong Vicky and newcomer Jenna(5'11', 180lbs) take turns taking on a new fan (Carl).  Vicky is a hard-body who works out regularly, Jenna on the other hand is not a weightlifter but has naturally strong legs.  Surprisingly, Jenna does very well against the male opponent and makes him submit just as quickly as Vicky.  Jenna has a devastating triangle and once she secures it, its tap out or pass out. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.


ScissorsUnderground: We were fortunate enough to be invited to an underground scissors session where two strong girls (Taylor and Heather) apply scissors on a high paying customer.  Please do not e-mail us with session questions, we are not affiliated with this organization and are only invited as spectators.  The customer who was a good size weightlifter was shocked at the power of the girls' legs and submitted repeatedly as the girls giggled and squeezed away. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Ex Pro Wrestler vs The Girls: Lora and Crystal agreed to take on an ex-pro wrestler (well known pro wrestler from the 70's) who of course is well past his prime but still has some fight left in him.  He soon finds out these girls are much stronger than they look.  The girls use their quickness and unorthodox wrestling style to trap the wrestler with their strong legs. Clips Coming To Members Area. 

London Dominates: London answers the challenge from Kenneth who was sure he had a chance against London.  London who outweighs the guy by 50lbs is stronger than ever and completely immobilizes Kenneth.  Holds include head and bodyscissors, lotus hold, grapevines, pins and humiliating situations such as letting him pin her and then throwing him off of her with one jolt of her body.  London demonstrates her superior power and the use of her voluptous body to her advantage.  The ending is a humiliating one as London gets on top of him and suffocates him with her breasts forcing his submission.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

New Hottie: Rose is a firecracker with endless energy and a passion for making guys tap out.  She did wrestle for a short while in school but after learning scissors, she became addicted.  There is not a dull moment with Rose as she goes from one hold to another.  Her first opponent was overwhelmed by her endless energy and non-stop array of holds including various headscissors, pins and reverse headscissors. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Professor Kendrick sent us a very interesting e-mail which claimed that he used to be the chemistry teacher of LaciLynn in her senior year of highschool 4 years ago.  When we sent his photo to Laci, she immediately replied by begging us to arrange a match with him.  Apparently Laci was in constant trouble in Mr. Kendrick's class and was sent out numerous times.  After 4 years, Laci would love to show her ex teacher how much she's grown and she would like to teach him something for a change.  Because of schedule conflicts, Mr. Kendrick will take on statuesque Vicky in his debut before taking on LaciLynn in the coming weeks.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Super Squeezers: Nixon walks in on her neighbor and friend Lola when she happens to be headscissoring a massive man.  Nixon, stunned that Lola can inflict such pain on such a large man, she becomes eager and has Lola show her the ropes.  These girls are not wrestlers, but their scissors are frightening!!!  This guy is huge and he screams like a little baby once these girls start squeezing with various headscissors.  The girls have a contest and decide to see who can tap the poor guy out faster, first with headscissors and then with bodyscissors.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Helena faces her toughest challenge to date in male bodybuilder Aaron.  Aaron is 5'10", 190lbs.  His grappling experience is minimal but he obviously has tons of upper body strength and has decent cardio.  This match is very close and Helena has to go all out to try to tap this guy out.  In her past two videos, she was careful not to hurt the guys and held back.  In this one, the action is more intense and much closer than we anticipated.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Taj has strong legs and is not much into using jiu-jitsu in order to submit her opponents.  She much prefers using her scissors and grapevines which she calls the old fashioned way of submitting opponents.  Her male opponent just had his match with LaciLynn and was ready to redeem himself.  He  found out very early that Taj has an unusually strong pair of legs.  She spends one hour in the gym just working on her quads.  Bottom line is if she gets her legs around anyone her own size, that person is in deep doodoo. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Strong Legs: The term "Strong Legs" on this site sounds very redundant.  Of course, you've seen hundreds of super muscular, steroid injected  women on other sites. LaciLynn on the other hand is 100% natural and feminine.  She has muscular thighs but no facial hair and she looks as cute as a Barbie doll.  She has been involved in sports all her life and has been training MMA for the past year.  In this video, she takes on a male boxer and takes him down in order to apply her dangerous scissors on him.  She shows good take-down skills. The interesting add-on in this video is that the boxer's girlfriend is watching as LaciLynn puts her boyfriend in precarious positions. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


AppleCrusher NinaL wanted to prove her arm strength so she challenged the camera guy to an armwrestling match.  Afterwards, she pinned him down in a school girl pin and flexed her biceps.  The camera guy was also curious about the strength of Nina's reverse headscissor which proved as potent as any he had felt in the past.  Nina finally tries to crush an apple with her biceps.  Unfortunately she did not succeed and decided to crush the apple with her scissors. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Athletic Fan John came in with no wrestling background and was planning on muscling his way through victory over amazon Tribeca and Laci Lynn.  Laci is a former MMA practitioner and kickboxer.  She has exceptional legs and has a hard time with John who is quick and slips out of submissions.  He does well for a while but once the girls get their legs around him, he finds out that their leg strength was beyond what he had imagined. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Youtube Guy#1: "Girlraiser" is our first youtube challenger.  He is not to be confused with "Blabbermouth".  Girlraiser is curious to find out the true strength of some of our wrestlers.  This is one of our most entertaining videos simply because someone from the audience steps onto the mats and participates. This challenge starts with Girlraiser testing out Lora and Jane's scissor prowess.  They each take turns applying body and headscissors to see how long he can hold out before he taps.  After the scissor test is over, our guest takes on the girls in separate wrestling matches. This is 100% unstaged and unscripted.  Nothing was pre-arranged prior to filming.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Figure-8: LexiR likes to make up her own holds.  Her Figure-8 as she calls it is actually a form of the Gogoplata which is a jiu-jitsu choke using the shin against the opponent from the guard position.  Lexi puts her shin under her opponent's throat and throwas her other leg over the back of his neck, making it a figure-8.  Lexi is only 18 and loves to use her legs and feet to acquire submissions.  Clips Coming To Members Area.

Dominating NinaL shows no mercy as she takes on Ryan and twists him into a pretzel.  She uses her favorite hold, the reverse headscissor, bodyscissors, and an array of self made holds that leave Ryan tapping quickly.  Nina loves verbal abuse when she wrestles men and takes delight in humiliating him all the way to the end as she puts her foot on his chest and throat in a final victory pose.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Muscle Girl: Ashlee Chambers is a fitness athlete who gives wrestling a shot.  In her first video, she is reluctant to cross her ankles and apply full force to her scissors.  She finally decides to lock her ankles and make her 210lbs opponent tapout quickly.  Ashlee also loves to flex and pose and truly enjoys winning and making her opponents submit to her.  Ashlee is working on her submissions and scissorholds and vows to come back more skilled and refined in the future. Clips and Pics coming To Members Area.

Lora wrestles a fan on the beach who had wrestled her previously.  He claimed he did not go all out to win.  Lora has been hitting the gym and uses her super hard thighs to apply bodyscissor/choke combos, headscissors, side headscissors and a very bizarre foot choke where she uses one foot against his throat and the other to add pressure to the foot(first photo from left).  After the match, they end up having ice cream and Lora tells a true story of how she overpowered a guy in a bar who tried to steal her cell phone.  There will be two clips in the Clipstore.  The first clip(GG151B) will showcase most of the wrestling.  The second clip (GG151C) will have wrestling (including the foot choke hold) and also the ice cream parlor scene. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Lucy & The College Athletes: Lucy and Lynn accept a challenge from an eager fan.  They in turn invite 2 athletic college girls who have never witnessed mixed wrestling to attend the match. Lucy and Lynn take the fan on a joyride of scissors, figure-4's and even some jiu-jitsu submissions.  The 2 newcomers are excited and one of them is curious as to how she would do against the male opponent.  The other is hesitant and not sure if she is ready for grappling.  Both newcomers are athletes with very strong legs(the girl in the white tanktop can shoulder press more than most guys her size).  The outcome is entertaining and totally unscripted, which makes for another unique video. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.


Unique Video: We know most of you have watched tons of wrestling videos that become redundant after a while.  The typical video in the past 10 years has been pretty much the same scenario: The "well known" female wrestler walks in the room with her bikini and some guy walks in in his underwear, he says something stupid like: "go in the kitchen and get me a beer".  The girl in turn puts him in the headscissor and the rest is pretty much the same as in all other videos.  We wanted to come out with something totally unique and realistic.  We chose Lynn, our college student who has not done a ton of videos for every wrestling company in existence.  She's bubbly and loves to brag to her girlfriends about how she can beat guys in wrestling.  Her verbal skills are fantastic, funny and humiliating.  They hit at the heart of what most guys feel about mixed wrestling, be it shameful, secretive, bold, etc.  The uniqueness part is Jasmyne who has never seen a mixed match or a girl use scissors to make a guy submit.  Everything the girls say and do is totally unrehearsed.  The holds include various scissors, figure-4, schoolgirl pin and perhaps the most humiliating moment of the video is when Lynn steps on the guy's chest as people walk by.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Mandii is one of the few girls who only after watching a few videos was able to take on Scott and defeat him fair and square.  At only 18 yrs old, Mandii has incredible power in her thighs and can submit most men within seconds with her headscissors and less than 30 seconds with her bodyscissors.  She is able to leg press 450lbs for 15 reps.  This is an exciting match full of crushing scissors that devastate Scott and stop him in his tracks. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Tribeca is back and takes her squeezing to the next level.  This time her opponent is Scott who is a bit heavier than her previous opponent.  The blonde amazon has no problems getting her ultra powerful, steel thighs around him and squeezing him in a bodyscissor so hard that he actually had a headache immediately after the scissor hold was released!!  Tribeca told us she was bored of just scissoring and will definitely supplement her crushing scissors with more conventional submissions such as the rear choke, triangle and the guillotine.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Amazon Tribeca is 6' tall with backgrounds in volleyball and swimming.  She was also a competitive diver in college and was able to leg press over 500lbs for reps.  Her knowledge of submissions is minimal but she is learning fast.  Seth knew he had to stay away from her scissors and once she got her legs around his midsection, he could not withstand the force exerted from her legs. From that point on, he tried desperately to avoid her legs. The remainder of the match was exciting because Tribeca relied solely on the power of her scissors as opposed to jiu-jitsu skills. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Izabelle may be the most sensual wrestler we've featured on this site in quite some time.  Her match with John was not competitive because she weakened him with her feminine wiles.  She applied a bodyscissor/choke combo and whispered sweet nothings into his ear.  Her headscissor slowly weakended him and rendered him helpless where she was able to do her stretches and hold her victory poses on his limp body.  Her domination is not based on muscle or skill but on mental domination. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Luana is a naturally strong Brazilian girl with exceptionally strong grapevines and scissors.  She actually wrestles her boyfriend and although has a difficult time in the beginning, manages to catch him with her head and bodyscissors and finish him off.  A lifetime of running and playing volleyball on the beach has left Luana with thighs that even some bodybuilders would be envious of. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Zanna is one of the most accomplished and extreme athletes to grace our pages in quite some time.  She is a kickboxer, track athlete, and basketball player with not only super strong legs but also an equally powerful upper body.  She can break an average man's ribs by just holding him in the guard and adding pressure!!  Her first time sparring partner is a male MMA athlete with a high degree of tolerance for pain.  Zanna moves with speed and applies her holds with devastating power.  She can actually jump 8 feet off the ground and apply a spinning back kick!! Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Fan Challenge: Scott originally wanted to take on Lora, MarieA and Meghan but fortunately for him Meghan could not make the shoot.  He was a bit disappointed because he felt the only challenge would be Lora and that MarieA, who is a bikini model would not be able to pose too much of a threat.  We were not surprised to see Lora tear into another male with her super strong legs but we were shocked at how aggressive and strong Marie had become.  She squeezed Scott so hard, he became sick and had to go to the bathroom.  The highlight of this video is Lora's flying reverse headscissor that had the poor guy tapping within seconds.  No long lasting scissors here, these girls meant business and the scissors were devastating and restulted in quick submissions.  100% real wrestling that will be featured in video GG148. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area. 

Jaguar is back and grappling on the beach. She's been working on improving her triangle choke and once she flexes her inner thigh muscles, the hold becomes devastating!!  She had a blast scissoring her male opponent into submission as onlookers walked by.  Not satisfied by just using her legs for scissors, Jaguar is learning submission grappling and improving fast. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

"Legz" has some of the longest legs we've seen for someone who is 6' tall.  She uses her legs to apply some crushing scissors and loves to wrestle against anyone who is shorter than she is.  Once her long legs lock around her shorter opponent's body or head, the result is a slow, agonizing squeeze session that results in the demise of her opponent. This video will be a treat for fans of long legged girls scissoring and defeating a male who is trying desperately not to lose. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Strongest Legs? KimG may have the strongest legs of any grappler on this site.  For those of you who frequent our clipstore, you will  notice that clip GG146D(featuring Kim) will be arriving after GG147A.  The reason for the delay is that we originally were going to have a fan named Peter take on Kim in her debut.  However, as soon as we started filming, Peter started groaning and taping out within seconds.  When Kim applied a bodyscissor, Peter seemed to go into shock!!!  We had to stop the match because he was close to passing out and did not have the ability to tap.  That was the extent of the pressure applied.  The irony of it all was that Peter was a fan who complained that the male opponents were not trying and were letting the girl win.  We actually begged Peter to put up more of a fight against Kim, but as soon as Kim got her legs around him, the match was over.  It seemed as if Peter was not trying at all.  We had to bring a replacement who was a young athlete with a very strong mid-section who was able to put up a decent fight against Kim.  We will also post Peter's letter (at Peter's request and permission) to us following his experience with grapplinggirls. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Jaguar is an exotic beauty and an accomplished athlete.  She actually contacted us and wanted to take on Matt, her male friend who trains in Capoeira (The most popular martial art form in Brazil).  The two grappled and what little jiu-jitsu Jaguar remembered she was able to put into use including an armbar and even a sweep.  In the end, her strong legs found their way around poor Matt's neck and the game was over.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Shooting videos on the beach is always tough because bystanders are sometimes a distraction to the participants.  Some onlookers have even called the lifeguard, thinking the wrestling match is a fight between feuding couples. Carmen, a College Coed was on spring break when she noticed Julie wrestle a fan on the beach.  She asked Julie if she could give it a shot and Julie proceeded to show her the basic scissors.  Carmen who has strong legs from doing gymnastics for 6 years applied some strong scissors and even pulled off her own favorite hold (the camel clutch) on the poor guy.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Natalee is a fearless grappler who takes on an athletic male and then challenges 6'3" Grace to a match.  Standing 5'2"  tall, she may be small but packs a wallop in her scissors and usually comes out on top after her opponents are exhausted trying to make her submit.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Helena returns to take on our enthusiastic fan Robert.  Helena is 6'5", 250lbs to Robert's 5'5", 115lbs.  There are two matches, one indoors and the other outdoors.  In the beginning, Robert tests Helena's strength.  Once he finds out she is an athlete with extreme strength and surprising speed, he goes all out.  This is an excellent match in that a smaller male really goes all out and ends up pinned, grapevined and completely crushed in the blonde goddess's powerful thighs. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Meghan is an ex-High School wrestler with minimal submissions.  She is fearless and learns quickly.  She agreed to take on a young male fan who had a considerable weight advantage.  Reverting back to her high school wrestling, Megan not only held her own but was able to squeeze a few submissions. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area. 

The Session: Mike and his girlfriend have an open-minded relationship.  So when she asked him what he wanted for his birthday, Mike did not hesitate to tell her that he would like a session with a professional session wrestler.  AshleyE was known for her bodyscissors when she did sessions.  Needless to say, that is the only technique that she prefers to use.  Her bodyscissors are breathtaking and regardless of what her opponent does, he usually ends up trapped and crushed in her bodyscissors.  When Mike's girlfriend sees Ashley at work, she claims she could do the same and ends up taking on her boyfriend and eventually the much bigger Ashley. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Helena is the ultimate amazon. At 21 years of age, she stands 6'5" and weighs 260lbs.  What makes Helena stand out from all other larger grapplers is her sheer athletic ability.  Her background includes volleyball and basketball, both at college level.  She has the flexibility and speed of a lightweight and her strength is unsurpassed.  Her first male opponent had the experience of wrestling against Julie, Jane and Beth, three of the strongest wrestlers ever on this site.  After his match with Helena, his conclusion was simple: He had never experienced strength even close to Helena's.  Our trainer who is 170lbs of solid muscle said he felt like a small child while he was stuck in her bodyscissors and even a slight squeeze from Helena would break multiple ribs. All this while she was only putting out about 50% of her strength, making sure not to inflict serious injury.  This girl is for real and only on  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Jake is back with more fire and is willing to reclaim his ego.  His first match is against Desi who is a serious track runner (below left) who totally overpowers him.  His second match is against Sidney who brings her favorite stuffed toy with her.  After Jake makes fun of her, Sidney proceeds to scissor him while holding on to the toy. Both matches are 100% real and unrehearsed. Clips Coming To Members Area.

Amazons: Robert, a fan of the site who stands 5'5" and weighs 110lbs wished to wrestle some of the amazons of the site.  6'3" Grace easily took the little guy down and applied grapevines, pins and her figure-4's.  Newcomer Sascha who is a foot fetish model could not wait to get her legs around Robert.  Standing at 5'10", she has long legs that deliver excruciating scissors and devastating grapevines.  Sascha is also very verbal and loves to humiliate. Clips Coming To Members Area.

Makinzie is back and takes on an athletic male who manages to avoid her massive legs in the early going.  Eventually, as fate has it, those thighs find their way around her victim and she manages to tap him out with rear chokes and a crushing headscissor.  The thighs on this girl have to be seen to be believed.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Lucy is back to take on Marc, a skeptical fan.  She takes it to him and punishes him with grapevines, pins, head/bodyscissors and figure-4's.  This is her most dominating performance as she is determined to crush all comers.  This videos is completely unrehearsed and much to our surprise, London who was watching Lucy in action decided to bring a menu to Lucy as they were deciding to order lunch.  Lucy took her time to read the menu while she had Marc suffering in her ear-popping bodyscissors. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Amazon Grace is 18 yrs. old, stands 6'3" and weighs 215 lbs.  She has super strong legs and even a 20% effort with her headscissors can make a n average man pass out.  When she squeezes with 50% effort, her scissor pressure is equivalent to 100% exerted by most of our other athletes.  Grace has the beauty of a supermodel and the strength of a powerlifter. Going against Roy who was 15 yrs older and 75lbs lighter, Grace had to be careful not to inflict injury on him. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area. 

London Returns to take on Marc who is totally overpowered by the strong amazon.  She has a ball controlling him with grapevines, pins and various scissors. Poor Marc tried to mount an offense but simply did not have the skill or the strength to escape London's grip, much less do anything else.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Princess vs. The Giant: We originally did not want to do this video simply because the size difference was huge.  Princess is 4'11" and 95lbs.  The giant is 6'5", 175lbs.  They actually train in the same MMA gym and Princess assured us she grapples with much heavier men.  This match starts out with the giant dominating the smaller princess and submitting her for the first fall.  Princess comes back with a vengeance and warns him of her dreaded and deadly figure-4.  It is an unusual matchup but very entertaining.  Princess is very small but has a ferocious fighting spirit that is extremely rare.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Intense BBW: If you ever imagined what a BBW could do if she went all out against an average sized male, MichelleF vs. Roy is a must see matchup.  Michelle (220lbs) is incredibly strong and surprisingly quick.  She goes after Roy and repeatedly mounts him, knocking his wind out.  She absolutely dominates her opponents by exhausting them (using mounts and grapevines)  first and then crushing them with her scissors.  We actually had two fans on the day of this filming waiting to participate, but after witnessing Michelle in action, they both refused to wrestle her!!! Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Everyday Scissors: Gorgeous 19 yr old Simona, dressed in a beautiful white dress applies a standing headscissor on a man while cooking in the kitchen.  She also applies a lotus hold with high heels and talks on the cell phone.  To top it off, she holds him prisoner in a figure-4 and drinks water and applies a headscissor from behind while putting on makeup.  This series will not be shown in the clipstore.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Crystal returns after a 2 year absence and faces our newest fan Mark.  The stunning blonde surprises Mark with her strength and submits him numerous times.  She dominates this match by using her quickness to take his back and apply her extremely dangerous rear chokes and headscissors. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Irish Amber is a fiery redhead with surprising strength and a very competitive nature.  She takes on Seth and surprises him with her quickness and scissor strength.  At 5'10" sporting a pair of very long legs, she loves to apply a scissor and watch her victim struggle.  The pace of the match is fast and Amber runs circles around her male opponent.  Her long legs are hard to avoid and Seth finds himself stuck in Amber's scissor repeatedly.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Sensational Lucy Lvette is a physical marvel. She is feminine, yet packed with unbelievable muscle that not only looks good, but is also extremely powerful.  Not only is she strong, but she is as quick as anyone we've seen in a long time.  Our new fan Seth is on the slim side but is rather tough and can take a good amount of punishment.  Lucy almost breaks his arm by accident and totally dominates him with grapevines, pins, sweeps, triangles and scissors.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Melinda is a 6'2" cyclist who is in incredible shape.  She only had two days training for this shoot and was able to pick up some basic holds and of course was able to use those long legs to full advantage. Her technique is not refined, but the strength in her legs is tremendous!! Her major advantage is her never ending stamina. She has also started kickboxing in her local gym and has been able to outscore some of the boys simply because of her considerable reach advantage. At a weight of 135lbs, the average height of the male kickboxers in her gym is 5'7". Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Student vs. Teacher: 18 Yr. old Kate who is a track athlete with absolutely no wrestling background.  She is a standby and is watching Lillith take on a fan named Greg.  Kate watches Lillith carefully and learns one hold, the bodyscissor.  When her turn comes, Kate applies a crushing bodyscissor on Greg and to his surprise, he claims that Kate may be able to give Lillith problems in a wrestling match.  Although Lillith has the experience, Kate has the muscle and repeatedly scissor both Lillith and Greg into submission with nothing but the bodyscissors.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Foxes vs. Studs: Lindsay and Reese are absolute bombshells.  Their male opponents are also young and in good shape.  The girls cheer each other on and give advice as they take turns squeezing submissions from their male opponents.  Lindsay applies armbar so intense that her opponent screams out in pain as his arm almost breaks.  Both girls are intense and go all out to win and gain the respect of their male counterparts. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Graciella/NicoleB are both excellent grapplers.  Gracellia is ultra-powerful with thighs that have to be seen to be believed!! She is a world class MMA fighter who has participated in NAGA and Grapplers Quest. NicoleB is back with even stronger scissors.  She has plenty of jiu-jitsu skill, but still prefers to make the guys tap out with her dangerous scissors.  The poor guy was completely demolished.  Clips Coming To Members Area.

Scissor Challenge: Beth goes head to head with Jane to decide who has the perhaps strongest scissors on this site.  Since they can both bust watermelons and burst water bottles with their scissors, we decided we would let one of our fans be the punching bag and decide who does possess the stronger scissors.  Both girls applied head and bodyscissors and each had a few all out wrestling matches with the poor guy.  This guy has been around and has been scissored by some of the best including reigning tournament champion JulieG. Clips Coming To Members Area.

JaneL. Is a super strong athlete who is very adept at using her entire body to provide tremendous amounts of leverage.  She also moves with the speed of a track athlete and captures her male opponent in effective submissions.  Her opponent puts up a tough fight and the action is competitive. Clips Coming To Members Area.

Novice & Skilled: We took a fashion model (Brittany) who has an athletic background and stands 6' tall with no grappling experience and matched her up against Jake.  She only had the opportunity of watching one of our videos and had approximately 30 minutes to pick up any holds or techniques form the video.  Jake found himself fighting against two anacondas who eventually coiled around him, leaving him with no choice but to submit.  Our skilled grappler, Lorena is back with her own patented hold (the reverse ankle choke) and she is more skilled than ever.  Clips Coming To Members Area.

For those fans who follow the wb270 listings of sessions wrestlers, they will find that Nic, one of the newer wrestlers is listed in the Tampa, FL area.  She is skilled and uses a array of unorthodox holds including scissors.  Nic just played with Jake and showcased her unusual strength.  She is not heavily muscled but has deceptive strength. Clips Coming To Members Area.

Makinsie is a super strong athlete with incredible legs.  At 5'9", 160lbs, she has superb cardio as well as strength which spell disaster for her wrestling opponent. She is aggressive and puts a hurting on our fan via scissors and jiu-jitsu chokes.  Does she have strong scissors? Just take one look at those thighs and let your imagination do the rest. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

20 Yr old Beth is the SuperSqueezer.  Her scissors are from another planet!!!  This video consists of a fan vs. Beth in tests of strength.  The first event is applying the bodyscissor.  First the fan applies the bodyscissor on Beth and vice versa.  The second event is the bursting of the 1-gallon plastic water bottle.  The male goes first, with no luck. Beth, on the other hand bursts the bottle with her scissors  in seconds, projecting the water sky high with incredible force: THIS MUST BE SEEN!!! To reassure the audience, she does this twice, with the camera zooming in on the bottle cap, proving it has not been tampered with. The third event is the most difficult: attempting to burst a real soccer ball which is next to impossible!!!  In this portion the audience can hear the ball deflating as she squeezes it with immense pressure.  The camera never pauses at any point during filming to assure that no tampering could take place with the ball or the bottles while they change hands between the two participants. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Laura is a beautiful girl next door type with a vast athletic background including long distance and relay racing.  With minimal grappling training, she was able to use her strong legs and quickness to squeeze out a few submissions from her male opponent.  Clips Coming To Members Area.


Becky's Back:  Long legged Becky is back and she will be on video for the first time on our website. She takes on Mike using her long legs to full advantage. There are some interesting scrambles in this with Becky constantly relying on her scissors to win all but one fall.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Another Fan participates in our videos.  Finally after waiting for over 6 months, James takes on Lora and Rebie in separate matches.  Lora traps him in her favorite scissors and jiu-jitsu chokes and repeatedly makes him submit.  Rebie starts out slow but soon starts dominating the match with her speed, quickness, athleticism and deceptive strength.  There are many unusual submissions and a few that we have never seen before which make this video action packed and exciting.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

The Novice: Ashley has no wrestling experience but she played rugby and was on the weightlifting team of her High School.  At 18 years old, standing 5'11" and 180lbs, she is ultra strong and anyone caught in her scissors is in deep trouble.  Ashley takes on a young athletic male and subsequently Keeley.  Keeley is trained in submission grappling and gives Ashley a hard time but when she makes one mistake and gets caught in Ashley's scissors, it's tap time.  It's a treat to watch this big strong girl pick up moves as she watches her friends wrestle and apply them moments later in a real match vs. a male and an experienced female.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Fan Challenge: Giovanni is 6'4" and slim.  He challenges Miracles, Angie, and Jane.  He actually does have Miracles in trouble for a while but in the end he gets caught in her dreaded Lotus hold and painful scissors.  The matches are exciting but the girls' conditioning and experience prevail as Giovanni ends up in painful submissions and goes home very sore.  The biggest surprise was Jane's deadly scissors, despite being the smallest girl, Giovanni stated she had the most powerful scissors he had ever experienced. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Lorena is a very skilled grappler who has studies Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Sambo, and free-style submission grappling.  She is super quick and very aggressive with immense power in her legs.  She overpowers much heavier opponents by using leverage and skill.  Her male opponent yells his submissions quickly and becomes exhausted trying to escape her numerous submissions.  Lorena's submission  arsenal goes far beyond scissors alone. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Xenia is 18yrs old and 6'3".  She is a super athlete who has excelled in volleyball, basketball and track /field events.  Her conditioning is equal to that of an Olympic athlete.  With minimal judo instruction, she is able to make mince meat out of her poor male opponent who ended up with a sore elbow resulting from numerous painful armbars. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Karina used to be an ice hockey goalkeeper and loves her new sport of submission wrestling.  She catches Jake in various body and headscissors and to his surprise, squeezes as hard as any other girl her size.  Her favorite hold is the rear-bodyscissor with double chicken wing.  Although this hold is not a true submission, with the excruciating pressure applied with Karina's legs, this hold becomes so intense that breathing becomes impossible. Clips Coming To Members Area.

Gwen is a 6'2" volleyball player who agreed to do some grappling for us.  She has been offered to play volleyball overseas and maintains a rigorous athletic training regimen.  Despite her lack of grappling experience, she spent half a day working on basic submissions and she proved to be a fast learner.  Her obvious natural abilities such as long legs, flexibility, incredible stamina all came into play when she totally overpowered her male opponent.  We then realized that a girl like this does'nt even need too much skill to win. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

AmandaT is 20 years old and 250lbs.  Her cute girly face camouflages her immense power; she was on the powerlifting team of her highschool!!.  She takes on Jake who is completely overwhelmed and giving away over 100lbs in weight.  He is absolutely immobile when caught in her scissors and crushing grapevines. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

NicoleB. is an absolute Buzzsaw!!  She is relentless and transitions from one hold to another with impressive speed, confusing her opponents  She takes on two separate males who are in for the shock of their lives.  Having been trained by Julie and a professional MMA fighter, Nicole takes the boys apart with breathtaking scissors, triangles, grapevines and an array of other holds.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Competitive Fans Take Notice: Julie accepts a challenge from two separate males.  The first challenger was larger and gave Julie a hard time, resulting in Julie injuring her knee (we had to stop filming).  With unbelievable determination, Julie decided to continue despite her injury and dominated both males.  Her smaller opponent paid the price as Julie scissored him into submission repeatedly and quickly. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Anja is 6' tall and a dream come true for scissor fans.  We first heard of Anja from her friend who told us she was the most feared girl in her town.  We later heard that Anja was feared by most men in her town.  Her reputation began with her kickboxing career and high knockout ratio.  Anja is not experienced in grappling but she has a knack for bodyscissors. In video GG132, she uses her long legs to apply excruciating bodyscissors on guys who ended up with sore ribs the next day.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Keeley is 6'1" and although she may not be the tallest of the grapplers, she actually may have the longest legs.  Keeley is a fast learner and has been enjoying using her long legs to apply submissions.  Having been on the track team, she has exceptional strength in her legs and her opponents find it difficult to escape her scissors. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Tanya is a magnificently muscled maiden who is drug-free with fantastic conditioning and great stamina.  She has started wrestling and so far seems unstoppable.  Her ability to do deep squats with 225lbs for 15 reps is a testament to her leg strength.  Her male opponent is in for a big surprise once her ankles lock and the pressure is applied.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Addie expereiments with her boyfriend by applying various scissors including reverse and bodyscissors.  She also pins him down for a prolonged period of time using a schoolboy pin.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

KatieC is a powerful and experienced wrestler.  Jake challenges her to an all out match and finds out the hard way he has no chance against the muscular maiden.  He screams loudly when she catches him in a bodyscissor and almost passes out in the middle of the match. The size advantage is evident as Katie takes Jake apart and completely crushes him using scissors, pins and grapevines. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Sabrina is 6' tall with perfect proportions.  A volleyball player in college, she has tremendous strength in her legs developed from the constant jumping and spiking the ball over the net.  She demonstrates her physical strength by applying scissors, smothers and lotus holds on her immobile male opponent. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

London has the classic hour glass figure.  Her match with Jake in GG128 is entertaining and she delights in overpowering him and keeping him immobile with pins, lotus holds and scissors.   She even challenges him to arm-wrestling.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Jake challenges Miracles to a submission match.  Miracles completely overpowers him with scissors, pins, grapevines and lotus holds. Miracles is superb as she shows her skills and strength against a male of equal weight.  After completely dominating him, she toys with him verbally and physically. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Shan is a naturally muscular fitness athlete who is new to grappling.  Despite her lack of experience, once she applies any submission hold, the force of her strength alone is enough to make anyone tapout.  Shan agreed to train with a 220lb submission trainer and did not complain about giving away 80lbs.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

6'4" Amazon Xena is the tallest girl on this website. Many of our fans requested a video featuring an amazon vs. an average sized male. Instead of  pursuing some of the high profile amazons on the net, we decided to find a girl who totally new to the net.  Xena is not an actress, she is a very pleasant girl next door who happens to be a very proportionate 6'6" tall with amazing natural strength.  Xena simply toyed with her 5'9" male opponent.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Miracles is aggressive, fearless and has the warrior spirit.  She agreed to wrestle an athletic male who outweighed her by almost 80lbs.  Although she lost the bulk of the match, she did find a way to win one fall. Miracles will be featured in video GG127 and is destined to be one of the most entertaining grapplers on this site. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.


Sidney (left) & Kali (right) are both newcomers with minimal grappling experience.  However, both possess legs that are much stronger than they seem and can apply breathtaking scissors.  In fact, Sidney's legs are so powerful that her headscissor caused her male opponent to burst a vessel in his ear and start bleeding!!!  This was caught on tape but we had to stop the filming and the wrestling shortly after to apply first aid.  Action can be viewed in video GG127. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.


Nadine is a former high school wrestler who currently trains in submission wrestling.  Her athletic ability and stamina make her a tough opponent to beat.  She wraps around her opponent with relentless figure-4 and locks that force him to submit.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Whiskey, at 6'3"  takes on Jake, 5'0" Asia (Stunt-girl) and 230lbs Cici.  These matches start out semi-competitive and end up with painful submissions as the grapplers turn on the heat.  Asia uses her quickness and Cici uses her power.  The action can be seen in video GG126. Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.


Lynn is back and better than before.  She takes on a male who refuses to believe Lynn can hold her own with him on the mats. She uses her new techniques to force him to submit.  The cute college girl has been training and her skill has much improved.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Rebie is a newcomer to grappling but has years of tae kwon do training.  She has amazing quickness and her strong legs can apply potent scissors. Her male opponent took her lightly based on her supermodel looks and he paid the price for it.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Strong Legs: Svetlana is a Russian circus performer with superior athletic abilities.  Not only is she as flexible as a contortionist, but she has the strength to lift a 220lb man with ease!!!  Svetlana's leg strength is incredible and once she applies a hold full force, submission is certain.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.


Tall vs. Short: 5'2" Jaime decides to challenge 6'3" Whiskey.  The match is short and Jaime finds out the hard way that Whiskey is much stronger than she looks.  Footage can be seen in video GG124.  Jessika takes on Roy in a competitive match where her crushing scissors decide the inevitable outcome.  Clips and Pics Coming To Members Area.

Another Fan:  After months of waiting, David, a long time fan of the site finally was able to set up a videotaped match with one of our grapplers.  When he found out his opponent would be 6'3" Whiskey, he became visibly concerned.  This video is a perfect example that dreams coming true, however, they can be much more painful than expected.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Father vs. Daugher: Asia takes on her dad Tom who actually was a participant in Tournament IV.  She has been practicing martial arts with her dad and has been improving her grappling skills gradually. Asia is much smaller, but she is an athlete and uses her speed and flexibility to full advantage.  A spirited father vs. daughter matchup.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Skinny Jake has been a long time fan and wanted to take on some of the girls who were less experienced.  We set him up with newcomers Rochelle, Starlett, and WhitneyW.  Rochelle is big busted and powerful.  WhitneyW. is also a large girl with naturally muscular legs.  Semi-experienced Lillith and Irena wanted a crack at Jake. Jake is 5'6" and 130lbs.  The action can be seen in video GG121. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Crushed: 40yr old Tony challenges 4 girls who are half his age.  Needless to say, he is pinned and scissored convincingly by the athletic girls.  Jessika, Alissa, Simona and HeatherH are at their best wrestling and submitting the overmatched male.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Powerlifter Rebecca shows how devastating she can be when she puts her strength and leverage to work against a male of average strength.  He is actually 6'2" and in good shape, but he has no answer for Rebecca's jiu-jitsu submissions.  Rebecca stands 5'8" and weighs 175 lbs.  Holds include arm bars, pins, scissors, triangles and even HOM smothers.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Jesskia is back and as dominant as ever.  She scissors her older boyfriend on the bed and forces him to kiss her feet.  She threatens to scissor him if he refuses to kiss her feet.  Action featured in video GG117. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Kristi is another tall college basketball player who agreed to grapple for our website.  The size advantage Kristi had over her male opponent was huge.  She stood 6'3" against his 5'6".  Although he was a martial artist, he had no defense against Kristi's long legs.  Escaping Kristi's scissors is possible, but not getting caught in them is impossible.  Action featured in video GG117. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Natalie is a fitness athlete who has been training with an ex-MMA fighter.  Her style of grappling focuses more on leg and ankle locks as opposed to more conventional style of grappling.  Natalie's legs are pure muscle, capable of submitting a very strong male athlete.  Pics Coming To Members Area.

Ballerina Courtney has discovered the secret of scissors.  Her inner thighs are extremely strong from years of ballet.  She challenges her 5'6" male friend who trains karate and has no grappling skills.  The limber Courtney manages to apply her scissor from all angles despite her opponent's attempts to escape.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Irena is a naturally muscled college athlete with  soccer and judo backgrounds.  She not only played division I soccer, but also studied judo while living in Russia.  Irena's very quick with deadly scissors.  Her male opponent was overwhelmed and told us "Irena had the hardest thigh muscles of anyone he had ever faced." Irena will be featured in video GG113.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

6'3" Whiskey is a college basketball player who has discovered the art of scissors.  She is a super athlete with very long legs that can apply scissors as excruciating as anyone on this website.  The two males who make the mistake of grappling with her find out very quickly that when Whiskey applies her scissors, there is no way out.  One of her opponents stated: "Her legs are so long, it's impossible to avoid being caught in them".  Whiskey enjoys winning and loves to brag about her victories over men. She will be appearing in video GG112 coming soon.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Eden, Marissa, Cici: Video GG109 contains 3 grapplers with unique styles taking on 3 separate male opponents.  Eden is a newcomer, but very strong with athletic background.  She is aggressive with relentless scissors.  Marissa applies an armbar/footchoke combo that has her opponent struggling with no chance of escape.  240lb college student Cici tests her jiu-jitsu training by completely overpowering her 145lb male opponent. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Lillith shows off in front of her friends by taking on two separate males.  Cait, Lillith's 6'2" tall friend tries her hand at wrestling against a much smaller male.  She has no prior experience, but having been on the college rowing team, she has strong arms and legs. Her long legs engulf the smaller male and he is forced to submit quickly.  Action can be viewed in video GG106. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Equal Weight: Gymnast SaraD, JulieG, and HeatherH take on an equal sized male in competitive action.  In most instances, girls have to give away considerable amounts of weight to their male opponents.  This is a rare opportunity to see a skilled female taking on a male of equal size, but lesser skill.  Plenty of scissors submissions.  Julie's squeezing is hardcore and the poor guy vomited after the match (not on video). The action can be seen in video GG105. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Groin Attack: Best Self Defense? Alyssa and Karinne expose the vulnerability of the human male by attacking Tony's groin area from various grappling positions.  They exploit the vital area while trapping him in pins and reverse headscissors.  He is completely subdued and humiliated by the girls as they display perhaps the most effective self defense tactic known to man.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Cici is 19yrs old and 238lbs.  She is a college athlete who has participated in track (shotput) and weightlifting. She outweighs her male opponent by 90lbs.  Cici is an attractive, young BBW who overpowers her male opponent by not only strength but by jiu-jitsu skill as well. Cici shows just how devastating a big girl can be if she combines skill with size/strength. Kordelia (pictured far right) is 5'11", 155lbs. She starts playful wrestling with her male opponent and gets carried away, thus squeezing him unconscious in her headscissors.  Kordelia proves long amazonic legs can be hazardous to your health.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Lucky Fan: Sean has been a long time fan of our website and happens to be among the first 10 customers to sign up to our members area. His prize was a visit to our training locale and the chance of meeting and wrestling the grappler/s of his choice.  He was picked up by Caroline (driving  her own car) and taken to our filming site.  We actually started filming inside the car!! Sean asked a ton of questions regarding her matches and the website.  Caroline even modeled a few of her own clothing designs for him.  Sean, although a huge fan was at first doubtful about Caroline's abilities.  However, after a few falls, he soon found out getting caught in Caroline's scissors and figure-4's is a painful experience.  The match is 100% real and unscripted. She actually toys with him in one of her most dominating matches ever! She is absolutely dynamite in this match. Sean's second match happens to be against Nadia and Tasiya.  Both girls are defeated by Sean in one-on-one matches.  However, the girls decide to double-team their guest and the result is a brutal scissor session that almost ends up in Sean being knocked out.  This documentary will be available in Video GG93Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Jaime & HeatherH. Jaime (pictured left below), an 18Yr old swimmer was extremely eager to learn submission wrestling. Despite giving away 70lbs, she managed to trap her male opponent with her potent head and neck scissors.  HeatherH. (pictured right below) is also an athlete who is quick and loves to scissor.  She takes on Vlad who does not like to be caught in scissors.   Both matches can be seen in video GG91. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Show & Tell: Ever wonder what would happen if you decided to show your mixed wrestling videos to a girl you just met?  Tony decides to show one of his mixed wrestling videos to beautiful and athletic Danielle.   Danielle is initially speechless after watching the video, but her attitude changes and she becomes curious. Her reaction is totally unscripted and unique.  This video is part of GG90 which includes "Celia" who wants to see her fiancée wrestle her co-worker Lora.  Lora is experienced and scissores the surprised male into submission.  Celia (former soccer player) asks Lora to teach her a few holds and within minutes, she is applying her own crushing scissors.  This video is recommended for the connoisseurs of unusual videos. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Angelina, kelly and Marissa return to scissor their male opponents into oblivion in Video GG89.  Kelly takes on John who does well until he gets caught in Kelly's deadly figure four.  Angelina toys with her opponent using her strong legs and 6' tall Marissa has improved tremendously and her confidence shows it!!  A treat for scissor fans, especially scissors applied by very, very long legs.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Nikole and Jessika are newcomers and both are athletes.  Nikole sports impressive calves and Jessika has very strong feet which she uses to choke her opponents into submission.  Jessika is featured in video GG87.  Nikole is featured in GG88 in which she takes on two separate males. Pics and Clips Coming Soon To Members Area.


Karate Girls: Marissa, ShannonR. and Selina are all trained in karate and will be grappling against male opponents.  All three have deadly kicks and learn to put their strong legs to use on the mats.  ShannonR. also holds a belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a fierce competitior.  All three martial artists will be featured in the same video.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Strong Legs: Ex-Gymnast Heidi is a unique athlete.  Her legs are naturally muscular and she is able to push a serious amount of weight on the leg press machine.  She has recently discovered that her legs can be used as formidable grappling tools. She holds her male opponent in prolonged headscissors while putting on makeup, drinking water and reading a magazine. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area. 


Gymnast Jenni: Ever watch gymnastics on TV and wonder how strong some of the gymnasts scissors would be?  Jenni never made it to the Olympics, but she competed in a few national events. Standing at only 4'10", she is the smallest grappler ever on this site.  However, she may be one of the strongest athletes pound for pound ever on this site as well. Jenni is a serious athlete with amazing shoulders and abs.  Without hesitation, she agrees to take on a young male who stands 6'1" tall.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


New Grapplers: From Left To Right: MarieA. trains with Jossie and has very strong legs.  She stands 5'8" and has started training submissions.  ShannonT. trains with Angelina and although small at 5'4", she has excellent conditioning and is learning quick.  Tonya who was featured in Playboy, has shown interest in scissors and is in excellent shape.  All 3 grapplers will appear in video GG80 Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Amazons: From Left to right: Roxie (175lbs) plays classical violin and enjoys weightlifting and wrestling.  She easily dominates her smaller male opponent in a wrestling match.  LauraB (6'2") hails from Europe and is a semi-pro kickboxer.  She takes on Nichol (featured in GG48) in a friendly wrestling match. Nikita (5'11") has done plenty of wrestling against male opponents and has bodyscissors so powerful, most men submit in  seconds.  Tamar (5'10") is a bodybuilder with amazing upper and lower body strength.  She trains with an equally matched male bodybuilder. All four amazons will be featured in video GG76. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


GG75 Features the return of contortionist Wenona.  Her defeated male opponent happens to see her in a mall parking lot and approaches her about their last match.  He invites her for a drink and they proceed to have their rematch during their date!!  Wenona is clad in a flashy green dress and her flexible body goes to work to once again dominate her opponent.  The ending is a unique one.  New girl Nadia and her friend Rachel take on Tony in the second half of the video.  Nadia is a fast learner and has strong legs perfect for scissoring. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Amazon Kristine stands 6'1" and has a physique that is sleekly muscled and extremely powerful.  Despite her muscles, Kristine is feminine and all natural.  She is featured in video GG74 and she may possess the most powerful scissors hold ever on this website. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Slyyy decided to hit the beach in her blue t-back bikini and show off her perfect body.  She even found time to do a bit of friendly wrestling with her friend who kept getting caught in her long-legged scissors.  Pics Coming To Members Area.


Joanna has trained in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and is an all around athlete.  She is smaller than the other grapplers on this site, but she is muscular and very tough.  She entered a tournament only after 6 months of training and was able to place 3rd in her weight class against more experienced grapplers. Joanna trains with her female training partner and also takes on a male martial artist that we provided.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Vanesa is a college basketball player who stands 6'2" barefoot!!  She is a true athlete, with incredible stamina and long, naturally strong legs.  Although she does not grapple on a regular basis, she was willing to give it a shot against a young male who was an athlete in his own right.  What Vanesa lacked in skill, she made up for with athletic ability.  She used her legs to her advantage and made her opponent submit quickly to her figure-4 leg lock.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


College Girls: We went to our local college and found 3 willing participants who were willing to wrestle.  MelissaR. (Junior), Cristal(Senior), and Amy (Junior) were all excited about learning submission techniques and using them on guys.  Melissa is a strong 160lbs track/field athlete. Cristal has done some karate and Amy kick-boxes 5 times a week.  Surprisingly enough, all had done some wrestling in the past. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.


Kelly vs. Ken: Kelly is finally challenged by a male who is closer to her size.  She is relentless as she transitions from one submission to another in her quest to make Ken submit and admit she is the superior grappler.  This match does not last very long because Kelly's grueling submissions take their toll on ken.  This is an exciting match because Ken who is a fine athlete in his own right, does try to prevent Kelly from submitting him, but his lack of experience is his downfall.  There are no schoolboy pins or fantasy holds like facesitting, Kelly is out for one thing and that is to make him tap out quickly and frequently. This match is offered in  video GG69. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area. 


Sports Collide ( Volleyball vs. Bodybuilding): Tiffany (Volleyball) takes on Sandy (Bodybuilding) in a friendly submission wrestling contest. Sandy uses her strength and figure-4 whereas Tiffany relies on her long legs to secure scissor holds and grapevines.  This was a friendly match where both combatants were testing each other's strength and skills.  Neither grappler went all out to win, saving their energy for the upcoming tournament. Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Steff is a 6'4" college basketball player who may possess the longest legs that have ever executed a scissor hold on this website.  Her interests other than basketball include boxing, which she enjoys because of her apparent height/reach advantage.  Steff also has an excellent ability to trap her opponents in unbreakable scissor holds using her extremely long legs.  She assured us that she has longer legs than all her teammates even though a few of them are 6'5" and 6'7"!!  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.

Gina is a bodybuilder and fitness competitor.  Along with her recent submission training, she has practiced yoga and has tremendous stamina.  She has shown excellent speed and a canny ability to trap her opponents into scissors holds that result in quick tap outs.  Pics and Clips Coming To Members Area.